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    OK, so this may not be a regular thing (so chip in in future if you want) but for now I'll get the ball rolling with Best Buys this week and start the discussion for the upcoming round!


    Player of the Week: The Hold (N/R, Free!)

    That's right the best player to bring in this week is no one at all. It's week one people, this isn't AFL Fantasy, cool your jets! Your underperforming premiums? You picked them for a reason, back them in. A rookie you don't have went nuts? They could score 20 next week and be out the door. Chill, assess your team, make any correction trades next week before price rises. It's never a good idea to waste too many trades on players early, and losing trades early on when you will need them by the end covering injuries is asking for trouble. You will just have to ride the rollercoaster with players and hope they do well soon. Good luck


    Onto forced trades you may have to make this week if you have one of the two guys below and some suggestions.

    Paddy Ryder $566,500 - out for anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks. Good news for his 22k owners, you can pretty much afford any replacement you wish as the only guy more expensive than him is injured too.

    Max Gawn ($503,700 - 139)
    What do you mean you started without him? Only overly emotional Melbourne fans wouldn't want him now.
    Nic Naitanui ($465,900 - 113)
    Because why not swap an injured ruck for an oft-injured one making a comeback and tonning up after a season out? What could go wrong.
    Todd Goldstein ($521,400 - 111)
    Looked good for a monster score most of the match but clearly ran out of legs whilst swimming in Queensland. If Scott sticks to the one-player ruck (it's a big if) going to be a good choice this season for those backing him.
    Stef Martin ($540,000 105)
    See NicNat (but without being out for a season) and Goldie (the one-player ruck stuff).
    Jarrod Witts ($518,300 131)
    Playing for the high one, Dancing with the devil, Going with the flow, It's all a game to me. ♠

    If you have Matthew Kreuzer - hold, looks like one week missed at most.


    Tom Liberatore ($434,600) - Not looking good for Tom, not looking good for the 16k coaches with him in their side. Some options depending on budget.

    The Sideways
    Stephen Coniglio ($452,400 - 129)
    Probably should have chosen him as your super-cheap premium in the first place. Very good score for the 13th most popular pure-mid.

    The Upgrade
    Patrick Cripps ($537,300 - 130)
    Showed the class we expected and hoped for after a full pre-season. Join the bandwagon.
    Luke Parker ($546,000 - 149)
    Looks to be the Swans top midfielder this season. Won't come up against a midfield as weak as West Coast's every week though.

    The Downgrade
    Jaeger O'Meara ($315,800 - 82)
    Looked good and most importantly: healthy! ; picking up Titchell's leftovers. Hope for more efficiency as the rust is shaken off but should keep getting plenty of it as the Hawks #2.

    Zach Merrett ($600,600) Hold but be concerned, multiple concussions? Not good.


    Rookie Watch - just numbers, next week is the week to focus on them.
    Riley Bonner ($257,300) 119
    Tim Kelly ($117,300) 118
    Nick Holman ($102,400) 96
    Jeremy Finlayson ($123,900) 87
    Zach Guthrie ($194,400) 86
    Tom Doedee ($123,900) 86
    Timothy English ($134,700) 83

    Let's hear your thoughts, suggestions, comments and questions below! :)
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by port_leschenault, Mar 28, 2018.

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    1. TerryinBangkok
      To the point as always PL. Nice start.
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    2. port_leschenault
      Thanks Terry. POTW was inspired by all these:

      It's a simple lesson, but hard one to learn
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    3. anthak
      Good article!

      I shouldn’t really tempt fate, but I kinda wish I had someone injured like Libba to make the decision to trade an easier one. There’s a lot of good value around and I’m getting a bit carried away with it. Thinking four correction trades before round 3 might be acceptable for once.

      It’s mainly because players that I strongly considered preseason actually did well, so one round of data might be enough for players already on the watch list through the preseason.
      And on the other side, I’ve got a player in Hibberd who I hadn’t owned all preseason until Friday last week and I’m thinking it may have been a mistake to bring him in.

      All day Thursday last week I was thinking to trade Rockliff to Cripps but didn’t get time before lockout. Then Cripps was locked out, so I swapped Rockliff to Armitage and brought Hibberd in with the change.

      Now I’m thinking I could trade Hib to Bonner and Armi to Cripps to correct those last minute issues I made. Would be good to get these 2 out of the way so I’ve still got options next week.

      But I’m still strongly considering holding fire!
      Traditional view is to hold true to starting team because a lot can change in the first two weeks. All the players get to test themselves against different opposition, which can have a big effect on their output.

      I’m still not sure what I’ll do.

      What do you think of these circumstances? I imagine prob not worth trading still in your eyes?
    4. stowie
    5. stripey
    6. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Great stuff pl.
      Sound advice amongst the plethora of sc media urging corrections.
      I’ll put my hand up to chip in a couple of these throughout the season.
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    7. BillyBob
      Of the available ruck options, I'm liking Witts the most. A bit worried about Nic Nat, huge potential, but really nervous about him getting rested or going down again. Martin similar to Nic Nat. Have Gawn, Goldy getting on a bit. Nankervis hot and cold. Jacobs too slow. I could go on.....
    8. TerryinBangkok
      Apparently Tex still a bit sore and Lynch unlikely, so Fogarty might get a reprieve. From what I have seen he is one to hold anyway as he is likely to be first in line for any vacancy. Murphy, however, may be a one-gamer. Caution with the Freo kids (remember when Ross refused to play any?), suspect they will move in and out as he experiments and would need a 70+ score to stay in.

      And Ant, the little I do know about SC (and you need a magnifying glass to find it) tells me bringing in Bonner on the day he is marking Buddy may not be the soundest strategy. I am holding the faith in Hibberd.
      Last edited: Mar 28, 2018
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    9. anthak
      Thanks TiB.
      At the moment, I am leaning towards keeping the faith with my whole starting team for this week. But it’s a tough call and I’m still considering trading
    10. insider
      I’m with you @anthak
      Did the last minute switcheroo and of course it didn’t work well. Desperately want to jettison Marley Williams (don’t judge me) for Bonner which gives me the freedom next week to maybe do Sicily and billings or whomever, but I’m also an advocate of one week doth not a supercoach player make
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    11. Bearfly
      Bonner won't be "marking" Buddy - as per normal Hinkley coaching against the Swans in the past, no single player will be "marking" Buddy, there will be a mixture of players rotating on him which will be determined by Buddy himself - I think you'll find that Clurey (who has done ok on Buddy previously) and Howard will be on him when Buddy is stationed closer to goal, and then Bonner, Houston, Clurey, Howard will run with him when he ventures outside 50 and upfield a bit.
    12. IPOD
      Well i would normally hold fire after round one but Ryder and Libba put that to bed.
      Time for the thumbs
      Ryder to
      TU - NicNat
      TD - Martin
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    13. IPOD
      One more libba to
      TU - Cripps
      TD - Coniglio
      Comment - others
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    14. choppers
      I would prefer Martin but if you're light on for cash then down to NicNat might be the go...same with Cripps and Coniglio.
    15. Rudders Rebels
      Rudders Rebels
      Long time reader of this site but first time posting.
      Somehow I managed 2619 last week, sitting 2nd and shit has got real. So I don’t usually trade after round 1 but I have Kreuzer in the ruck and I’m thinking that his groin injury might slow him down for a while even if he does play this week.
      I’m thinking of trading Kreuzer for Nic Nat which would also give me enough cash to trade Bradshaw for O’Mera (I’m a Hawthorn tragic) I know the risk is huge but if both can stay on the park it could pay off.
      Another option could be Fyfe to Dusty with the cash or is that just wasting a trade.
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    16. insider
      Welcome and congrats on the second overall.
      I personally wouldn’t be moving Fyfe or Brayshaw. Trades are worth more than potential $100k more you may or may not make on omeara vs Brayshaw.
      Kreuzer a different story - you going for the overall win or just bragging rights with mates or what’s the objective?
      You could stash kreuzer on the bench and bring English is as a cash cow and coverage player. Or boot Kreuzer for Naitanui and hope his body holds up.
      Probably no solutions for you but plenty of options?!?!
      Best of luck
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    17. anthak
      Hi. Congrats on the great start to 2018!!
      Looking at your team, I think Kreuzer is your only issue. Trade him to the best option in your opinion.

      I like your idea of bringing in O’Meara but maybe wait a week and see how he goes one more game.
      I’ve considered trading Brayshaw too, but may as well keep him for 1 more week, he may end up one of the best money earners and you’ll need him if that’s the case.

      Would be good to have Danger and/or Dusty, but I’d wait and see how this week plays out before trading for either, cause all your premos performed round 1 except Fyfe, and I think Fyfe is pretty much a must-have this season at his price. Especially with his high ownership, whenever he has a great game it’ll hurt you a lot if you don’t have him.
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    18. stripey
      Yeah I expect both Fyfe and Brayshaw to come good... they won’t come up against an outfit like Port each week so longer term I’d expect both to do what you were hoping for when you picked them...

      Kreuzer did look very sore for mine and prob does need to go, I’d suggest that yes NicNat did well against Sinclair but how well will he go against specialist ruckman... I have Stefan Martin myself and obviously pretty happy thus far...
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    19. TerryinBangkok
      Indeed. @buddy, please take note.
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