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    Auction Rules “Classic Style”

    1. All players or picks to be auctioned should be listed with a closing day/time.
    2. All players or picks being auctioned cannot be pulled before that day/time.
    3. No asset being auctioned should be the subject of private trade negotiations nor used as part of a bid in another auction, until the auction of the asset has reached its conclusion/closing time, with or without a sale.
    4. All bids are to be made in the thread, not via PM.
    5. Stating a reserve, or a preferred return type for the auctioned asset is voluntary.
    6. An asset cannot be changed part way through the auction.
    7. The reserve is not reached on any asset until the seller says so.
    8. Once a reserve has been reached the player is on the market and will be sold.
    9. As soon as practical after receiving multiple bids on an asset the seller should indicate whom is in front, any reasoning is optional.
    10. All auctions are final and irreversible unless via subsequent mutually agreed trade
    11. Remember, as per the rules you can only trade picks from the next 2 drafts.

    12. All bids are to be binary and specific. There is to be no "options" or "negotiations" in the Auction / Bidding process. (07/10/2016)
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