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    Guelfi and Mirra omitted - ouchy !! Let's hope the Friday 5pm cull doesn't add any of the other popular rookies to increase the SC pain to unbearable levels.

    There seem to be some site issues at the moment, hence why this has been created under the FORUM rather than the BLOG section - please be patient !

    What trades have people decided on this week ??


    ROUND 7 TEAMS (All times AEST)

    Friday May 4 at 7:50pm, GMHBA Stadium

    B: Henry, Blicavs, Stewart
    HB: Bews, Kolodjashnij, Tuohy
    C: Thurlow, Selwood, Selwood
    HF: Gregson, Ratugolea, Crameri
    F: Menegola, Hawkins, Murdoch
    FOLL: Smith, Dangerfield, Duncan
    I/C: Cunico, Fogarty, Guthrie, Kelly
    EMG: Buzza, Constable, Parsons, Stanley

    IN: Selwood, Crameri, Smith
    OUT: Parsons, Stanley, Horlin-Smith

    B: Finlayson, Tomlinson, Shaw
    HB: Haynes, Davis, de Boer
    C: Whitfield, Shiel, Corr
    HF: Lloyd, Himmelberg, Hopper
    F: Ward, Griffen, Reid
    FOLL: Patton, Coniglio, Shipley
    I/C: Taranto, Langdon, Keeffe, Buckley
    EMG: Bonar, Cumming, Simpson, Mohr

    IN: Keeffe, Buckley
    OUT: Cameron, Deledio

    Saturday May 5 at 1:45pm, Mars Stadium

    B: Suckling, Naughton, Cordy
    HB: Johannisen, Young, Crozier
    C: Williams, Hunter, Richards
    HF: Dunkley, Bontempelli, Wallis
    F: Dahlhaus, Boyd, Gowers
    FOLL: English, McLean, Macrae
    I/C: Lipinski, Dale, Daniel, Jong
    EMG: Trengove, Webb, Honeychurch, Smith

    IN: Young
    OUT: Wood

    B: Harbrow, Thompson, Joyce
    HB: Weller, Spencer, Bowes
    C: Rosa, Lyons, Sexton
    HF: Ah Chee, Day, Young
    F: Ainsworth, Martin, Ballard
    FOLL: Witts, Miller, Swallow
    I/C: Rischitelli, Crossley, Holman, Scheer
    EMG: Hall, Leslie, Brodie, Willis

    IN: Ah Chee, Ballard, Rischitelli, Crossley, Scheer
    OUT: May, Lynch, Barlow, Lonergan, Fiorini

    Saturday May 5 at 2:10pm, MCG

    B: McKenna, Hurley, Saad
    HB: Ambrose, Hooker, Baguley
    C: McGrath, Goddard, Mutch
    HF: Laverde, Stewart, McDonald-Tipungwuti
    F: Smith, Daniher, Zaharakis
    FOLL: Bellchambers, Parish, Heppell
    I/C: Stringer, Merrett (The Best Buys one), Myers, McNiece
    EMG: Ridley, Langford, Guelfi, McKernan

    IN: McKenna, Bellchambers, Myers
    OUT: Merrett (the spud one not the Best Buys one), Leuenberger, Guelfi

    B: Impey, Stratton, Frawley
    HB: Duryea, Sicily, Hardwick
    C: Smith, Howe, Henderson
    HF: Mitchell, O’Brien, Gunston
    F: Langford, Roughead, Morrison
    FOLL: McEvoy, Bruest, Burgoyne
    I/C: Shiels, Worpel, O’Meara, Burton
    EMG: Schoenmakers, Mirra, Cousins, Whitecross

    IN: Sicily, Shiels
    OUT: Cousins, Mirra

    Saturday May 5 at 4:35pm, Optus Stadium

    B: Hurn, Barrass, Sheppard
    HB: Cole, McGovern, Duggan
    C: Gaff, Yeo, Masten
    HF: Cripps, Darling, Rioli
    F: LeCras, Kennedy, Lycett
    FOLL: Naitanui, Redden, Shuey
    I/C: Petrucelle, Nelson, Hutchings, Waterman
    EMG: Schofield, Ainsworth, McInnes, Ah Chee

    IN: Nelson, Hutchings
    OUT: Jetta, Sheed

    B: Bonner, Jonas, Houston
    HB: Byrne-Jones, Hombsch, Pittard
    C: Amon, Wines, Polec
    HF: Boak, Watts, Gray
    F: Westhoff, Dixon, Motlop
    FOLL: Ryder, Ebert, Gray
    I/C: Neade, Johnson, Howard, Barry
    EMG: Powell-Pepper, Rockliff, Clurey, Trengove

    IN: Pittard, Ryder
    OUT: Clurey, Wingard

    Saturday May 5 at 7:20pm, SCG

    B: Lloyd, Grundy, Smith
    HB: Mills, Rampe, Marsh
    C: Cunningham, Kennedy, Jones
    HF: McVeigh, Towers, Hewett
    F: Papley, Rohan, Jack
    FOLL: Sinclair, Parker, Heeney
    I/C: Florent, Fox, Hayward, Ronke
    EMG: Aliir, Ling, McCartin, Robinson

    IN: Towers
    OUT: Robinson

    B: Wright, Tarrant, Williams
    HB: Macmillan, Thompson, Vickers-Willis
    C: Hartung, Ziebell, Clarke
    HF: Higgins, Wood, Turner
    F: Anderson, Brown, Simpkin
    FOLL: Goldstein, Cunnington, Jacobs
    I/C: McDonald, Dumont, Atley, Zurhaar
    EMG: Hrovat, Ahern, Walker, Waite

    IN: Wright, Higgins, Wood
    OUT: Davies-Uniacke, Waite, Daw

    Saturday May 5 at 7:40pm, Adelaide Oval

    B: Brown, Doedee, Otten
    HB: Laird, Talia, Milera
    C: Seedsman, Crouch, Mackay
    HF: Gallucci, McGovern, Lynch
    F: Betts, Jenkins, Douglas
    FOLL: Jacobs, Gibbs, Ellis-Yolmen
    I/C: Kelly, Greenwood, Atkins, Fogarty
    EMG: Poholke, Knight, O’Brien, Murphy

    IN: Betts, Kelly, Fogarty
    OUT: Knight, Walker, Poholke

    B: Plowman, Jones, Simpson
    HB: Mullett, Rowe, O’Shea
    C: O’Brien, Cripps, Fisher
    HF: Thomas, McKay, Wright
    F: Phillips, Casboult, Garlett
    FOLL: Kreuzer, Curnow, Kennedy
    I/C: Dow, Graham, Kerridge, Petrevski-Seton
    EMG: Lang, Lamb, Shaw, Lebois

    IN: Garlett, Kreuzer, Graham
    OUT: Curnow, Silvagni, Marchbank

    Sunday May 6 at 1:10pm, MCG

    B: Rance, Astbury, Grimes
    HB: Houli, Broad, Vlastuin
    C: Grigg, Cotchin, McIntosh
    HF: Castagna, Caddy, Prestia
    F: Edwards, Riewoldt, Butler
    FOLL: Nankervis, Lambert, Martin
    I/C (from): Graham, Short, Higgins, Conca, Soldo, B Ellis, Lloyd, Townsend

    IN: Lloyd, B Ellis, Townsend, Soldo
    OUT: Nil

    B: Wilson, Hamling, Pearce
    HB: Ryan, Duman, Langdon
    C: Neale, Mundy, Hill
    HF: Blakely, Ballantyne, Brayshaw
    F: Tucker, McCarthy, Cerra
    FOLL: Sandilands, Fyfe, Crowden
    I/C (from): Johnson, Matera, Banfield, Cox, Kersten, Sheridan, Hughes, Nyhuis

    IN: Cox, Sheridan, Kersten, Hughes, Nyhuis
    OUT: Walters

    Sunday May 6 at 3:20pm, Etihad Stadium

    B: Geary, Brown, Savage
    HB: Gilbert, Carlisle, Webster
    C: Newnes, Steele, Weller
    HF: Dunstan, McCartin, Billings
    F: Gresham, Membrey, Long
    FOLL: Hickey, Ross, Steven
    I/C (from): White, Coffield, Sinclair, Paton, Clark, Armitage, Battle, Marshall

    IN: Clark, Armitage, Battle, Marshall, Paton
    OUT: Acres

    B: Hibberd, McDonald, Jetta
    HB: Brayshaw, Lever, Hunt
    C: Lewis, Jones, Tyson
    HF: Hannan, Hogan, Melksham
    F: Weideman, McDonald, Petracca
    FOLL: Gawn, Vince, Oliver
    I/C (from): Harmes, Spargo, Neal-Bullen, Fritsch, Wagner, Pedersen,Garlett, Smith

    IN: Petracca, Pedersen, Garlett, Smith, Wagner
    OUT: Salem

    Sunday May 6 at 4:40pm, Gabba

    B: Hodge, Andrews, Gardiner
    HB: Rich, Cutler, Witherden
    C: Taylor, Robinson, Zorko
    HF: Rayner, Hipwood, McCluggage
    F: Christensen, McStay, Cameron
    FOLL: Martin, Berry, Beams
    I/C (from): Allison, McInerney, Bailey, Lester, Keays, Bewick, Beams, Eagles

    IN: Hodge, Keays, Bewick, Beams, Eagles
    OUT: Robertson

    B: Murray, Dunn, Crisp
    HB: Varcoe, Scharenberg, Howe
    C: Sidebottom, Pendlebury, Phillips
    HF: De Goey, Moore, Hoskin-Elliott
    F: Crocker, Cox, Stephenson
    FOLL: Grundy, Adams, Treloar
    I/C (from): Blair, Mayne, Brown, Thomas, Appleby, Fasolo, Sier, McLarty,

    IN: Varcoe, Moore, Crocker, Adams, Fasolo, McLarty, Sier
    OUT: Maynard, Reid, Aish (at least one more to be dropped)
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, May 4, 2018.

    1. anthak
      Looks to be fixed now :)
    2. anthak
      Thanks for the teams post TTH.
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    3. TheTassieHawk
    4. IPOD
      Looking at Walters out and Ryan as well have cash (440k) but also have zorko pooing it up. Was going to just bitwe the bullet spend all cash (bar 27k) and Go Heeney and McLean or do i down Ryan to a Ronke and keep cash to up Zorko next week?

      Option 1 - Heeney and Mclean
      Option 2 - Heeney and Sicily
      Option 3 - Mclean and Sicily
      Option 4 Heeney/Mclean and Ronke
      from best buys
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    5. stowie
      Grigg out and Chol into the squad at Tigerland, really hoping he gets a run too!
    6. Penske file
      Penske file
      Welcome back guys, also Cotchin out for tiges. Made double upgrade this week Mclean & wait for it drumroll....... Sicily. I will probably rue the day but hoping he has learnt his lesson.
    7. WizzFizz
      How many trades are we given for the round 10 bye?
    8. stowie
      All from

      Final Rd7 Sunday Teams: Richmond v Fremantle. Townsend into 18 from extended i/change for Grigg, who withdrew earlier today: Interchange: Graham, Short, Higgins, Conca. Emergencies: B Ellis, Lloyd, Chol, Soldo. Townsend in for Grigg.
      Fremantle v Richmond Interchange: Hughes, Cox, Matera, Banfield. Emergencies: Kersten, Sheridan, Johnson, Nyhuis. Cox, Hughes in for Walters, Johnson.

      Rd7 Final Teams: Melbourne v St Kilda: Interchange: Harmes, Spargo, Fritsch, Neal-Bullen. Emergencies: Wagner, Garlett, T Smith, Pedersen. Petracca in for Salem.
      St Kilda v Melbourne Interchange: Clark, Armitage, Coffield, Marshall. Emergencies: White, Paton, Sinclair, Battle. Clark, Armitage, Marshall in for Acres, White, Sinclair.

      Final Rd7 Sunday teams: Brisbane Lions v Collingwood: Interchange: Allison, McInerney, Eagles, Bailey. Emergencies: Keays, Mayes, C Beams, Lester. Hodge, Eagles in for Robertson, Lester.
      Collingwood v Brisbane Lions: Interchange: Thomas, Blair, Mayne, Appleby. Emergencies: Fasolo, Sier, McLarty, Brown. Varcoe, Moore, Crocker, Adams in for Maynard, Reid, Aish, Brown.
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    9. insider
      Is round 10 the port gc? If so, just the two.
      If it’s a ‘normal’ bye then 3
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    10. TheTassieHawk
    11. anthak
      Happy to see lachlan Keefe a confirmed starter :)
    12. Urqkel
      Definitely making an upgrade in the fwd line - most likely Stephenson to Sicily as he is still underpriced for his average. Just not sure if I should make the second trade. Nothing of interest to downgrade to but could go Holman to JPK....what do y’all think?
      TU just make the one trade
      TD make both you’ll get a good ROI with JPK at that low price
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    13. The_Swert
      Two upgrades for me.
      Holman to Mclean
      Stephenson to Robinson.

      Add to that the return of Sicily and Petracca and I should be looking at +120 points compared to last week.
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    14. MrsBear
      VC on :duck:wood last night......should I take the double 135 or roll the dice on big Max posting another big score against the Saints?
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    15. anthak
      Always some risk, but I’d take the 135 personally
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    16. Bearfly
      Risk vs reward babe ;)
      On one hand, 135 is a solid VC score that could help you win league matches (depending on who your opponents have as their C and VC)
      On the other hand, big Maxy is in some really strong form and another 150+ wouldn't surprise me this weak against the :poop:Saints
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    17. choppers
      I would take anything over 130 personally....
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    18. choppers
      and he could also do a hammy in the first 5 mins......the chances we all take;)
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    19. Bearfly
      Don't tempt the SC Gods like that @choppers :p
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