Back in Action - ORFFA Round 2 Review

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    The weekend marked a welcome return to ORFFA action after a long break. Clearly some players and teams used the break to their advantage with high scores and dominating performances. However some players played like they were still on a break from the game.

    Round 2 in the ORRFA saw a few closely fought tussles too. Let's review:

    Foul Bay 1346 d Wagga Wagga 1124

    Foul Bay have cruised into second spot on the ORFFA ladder with a comfortable win over the Wombats.

    Many of the usual suspects dominated Foul Bay's scoring - Goldstein and Selwood cracking 150 while five other 100+ scores covered for a couple of down days in defence.

    Big Todd's big score also ensured he retained a share of the lead in the Les W.

    Wagga was led by youngster Connor Rozee (145) and big man Lycett (117). The aforementioned Rozee comfortably outscored Wagga's other three forwards by himself.

    Boom recruit Marlion Pickett (37) may have gotten lost on the way to the ground this week, but we can forgive him a down game.

    Importantly though it was encouraging to see Harley Bennell make his return to the field for the Wombats, with big hopes for continued improvement there.

    Cradle Mountain 1307 d Marble Bar 1302

    A thriller in the Apple Isle (unless this game was shifted to a Hub, I'm not up to speed on the ORFFA's policies on these matters) saw the Devils fly home to defeat the Misfits by a handful of points.

    Cradle Mountain's contingent of Saints were the difference in this one. Gresham, Jones and Steele (not a law firm) smashing out nearly 400 between them to ensure the win; Mr Steele's early season form paticularly noteworthy.

    Zorko, Pendles and Vlastuin also hitting the century mark.

    Marble Bar's ultra consistent team wide effort saw only Lloyd exceed 105, while Smith and Weller notched three figures.

    In the end though a couple of down days in the midfield might've cost the Misfits the W.

    That said though a much improved effort over Round 1 and nearly 2500 points in the 'points for' column despite two losses to a pair of undefeated teams.

    And speaking of being 0-2 despite a healthy 'points for' column ...

    Gundagai 1434 d Lovely Banks 1376

    The highest scoring game of the round saw the Lachie Neale-led Hoppers survive a massive scare from the Lilacs.

    Neale's 171 led a midfield (Adams, Cripps and Oliver) that scored nearly 550 and may be the envy of every other ORFFA team.

    Neale's efforts also ensured he retained a share of the Les W lead. Add 115 from Grundy and Billings' 133 and a comfortable Gundagai win would normally be expected.

    Yet it appears the Lilacs are made of far sterner stuff, notching a total that would've won every other game this round.

    Sinclair and Rampe topped 140, Stewart, Duncan and Ross were as reliable as ever and the mosquito fleet up forward of Butler and Bolton made their mark.

    Ultimately, a few furrowed brows will be cast at Josh Thomas (15), especially with young Patrick Lipinski now fit and ready to come into the 15. The Lilacs now sit 0-2, but with the third-best 'points for' in the competition.

    Gariwerd 1090 d Wineglass Bay 784

    From a game at the higher end of scoring to one at the lower end - though it matters little to the Cockatoos, who brought up their first win for the year over the Packers.

    With many of Gariwerd's leading players a touch off their usual averages, it was more consistency than brilliance which saw the team home.

    The evergreen Bachar Houli led the scoring with 111, while four scores between 90 and 100 in the midfield helped keep things ticking along.

    For Wineglass Bay, a lack of playing players remains an obstacle to higher scoring. Down three players, it was left to Tom Lynch (113) to carry the forward line and top score.

    Brighter news however comes from the youngsters - McGrath, Starcevich, Lukosius ... all showing positive signs.

    Nareewillock 1261 d Larrikin Lagoon 1016

    Matthew Rowell. What more needs to be said.

    The second gamer and top draft pick turned on what was arguably one of the most impressive single performances from any first year player in the history of the ORFFA - his 171 points earning five Les W votes and helping propel the Nuffers into the top 8.

    Brad Ebert, Charlie Cameron, Trent Dumont and Xavier Duursma provided able support, helping cover for half an absent ruckman.

    Plenty to like with young Matthew Rowell though.

    The Lefties continue to step forward, and would've been very happy with the return of Darcy Cameron (73) in the ruck. Cameron looks to be an absolute keeper and one well worth watching.

    Youngsters Jy Simpkin (104) and Todd Marshall (127) led the scoring, while Noah Anderson is showing enough to suggest that while he might be getting outshone by Rowell right now, his ceiling is just as lofty as his fellow high draftee.

    Some encouragement amongst the youth for both teams.

    Venus Bay 1276 d Nowhere Else 1188

    Venus Bay moved to 2-0 with a hard-fought win over the Wanderers.

    The Vultures' midfield depth was the big difference in this one. Four tons from Gaff, Higgins, Yeo and Parker accompanying 100+ from both Howe and Crisp in defence.

    Injuries, particularly in the ruck, may be a concern for Venus Bay - Stef Martin unable to see out the game and perhaps joining ruck colleague Matthew Kruezer on the injury list.

    Big O McInerney may have to shoulder the load there.

    The Wanderers had the brilliance of Son-Son Walters (148) and Coniglio (111) as highlights.

    Paddy Ryder is doing as required in the ruck, while Lyons and Byrne-Jones were quite solid.

    The hope will be that players like Newnes and Edwards step up their scoring again in coming rounds.

    Iron Knob 1093 d Whitsundays 1059

    Iron Knob retained their undefeated start to the season with a come-from-behind win over Whitsundays.

    Hunter Clark proved to be the difference maker, his late-game 102 in defence sealing the Codpieces victory.

    Iron Knob's decision to play a ruckman on the bench and a non-ruckman in the ruck was an interesting tactical move; luckily Rhys Stanley's 122 did enough to cover for Brody Mihocek's 20. Old Man Ablett and Luck Shuey also notching tons.

    The Warriors got good scores out of Boak and Polec, but came up short in a few other spots on the ground.

    Encouraging form from youngsters like Brown, King and the always bubbly Narkle will hopefully continue as the season progresses.

    Mt Beauty 1339 d Charlie's Opening 1201

    The great bearded man mountain Max Gawn left his fingerprints, toeprints and pretty much any other print he wanted over this game with an epic performance for the Uglies.

    His 184 in the ruck was backed up by a pleasing set of numbers up forward from Messers Petracca, Butters and Zurhaar.

    Brayden Maynard chimed in with 105 too, with all these totals allowing Mt Beauty's highly credentialled midfield to stay in about third gear throughout.

    The Spelunkers' Zac Merrett tried to match big Maxie - his 159 a stunning effort.

    Ollie Florent notched an even 100 as he Jack Bowes (99) and Sam Petrevski-Seton (103) continue to emerge as contributors.

    And Spelunkers' supporters will be breathing a sigh of relief that young ruckman Sean Darcy has been cleared of serious injury after being hobbled on the weekend.

    Waikikamoocow 1278 d Birdsville 1038

    Third place on the ladder and a 2-0 record belong to the 'Cows after a comfortable win over Birdsville.

    Big Reilly O'Brien rucked all over his opposition, scoring 161 to nab five Les W votes.

    A pair of great games from a couple of usual suspects in Fyfe and Dunkley, backed up by tons from Parfitt and Robbo was more than enough to seal the win and cover for a defence that lost Nick Newman early in this week's game and for a while going forward.

    Bailey Smith (126) and Luke Ryan (123) were the Battlers' standouts, with Gryan Myers scoring well up forward.

    Witts tried hard in the ruck despite lowering his colours to O'Brien, while Hipwood, Sheed and Cerra battled away (aptly enough).

    Next week:

    Round 3 marks the first ever ORFFA 'Retire His Number' Round. Hopefully everyone has their first player number to be retired identified and ready - even if it is just to ensure the player in question isn't wearing his guernsey and number at the time.
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    Great review mate!
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    Thanks @Chris - great write up !! And @Jen, wow that’s the definition of an admirable loss. Sensationally rebuilt the Lilacs.
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    Top work @Chris, vying with @Jen's efforts in the Lilac's rebuild!

    Sad that Newman is out for the season and then the Gov gets a suspension for the kind of soft tap Victorian based players are applauded for. Must have given @TerryinBangkok some sort of sense he is in with a chance of winning our Pinot Cup fixture.

    Macca's number would be short odds to be retired.
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    Thanks for the write up, Chris. Always good to hear from you, mate. :thumbsu:

    As for the Battlers, well, it's a shame the juniors don't start until August.... :)
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    Nice stuff - thank you Chris. I foretold the rise of the Lilacs in my last review last season - good to see it happen.

    The Pinot Cup is in no danger of being tugged out from under the long white cloud. Being Winter in the Whitsundays the players are very much in relaxed mode. While we turned down the offer from China, it is distracting for the boys and it will probably be around R5 before they can fully concentrate on the game at hand. This is made doubly difficult knowing the Hoppers will do it in a canter and there is no MSD to get excited about.
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    Excellent read as always @chris88 Welcome back :)
    Great score @Jen
    Well done @dmandrews , was always looking to be a close match and so it turned out, my turn next time :p
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    Great write up thanks Chris, every game is a big one this season with no finals. Happy to take a W over the Wanderers but we'll need to lift if we want to contend this year.
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    Many thanks Chris.
    Shaping as another bleak winter for the Lefties but hoping not to vie for the timberware come season end.
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    If you win it you could always have a fire m8 :rolleyes:
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