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Discussion in 'Leagues' started by anthak, Jan 27, 2018.

By anthak on Jan 27, 2018 at 1:57 AM
  1. anthak

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    Jan 3, 2016
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    hey folks,
    Anyone interested in setting up a cash league this season?

    I'm thinking $50 entry. 18 entrants = $900 prize pool

    Prizes could be split up as follows:

    35% best overall score/rank - $315
    30% premiership winner - $270
    15% grand final loser - $135
    10% (next) best overall rank, excluding above 3 prize winners - $90
    6% minor premier - $54
    4% 9th place - $36

    Im open to suggestions for an alternative prize structure, I just whipped this up quite quickly.


Discussion in 'Leagues' started by anthak, Jan 27, 2018.

    1. anthak
      Thanks for promoting this to the main page Walesy!

      No takers yet...

      Who's keen?
    2. anthak
      There's 4, 5 or 6 prize winners with this format, however 1 of those gets less than their entry fee back.
      Pretty good I think
    3. walesy
      Reckon I'll be a good chance to jump into this Ant.
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    4. bgt2110
      Count me in
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    5. Len
      Yeah I'll bite also
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    6. dict8
      Yeah I’m keen
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    7. tonyc
      I'm in if still open. Cheers.
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    8. anthak
      Yep still open. Once we get 18 yesses in this thread we’ll sort it all out.
    9. anthak
      Currently only 6, so hopefully get a few more as the season gets closer
    10. snoz
      I'll jump in - worth a donation
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    11. showmedamane
      i'll jump in also
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    12. anthak
      Ok, good to see some more people jump in :)
      But 8 takers in a month is kinda slow going. We still have time though :)
    13. anthak
      Still only 8!

      Anyone know of others who may be keen?
      Once we get a leagues thread up we’ll be able to advertise this league in it so we’ll hopefully get some more takers through that.

      Also what if we drop the entry fee down? Would that attract anyone reading this who isn’t already in the league?
    14. Howie
      New to this forum but definitely keen on another cash league
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    15. King Louie
      King Louie
      Sounds good, count me in...
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    16. headmandude
      I'm in for the $50 buy in
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    17. anthak
      Cool, so we’re up to 11. Prob on track to get to 18. Good to see.
    18. tyze1
      count me in lads
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    19. jimi
      I'm keen...
      $500 flag
      $200 top rank
      $200 top weekly score
      would be a nice return anthak
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