Barry’s struggles continue

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By walesy on Apr 6, 2017 at 11:31 AM
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    So, week two of Beat Baz is down, and looking around the grounds of Round 2, we see that he finished 2802nd in the free game last week, netting everyone who beat him $3.57 into the war chest.

    Barry’s worst position in a paid game was 1316th when the Cats overcame the Roos in an exciting match, while his best position was 275th, during Melbourne’s win over Carlton at the M.C.G on Sunday afternoon.

    With Barry struggling in the Geelong and North clash, the Cats’ game against Melbourne and North’s fixture with GWS could see cash fly into punters’ pockets with Hall clearing struggling when it comes to those sides.

    I'd draw some kind of predator quote here, but it's not a matter of "If it bleeds" here, Baz is hemorrhaging!

    Just a quick reminder on the rules, first game for the round is free (Sydney v Collingwood), the rest will have a small fee to enter. You pick six players in a game, and if those guys outscore Baz. You win. AFL Fantasy is the scoring system, so it's all about quantity of disposal, not quality!

    As per the first two weeks, all you have to do to beat Barry is pick six players and have them outscore Hall’s six selections, and if they do you’ll share in a $10,000 prize pool. And remember the scoring system is the same as AFL Fantasy.

    This week, Baz has selected the following players for the first game of the week: Tom Phillips (Collingwood), Jeremy Howe (Collingwood), Lance Franklin (Sydney), Sam Naismith (Sydney), Josh Kennedy (Sydney) and George Hewett (Sydney).


    Hewett feels like the most vunerable of that lot, with zones running rampant in the middle, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Of course, maybe Baz knows his Swans a little better than me! Maybe not.

    This week you have another chance to earn some cash and share in the $10,000 prize pool.


    Due to state regulations, residents of NSW and SA are ineligible to enter free $10,000 Beat Barry contests.

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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 6, 2017.

    1. Mick
      I'll probably go with Mills over Phillips
    2. Bucko
      I've gone with that too Mick, did have my eye on Aish but he was dropped
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    3. Mick
      I had a tasty $4 collect last night v Wendell too haha. Take that draftstars!

      Same strategy with a lot of luck - just punting one position by the numbers. The only NRL names I know are the ones that have been involved in drunken off field shenanigans - which is a fair few actually ;)
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    4. walesy
      Not sure how much I trust Mills- I dunno, his scores have definitely been lacking!
    5. Grizzles
      2 changes for me. Zak Jones to beat hewitt and Treloar to beat JPK
    6. Mick
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    7. Len
      Dude finishes 1152 out of 1377, it's like stealing money from very very poor babies
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    8. walesy
      Woo, killed Baz yesterday.

      Daniher > Fantasia ftw! :D Baz ended up coming 92nd in that one :D :D
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