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    As I'm sure many of you will have noticed, what with the lateness and all, I've been flat out this week and can't do much of an intro.
    Luckily this week there is no single Best Buy, as it all comes down to who your opponents are playing, so keep an eye on team selections and pay careful attention to POD options and the AFL opponents for teams this week. Good luck to all in the penultimate round of SC for the year, and hopefully we can all put up some big scores.


    Jonathon Marsh (COL) D/F 123.9k 52 +36k

    Marsh is on the bubble this week, just in time for a few coaches needing some cash in a hurry. He's a D/F and priced at just 124 grand, and after his 71 last week is averaging a solid 52. Marsh will likely be a popular trade in this week for teams with a few trades up their sleeves, and his flexibility could be very beneficial at this stage of the season.

    Daniel Howe (HAW) DEF 117.3k 18 -7k
    Howe is also on the bubble this week, but is so far much less appealing than Marsh. A score of 11 in his second game gives him an average of 18, and an expected price movement of minus 7 grand. Howe is 6 grand cheaper than Marsh however, and the majority of coaches won't be expecting to field any rookies they might bring in this round.

    Bachar Houli (RIC) DEF 453.4k 96 15.3%

    Houli is still hanging in there as one of the better defenders this season, albeit at the bottom of the depth chart. His score of 101 last outing has placed his season's average at 96, and so far he's sitting in around 15% of teams. A bit of a POD, but fairly good value for his 450 grand price tag and has the potential to score well.

    Tom McDonald (MEL) DEF 413k 95 23%

    McDonald is also in the Best Buys again, with his average of 95 and price of 413 grand. After a break-out season for the defender many will be keeping a close eye on him for next year, and if he can work on his consistency he should be a great pick. He still has some decent value this season though, and has proven his ability to pump out big scores when on song.

    Corey Enright (GEE) DEF 464.7k 94 4%
    Enright has also re-joined the Best Buys, after a score of 116 against the Hawks in a solid display. Enright's average now sits at 94 for the season, and his price at 465 grand. While he hasn't been the biggest scorer this season he has been reasonably consistent, and will be looking to put in some big efforts over the remaining weeks. A big POD in only 4% of teams, Enright has decent value and will be a big POD for those that take the punt.

    Heath Shaw (GWS) DEF 611.8k 111 34.4%

    Luke Hodge (HAW) D/M 565.6k 111 38.2%


    Billy Evans (BRI) MID 124.9k 26 +1k
    Evans is the only midfield rookie this week, and after a score of 12 took his average down to 26 he's one that probably won't get much action. A price of 125 grand means he is still a decent cash-generation prospect, and he may well still get a few picks this week for that purpose alone.

    Daniel Hannebery (SYD) MID 539.3k 114 23.1%

    Hanners rebounded from being named the Best Buy with a decent 100, dropping his average somewhat to now sit at 114. His price is still decent value, sitting at just under 540 grand, and he is still only in 23% of sides. A proven gun with the ability to post massive scores, Parker's injury will likely have an effect on his scoring but whether it's positive or negative remains to be seen.

    Leigh Montagna (StK) MID 535.7k 112 3.1%

    Montagna had a bit of a quieter night than I was expecting over the weekend, but still managed a score of 103 under some close opposition scrutiny. This has dropped his average for the year slightly to 112, and his price is now at a healthy 535 grand. Still in only 3% of teams Joey has excellent POD value, and should be considered by anyone looking for a midfield difference-maker.

    David Armitage (StK) MID 512.5k 111 8.8%

    It's been hard to separate Armitage and Montagna for most of the year this year, and that trend seems to be continuing. While Monty had a quieter game Armo stood tall and delivered 143 points to bring his average back up to 111. With a price of only 512 grand he looks to be great value, and with a selection rate of under 9% is still a solid POD.

    Rory Sloane (ADE) MID 492.6k 103 5.4%

    Now we get into the riskier players for this season for those looking for a proven scorer with a high risk/reward ratio, starting with Rory. A gun player and looked set to explode in SC this year Sloane has suffered several injuries and has struggled to stay on the field. When he has played, and not been injured, he's put up some great numbers however, such as the 145 over the weekend against the Dons in a game that saw Hird agree to resign” during the week. Now priced at under 500 grand and averaging 103 for the season Sloane looks great value as a POD with only 5.4% selection (if he stays fit), and even better is playing Brisbane this weekend.

    Tom Rockliff (BRI) MID 537.3k 93 18.8%
    Speaking of Brisbane, that brings us to our other fallen premium” in Tom Rockliff. Like Sloane Rocky showed all the indications of setting the SC world on fire this season, before going down repeatedly to some very nasty injuries. A big game against Carlton last weekend, and the resultant 145 points, has put Rocky back in the limelight this week, although he does face a much tougher task than Sloane this Saturday. Priced high for his stats but low for his potential, Rocky sits in just under 19% of teams but could still make a real difference on finals results.

    Patrick Dangerfield (ADE) MID 623.7k 122 35.2%

    Dangerfield has been on fire recently, scoring 157 against Essendon and continuing a brilliant run of form late in the year. Much has been said about his supposedly imminent departure for Geelong, but after watching the last couple of months I'm putting my money on Danger staying in Adelaide. You heard it here first. That aside, Danger has shown some good consistency this season with only 3 games under the 100 mark, and his last two matches both over 150, and while he isn't a big POD with 35% selection his points scored could well make him a worthwhile pick anyway.

    David Mundy (FRE) MID 560.4k 114 14.6%

    Mundy has been excellent this season, quietly pumping out good scores with regularity and doing all the right things for his team. A price of 560 grand is good value for his average of 114 for the season, and a good test awaits him this weekend against the Roos. A score of 128 last outing shows that he is capable of putting up some big scores, and with under 15% of the competition selecting him he has some decent POD value to boot.

    Joel Selwood (GEE) MID 629k 107 23%
    Selwood managed to duck the Best Buys curse on the weekend, still managing a score of 114 even with the added burden. That has brought his average to 107 for the year, and after a very poor season by his standards that's no mean feat. Still in 23% of teams he isn't really a big POD, so like all trades this week your opponents' line-ups should be considered carefully. A price of 630 grand is definitely on the high side for his average, but he has demonstrated time and again that he's capable of the big scores when pushed.

    Nathan Fyfe (FRE) MID 563.9k 125 52.8%

    Scott Pendlebury (COL) MID 573.3k 116 47.3%


    Stefan Martin (BRI) RUC 563.4k 109 6.8%

    Martin put in another great game over the weekend, dominating the Blues on his way to 119 points. Still in under 7% of sides he makes a great POD, especially with an average of 109 for the year. A price of 563 grand is pretty well what it should be for those numbers, and a big test awaits him in the form of Jacobs on Saturday.

    Sam Jacobs (ADE) RUC 579.7k 108 15.7%

    And again, speak of the devil and he shall appear. Sauce has been in great form over the tail-end of the season, pumping out 143 points in his last game to take his season's average to 108. Now in just under 16% of teams he has a bit of POD value, and the potential to help drag your side over the line if selected. As mentioned above he's squaring off against the might of Martin this weekend, but whether he wins or loses the ruck duel should still rack up some big points.

    Aaron Sandilands (FRE) RUC 599.1k 105 10.4%
    Sandi is really coming into form now, right when it matters for Fremantle. His last 3 scores have all been 140+, and heading into the (AFL) finals he looks to be a real force to be reckoned with. Sandi's selection rate is still around 10%, which means he has decent POD value, but he is coming up against the most dominant force in AFL right now this week in Todd Goldstein.

    Luke McGuane (BRI) FWD 166.8k 63 +39k

    McGuane is on the bubble this week, although after losing his MRP appeal his wallet may be a bit lighter. Priced at around 167 grand for an average of 63 he is decent value, and is set to increase in price by around 40 grand after his next game. That won't matter to the majority of coaches though, the key factor is whether he can get another game on the weekend. A decent option for cash generation and bench cover, McGuane is likely still behind Marsh for most.


    Chad Wingard (PTA) FWD 499k 98 7.9%

    Wingard continues to perform well, not amazingly well but well enough nonetheless. A score of 102 against the Giants last week has his average at 98 for the year, and his price at just under 500 grand. Around 8% of the competition have backed Wingard in so far, so he is a good POD, but faces a very tough challenge against Hawthorn on Friday night.

    Brendon Goddard (ESS) M/F 497.7k 98 21.7%

    Goddard remains one of the only shining lights at Bomberland, still managing a score of 116 even in a 100+ point defeat. With a price of just under 500 grand and a selection rate of a bit over 20% he is decent value, but primarily so when your opponents don't have him. A good loophole option for your forward line.

    Brent Harvey (NM) M/F 499.3k 94 5.1%
    Boomer started the year slowly, but has now found his way back on course. A score of 121 last match has given him an average of 111 from his last 5 games, making him one of the form forwards in the competition over that period. Priced at 500 grand and sitting in only 5% of teams he has some great POD value, and is still cheap enough to consider bringing in for most. A definitely risky choice, but one that could well pay off handsomely.

    Brett Deledio (RIC) M/F 589.2k 111 12.2%

    Lids returned form illness last weekend, and netted himself a solid score of 105 along the way. His average is now sitting at 111 for the season and his price at 590 grand, so while not excellent value he still shouldn't break the bank. With 12% of teams picking him he still offers some good POD value, and the Tigers will be looking to put in a dominant display against the Pies on Saturday.

    Luke Dahlhaus (WBD) FWD 530.9k 105 12.8%

    Dahlhaus had another good game most recently, scoring 136 to take his average for the year back up to 105. A great young player that has moved to the next level this season he will be one to watch for next year, and with around 13% of teams holding him currently is one to watch for the SC finals as well.

    Dayne Zorko (BRI) M/F 526.2k 97 7.9%
    Zorko rounds out the Best Buys this week, after a good score of 117 against Carlton. He's now averaging 97 for the season and with a selection rate of 8% offers some decent POD value. Although his season's average isn't quite up to scratch he did have a purple patch where he averaged 128 over 4 games, and with a 134 2 weeks ago followed by the 117 last week we can only hope he'll keep it going for another couple of games.

    Robbie Gray (PTA) M/F 525.5k 110 55.8%

    Dane Swan (COL) M/F 590.9k 108 59%

    Dustin Martin (RIC) M/F 533.4k 107 49.5%

    Tom Mitchell (SYD) M/F 472.2k 101 31.8%

    Thanks for bearing with me this week while I sorted everything out, and also thanks for those that have already started the discussions below. Players like Aaron Hall were already mentioned in the comments section by the time I got around to putting this up here so I haven't included some of them, but since the focus from here is all about beating your direct opponent the comments section is a great place to get an idea of what others might be thinking. So join us there for all your trade discussions and polls.


Discussion in 'Blog' started by Iain, Aug 19, 2015.

    1. Hazey1977
      Sloane Ranger - who has the cajones to back for the 3rd time?

      I am looking at him or Hanners for Parker
    2. Owen
      I went early last week and brought him in, he helped me get to the prelim. Still cheap, good swap from Parker if you need to.
    3. PHIL
      I brought him in last week and got rewarded. I figure he only goes shit when he's injured and he isn't injured. He's a first class premo. Backed Rocky for Captain last week same category.
    4. Owen
      I did the same and also Rocky as captain.
    5. willy
      Need to upgrade Lever but only have 426k to spend have 3 trades do I use 2 downgrade someone like Steele or Daniel or Hamling and up Lever to Picken.

      TU - 1 trade get McDonald

      TD - 2 trades 1 up 1 down get Picken

      Comment for other options
    6. tmq
      I have to replace ziebell... Fyfe seems like obvious choice, my opponent this week has him and I ditched him when he was injured.
      BUT with freo playing north, is there a shrewd choice elsewhere that might give me an advantage...?
      (My other MIDs are Pendles, Rocky, Danger, selwood, banners,
    7. tmq
      Sorry! ...hanners, JPK, and Priddis.

      Maybe Sloane? Or a hawk mid?

      Would need to keep him for the last round also.
    8. RPritch
      I'd probably say Fyfe is the best option you don't have
    9. Hornet
      If you want to go left field and save some cash for other trades then Aaron hall has to be in the mix
    10. TheTassieHawk
      high risk, high reward as a POD

      the Suns I think are playing the Bombers ??

    11. Hornet
      Yep GC playing Bombers at home. It's probably a trade you pull when you're the underdog in a Prelim and you need need a left-field POD.
      The case for: he's $442K - his last two scores are 127 and 150 - he's in 0.4% of teams - he's playing the Dons - his 3 round average is 4th highest of all forwards - after Swan, Robinson and D Martin.
    12. Hornet
      The case against: he's Aaron Hall
    13. ARC
      Got the cash for anyone. Who to replace Parker?

      Looking at Deledio, Mundy and Priddis

      TU - Deledio (Rich has 2 wins coming up)
      TD - Priddis (You get what you pay for)

      Comments - Mundy (looks a resting chance)
    14. Hornet
      Picken out.
    15. Mano11
      Hi All,

      I am in 4 finals this week and hoping to make the GF in at least a few of my leagues.

      Current predicament is what to do with Parker and who to put as captain. Goldy has Freo this week so don't trust him.

      My midfield looks like this:

      Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, Danger, Priddis, Armitage, Swallow, Parker. My bench is useless.

      Only have one trade left and lots of money.

      I am thinking Deledio or Hanners.

      Don't like Rocky against the Crows.

      Any ideas? Thanks!
    16. willy
      On a side note a mate is in a draft GF overseas and needs to trade masten out for either

      TU- Mitch Wallis

      TD- Guthrie
    17. Hazey1977
      TMitch - omitted or injured?

      Most of my opponents have him too. Maybe I'll go bang bang, Parker n Mitchell for Sloane & best fwd availa
    18. willy
      Wow talk about carnage T.Mitch Armitage JZ and Lever! I have cover for lever in H.Goddard and Hamling only bench cover fwd line is Daniel who is on extended bench and no bench cover in the mids (except JZ who is suspended). So do which of the 3 do I trade

      TU - T.Mitch and JZ

      TD - Armitage and JZ

      Comment T.Mitch and Armitage
    19. tmq
      Interesting one, thanks guys. If TMitch is out too I'll have to look at the best combo now... Prob deledio and whoever I can afford, so AHall might be a good one.

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