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    Well, that last round of the byes was a real doozy. If you're like me then your attention will now be switching from overall to leagues after some poor scoring from a whole range of different players, essentially ending the season not long after the halfway mark. While it's always disappointing, it does mean we can now focus on leagues only, and hopefully pull out a few big wins to gain some bragging rights for next year.

    Onto the Best Buy for this week though, and that is Max Gawn. A man with a ridiculously sized head apparently, and a decent ruckman to boot, Gawn has been a revelation in the ruck for Melbourne in the 3 games he's played this season. Posting up scores of 98, 118 and 146 he has shown he clearly has the potential to be a gun player, now he just needs to maintain his form and not get injured. With many teams fully upgraded, or very close to it, the Best Buys will start to shift towards more POD players, and bench coverage/loophole options for those still with trades to burn.


    Sam Colquhoun (PTA) DEF 188.3k 75 +49k

    Colquhoun has played well since making his way into the Port side after an injury curtailed his 2014 season, averaging 75 points from his 2 games and regularly finding space when there seemingly isn't any. As he has played before his price is somewhat higher than other options here but his scoring output has so far justified it, and Colquhoun is set to increase in value by around 50 grand after his next game.

    Shaun Edwards (ESS) DEF 123.9k 43 +24k

    Edwards is also on the bubble this week, albeit after scoring a 9 in his last game. Now averaging 43 from his 2 matches so far he is facing a 24 grand price rise but has some job security issues currently and team selections will need to be monitored.

    Hugh Beasley (BRI) DEF 144.7k 52 +31k
    Beasley already broke his bubble last week, but after scoring 65 in his last game and only increasing in price to 145 grand he is still looking good value. An average of 52 from his first 3 games sees him looking at a price rise of 31 grand after his next match, and he seems to be set to stay in the Brisbane side for at least the time being.


    Heath Shaw (GWS) DEF 556.7k 105 28.8%

    Heater is the top-scoring defender in SuperCoach now, edging out Hodgey with an average of 105. His price of 550+ grand is overs for his numbers so far, but if he can stay on the park for the rest of the season then he is probably still worthwhile.

    Liam Picken (WBD) DEF 514.2k 97 3.8%

    Picken has been excellent since being offered a reprieve from tagging duties, getting a lot more of the ball and bumping his perpetually low average up to 97 for the year to date. Now costing around 515 grand but facing a small price drop of 5 grand after his next game he is pretty much where he should be price wise and it probably wouldn't be worth waiting another week for the extra 5 grand.

    Corey Enright (GEE) DEF 507.1k 96 3.5%

    Enright continues to turn back the clock, averaging 96 over the year and playing some very good game. While the defense section is quite bare this week, with the majority of well-scoring players set to lose value, Enright offers a solid choice and with only 3.5% of coaches selecting him so far is a good POD.

    Rory Laird (ADE) DEF 529.5k 96 5.5%
    Laird has been excellent this season, breaking out in a big way with his current average of 96 compared to a previous career high of 70 and an average of 59 last year. The young defender has been playing a very contested style of footy leading to a couple of head knocks and low scores making his numbers so far even more impressive. He is facing a loss of about 8 grand this week after his 90 in the last game but his POD value, sitting in only 5.5% of teams, should offset that enough to still make him a good pick.


    Alex Neal-Bullen (MEL) MID 117.3k 43 +26k
    Neal-Bullen played reasonably well in his first 2 games at the top, averaging 43 over them to come onto the bubble with a price rise of 26 grand expected. As a cheap rookie option he looks decent value, but so far unlikely to provide good scores as bench cover, and his job security is questionable at best. If he keeps getting games he could still be a decent downgrade option to fuel an upgrade elsewhere.


    Scott Thompson (ADE) MID 523.5k 110 3.7%

    Thompson continues to perform, pumping out a 132 in his last game to take his average to a clean 110 for the season. Costing just 523 grand he is good value, and with Sloane out again he should continue to score well. Sitting in just 3.7% of teams he is a good POD, but many coaches will be wary of him receiving more attention from opposition taggers in Sloane's absence.

    Lachie Neale (FRE) MID 530.9k 110 12.2%

    Neale also continues to perform in his break-out season, averaging 110 for the year and pencilling himself in for a fair few starting teams next year. Costing 530 grand for an average of 110 is good value, and he is still a reasonable POD with around 12% of coaches picking him to date.

    Josh P Kennedy (SYD) MID 479k 104 17.2%

    JPK has been quite up-and-down this season, but his up seems to be greater than his down leading to an average of 104 so far. 114 points in his last game shows that he still has the potential to score well, the Swans just need to stop sharing the ball around so much, and his price of under 480 grand is excellent value.

    Anthony Miles (RIC) MID 515.6k 102 0.7%
    Miles has been going under the radar this season, with a selection rate of under 1%, but his 138 on the weekend bumped his average up to 102 and has a few more coaches taking notice. Now priced at 515 grand with an expected rise of around 16 grand on the way, he may not be the best scorer going around but is a massive POD and could be an excellent choice for bench cover/loopholes for those with luxury trades on their mind.


    Daniel Hannebery (SYD) MID 575.9k 116 12.4%
    Hanners has been the Swans most consistent player this season, averaging 116 points after a 121 against the Tigers and should be well clear in the Sydney Brownlow count. Surprisingly still in only 12% of sides he is a bit of a POD, and when your POD's are amongst the top-scorers you can be assured your team will be on the up. Currently costing 575 grand but expected to drop in value by around 5 grand this week those interested in picking him up should probably do so now.


    Nathan Fyfe (FRE) MID 686.2k 134 65%

    Scott Pendlebury (COL) MID 561.1k 113 40.3%


    Jack Hannath (FRE) R/F 191.7k 50 +16k
    Hannath has performed solidly as a back-up at Fremantle, averaging 50 over his 2 games this year to bring him onto the bubble for a price of just over 190 grand. With R/F eligibility he would be a useful addition for those with another R/F counterpart, such as big Maxy Gawn, but his high price may well scare off a few punters. Unlikely to provide big scores or much cash generation, Hannath will most probably only be an option for those looking to take advantage of his dual-position eligibility.


    Max Gawn (MEL) R/F 410.2k 120 7.3%
    Gawn. An accurate way to describe my SC season, and this bloke. After breaking his bubble in his last game, with a score of 146 no less, Gawn is a great option for those looking to take some risks and create a viable R/F connection. Costing 410 grand for an average of 120 is great value, if you think he can keep his numbers at least reasonably close to this level, but unfortunately as his games have come against Collingwood, St Kilda and Geelong he remains to be tested against an in-form ruckman. Now in just over 7% of teams he has good POD value, and is facing a big price rise of 60 grand after his next game. On numbers alone he is the clear Best Buy this week, but for those with cash to spare that are a bit more dubious about his potential a huge test awaits Gawn this weekend against Nic Nat.


    Mark Blicavs (GEE) M/R 567.4k 109 19.1%

    Blicavs is fast becoming one of the best players in the AFL, not so much for his SC scoring but for the fact that other teams simply can't find anyone to match up on him properly. Playing primarily as a midfielder his fitness base is extraordinary, and his sheer size and athleticism make him almost impossible to tag. Averaging 109 for the year with a price of almost 570 grand isn't great value, however his average over the last 5 rounds is an impressive 122 and he is still in less than 20% of teams.

    Nic Naitanui (WCE) RUC 553.2k 101 28.2%

    Nic Nat has also been in great form recently, after starting the season somewhat slowly he has averaged 125 from the last 5 rounds to bring his price up to over 550 grand. For a bloke with an average of 101 for the year that isn't amazing, but like Blicavs his recent form indicates he is still worthwhile. Currently sitting in almost 30% of sides, and facing a price rise of 27 grand after his next game.

    Aaron Sandilands (FRE) RUC 548.9k 97 7.9%
    Sandi has been overlooked by the vast majority this year, currently sitting in only 8% of teams. His numbers to date indicate why as even with breaking the AFL record for most hit-outs in a game, twice, he is still sitting on a 97 average, but a big 134 in his last game shows promise. As opposition teams focus more and more on sharking his hit-outs it will likely get tougher for the big man, but generally speaking that's when the Dockers perform at their best.


    Todd Goldstein (NM) RUC 593.2k 117 37.6%


    Kane Lambert (RIC) M/F 102.4k 32 +16k

    Lambert made his long-awaited return after an early season injury, scoring 29 points to take his average to 32. He is now on the bubble with an expected price rise of 16 grand incoming, and his M/F status and cheap price will tempt a few coaches to bring him back in.

    Michael Luxford (GEE) FWD 123.9k 12 -16k

    Luxford is another forward option on the bubble this week, but with a projected loss of 16 grand from his average of 12 points-per-game he isn't one that many will be considering. So far the signs really aren't all that good for the young forward, and indications so far are that he may just be keeping Mitch Clark's spot warm for him.

    Toby McLean (WBD) FWD 159.3k 55 +46k
    McLean burst his bubble last week, but after a score of 79 in that game and a current price of only 160 grand he still presents good value. The question still remains how many rookies will the Doggies play in the same side, but at this stage that's anyone's guess really. An average of 55 is a solid return if he can stay on the field, and an expected price rise of around 46 grand after his next match could come in handy for some.


    Jarryd Roughead (HAW) FWD 462.6k 98 19.1%
    Roughy has been interesting this season, having some good scores in the forward line but also spending much more time in the midfield than previously. A massive 150 on the weekend shows that he is capable of scoring well in either role, but he does need to find some more consistency. Now averaging 98 for the season so far and sitting in almost 20% of teams he is a decent pick, but not currently at the level of some of the other choices.


    Brett Deledio (RIC) M/F 571.7k 107 8.8%

    Lids has been in great form after missing a decent chunk of games with an injury, and as a result is now averaging 107 from the games he has played. A price of 570 is pretty steep for those numbers, but his 117 against the Swans shows that he is capable of more. Still in under 10% of teams he has good POD value, and will likely be a fairly popular trade-in over coming weeks.

    Jack Riewoldt (RIC) FWD 525.8k 102 2.4%

    Another Tiger in good form recently, Riewoldt pumped out a 144 in the upset win against Sydney to take his average for the year up to 102. Costing 525 grand he is a little overpriced, but not by a great deal, but has loads of POD value sitting in only 2.4% of sides. If the Tigers can get on another win streak, Jack could well be an astute pick at this stage of the season.

    Chad Wingard (PTA) FWD 510.1k 96 7.2%
    Wingard has been good this season, after an amazing year in 2013 and then dropping off considerably in 2014, and he has taken a fair few by surprise. Now averaging 96 for the year for a price of 510 grand he isn't great value, but with around 7% selection he is a POD and has the potential to bring his average back up over 100 with a few more good games.


    Dane Swan (COL) M/F 493.7k 101 57.4%


    Gary Ablett (GCS) MID 734.6k 103 -58k

    Tom Mitchell (SYD) M/F 509.1k 103 -27k

    Robbie Gray (PTA) M/F 546.5k 110 -26k

    Ivan Maric (RIC) RUC 501.4k 99 -24k

    Lance Franklin (SYD) FWD 515k 94 -22k

    Patrick Ryder (PTA) R/F 438.3k 83 -21k

    Jack Steven (StK) MID 557.9k 107 -21k

    Steele Sidebottom (COL) MID 496.4k 97 -21k

    Patrick Dangerfield (ADE) MID 636k 116 -20k

    Dustin Martin (RIC) M/F 595.9k 108 -17k

    So that's all from me for another week, but as always join us in the comments section for all your trade discussions and polls.


Discussion in 'Blog' started by Iain, Jul 1, 2015.

    1. jimbowan
      Anyone else have Sloane AND Bennell this week? *sigh*

      This week thinking,

      Sloane > Mundy
      Bennell > Deledio

    2. Jason
      I'll raise you Sloane and Roughead
    3. bjaensch
      I have Sloan and Bennell. An this will be the 2nd time this year I have traded him out. sigh.
    4. port_leschenault
      In need of a Sloan replacement:

      TU: Heppell
      TD: JPK
    5. Hazey1977
      In the same boat here PL!

      JPK is the logical choice, but I am thinking about Jack as a POD or holding for this week as there are a few other premo's due to fall in cash this week.
    6. port_leschenault
      Would have liked Beams but he's so expensive. Also thought about Steele but figured I'd wait a week for his price to drop. I have to move on Wallis soon anyway (which pre-Sloane was meant to be this week)

      Yeah Sydney is hard to guess with all it's mid prems but JPK's price makes it tempting. I think Heppell can find his form, last week was his lowest score, just feel so dirty even considering him :D
    7. Hazey1977
      Yeah Beamsy would have been well nice. I can just scrape together $535,000 with Lonie to McKernan being my first trade to get me some season long ruck cover (hopefully). Is bringing in SMack a waste of a trade though as he'll be F7?
    8. leb3
      so the week after the bye where all my premiums should be back hasn't gone as planned thanks to Sloane, Buddy Roughead and Bennell. Can field 21 this week and considering copping the week to have a clearer picture on who to trade out. Bennell might only miss one and Roughead could miss only 2 or they could both miss a month or more, while Sloane i am considering waiting for ablett to drop in price... Either way too many dilemmas!
    9. port_leschenault
      Did Lonie -> McKernan as well this week.
    10. turbo8
      Only trade this week is Sloane -> Gawn. There are a host of good rookies coming on to the bubble after this round so will take my pick of them then.
    11. maggots
      sloane, roughead, bennell & martin...
    12. Hazey1977
      Glad we didn't waste a trade on JPK aye!!!! :-(

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