Captain Consideration - Round 11

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By Kegsy on Jun 3, 2008 at 10:00 AM
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    Following on from Brays Review of Round 10 - Captain Considerations, I fear will look a little similar this week - mainly because there are a few big guns in irresistible form, ones that I reckon you just cant go past in deliberating on your captains this week.

    [span style="font-size: 1.2em;">The Usual Suspects:

    Gary Ablett

    Seriously, going past him is nonsense in the form that hes in.
    Destroyed Carlton with a third quarter out of the books where he got
    about a million possessions. Having said that, whats the money that
    Rawlings just puts a monster tag on Ablett now that Ive said that.
    Anyway, not having Ablett as your captain is frought with danger, as
    those who didnt (sigh) when he got 254 found out the hard way.
    Averages over 130 - hard to argue with the proposition that Ablett
    should be your captain when hes the form player of the comp.&nbsp;

    Buddy Franklin

    Again, in good form and playing an Essendon side devoid of defensive
    pressure and possibly without Mal Michael. Buddy has kicked bags of
    goals against better defences so could look for another big haul
    against the Dons this week. Could be distracted by his drink-throwing
    storm in a teacup controversy - but unlikely. Buddy can score well
    even when he doesnt get a lot of the ball or the Hawks arent
    dominating so he is a bit of a safer pick than some of the other key
    forwards. Scored 160 and 108 against the Dons last year so put him
    firmly in your thoughts this week.&nbsp;

    Adam Cooney

    If Ablett is not the form player in the comp, then Cooney is. Scored
    130 against the Saints earlier this year - albeit with their No1 tagger
    out due to suspension. Scores of 60 and 81 in their matchups last year
    suggest he could be a bit risky - but in far better form this year and
    should be thereabouts for a big score this week.&nbsp;

    Dean Cox

    Big Cox is scoring well, continually getting close to, or if not
    exceeding 100 most weeks. With a good track of form, even when the
    Eagles get smacked, Cox should be in your calculations this week.
    Scored 69 with a broken foot from 3 quarters last game they played the
    Swans but with 119 when at full fitness last year, should be another
    safe bet this week.&nbsp;

    Other players to consider: Kirk, Dal Santo/Ball, Mitchell, J. Brown (depending on injury concerns) or Bartel.

    Cant be arsed thinking too much about it?? Go Ablett or Franklin.


Discussion in 'Blog' started by Kegsy, Jun 3, 2008.

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