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Discussion in 'Leagues' started by anthak, Jan 27, 2018.

By anthak on Jan 27, 2018 at 1:57 AM
  1. anthak

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    Jan 3, 2016
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    hey folks,
    Anyone interested in setting up a cash league this season?

    I'm thinking $50 entry. 18 entrants = $900 prize pool

    Prizes could be split up as follows:

    35% best overall score/rank - $315
    30% premiership winner - $270
    15% grand final loser - $135
    10% (next) best overall rank, excluding above 3 prize winners - $90
    6% minor premier - $54
    4% 9th place - $36

    Im open to suggestions for an alternative prize structure, I just whipped this up quite quickly.


Discussion in 'Leagues' started by anthak, Jan 27, 2018.

    1. anthak
      Good to hear you’re in mate.
      I wanted to try spread the money a bit more. I also don’t like a prize for highest weekly, simply because it needs to be tracked through the year and I’m not sure I can commit to that.
    2. anthak
      So we’re at 13 now!
    3. Jerome
      I am more than happy to join the league for a $50 entry.
      Could you message me the details? League code, etc
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    4. headmandude
      Getting closer. I don't mind jimi's suggestion either. And it definitely adds some incentive to stay active week in week out especially for the guys whose teams drop off the pace early on. I'm happy ether way
    5. tonyc
      I'm keen to join if you still have a spot.

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    6. anthak
      We’re at 15 now. Still need 3 more.

      Anyone know of someone?
    7. anthak
      I’ll start a private conversation with everyone who has expressed interest, probably this evening, with deets for how to pay the $50
    8. Waldo666
      G'day Anthak, if you're still looking to fill those last few spots I'll jump on board. I like that you have spread the prizes around a bit as it's different to most prize structures. One thing I would suggest though is scrapping the 9th place prize and adding that 4% to the minor premier prize, cheers.
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    9. anthak
      Still at 15. I had counted @tonyc twice before...

      Ive just sent out a msg to all other 14 people with instructions on how to pay. If anyone didnt get the msg, please let me know.
    10. bgt2110
      Paid my $50

      Team name Zach A Ree FC 18
    11. dict8
      Paid $50
      Dict8orship Fc
    12. Gump
      I would be happy to join in if there is still a spot
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    13. anthak
      Yep, still 2 spots after you join!
    14. anthak
      I’ve just invited you to a group conversation about paying. Have a read through and pay, then I’ll send the league code
    15. jimi
      PAID $50
    16. bunza52
      Happy to join if there is still space.
    17. anthak
      Sure is :)
      I’ll invite you into the thread with info on how to pay.
    18. Cazon
      Is there a last spot or was i too late? signed up just to snatch it haha
    19. anthak
      Yeah mate still 1 spot. I’ll invite you to the convo too where instructions are for payment.
    20. anthak
      We now have 18, but not all have joined the league yet, and also one current league member wants to drop out if we can find an extra.

      So still express interest if anyone is keen.

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