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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Dec 16, 2020.

By anthak on Dec 16, 2020 at 3:21 PM
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    It's been tricky to decide when to hold the draft at this time of year.
    We've set up a poll with two options and it is only open for 24 hours, closing approximately Thursday 3:20pm AEDT, so get in and vote quickly.

    We have also set the draft orders.
    As follows:

    1. @crossy
    2. @smokinjoemisiti
    3. @nicksnow
    4. @costak
    5. @karlos
    6. @stowie
    7. @Rad_E_Cool
    8. @anthak
    9. @Bearfly
    10. @Steve
    11. @HEAVER
    12. @tyze1

    Division 1:
    1. @tasho
    2. @Mick Webb
    3. @bgt2110
    4. @Jet
    5. @Jmulldihno
    6. @headmandude
    7. @Brad666
    8. @Rev
    9. @Lethal
    10. @Daniel Sprigg
    11. @dabombers
    12. @Don_Cottagers

    Division 2:
    1. @Lano24
    2. @chris88
    3. @Danners
    4. @rodgo
    5. @Paul Dolores
    6. @Belmont383
    7. @Jacob Doole
    8. @Alliw
    9. @WingMan
    10. @Eggrobber
    11. @Sparks
    12. @Jasmine
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Which night should we hold the draft

Poll closed Dec 17, 2020.
  1. Saturday 19th - 11pm AEDT

    6 vote(s)
  2. Sunday 20th - 11pm AEDT

    11 vote(s)
  3. I dont mind, whichever

    5 vote(s)


Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Dec 16, 2020.

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    1. Daniel Sprigg
      Daniel Sprigg
      Sorry didn’t see the email. I’m in now.

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    2. dabombers
      Voted. All good. Anytime will suit.

      Hey has anyone got any links or codes for NBA league pass that doesnt cost an arm and a leg??
    3. anthak
      http://nbastreams.xyz/ usually goes quite good, but be careful of the dodgy ads!
    4. crossy
      Not really league pass, but This one has worked pretty well for me dude
    5. Jacob Doole
      Jacob Doole
      Sorry just saw this, I've joined now as well! Are you still after one more person?
    6. anthak
      Excellent, you were quite quick reallly, I posted that comment not long after sending the invite!

      yes we still need one more
    7. Jacob Doole
      Jacob Doole
      I've got a mate that's keen if the spot is still there, his email is daniel.johns.tas@gmail.com. If you need him on here as well I'll get him onto it once he's finished work tonight!
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    8. anthak
      cool, I have just sent him an invite.
      Yes, please ask him to post in here too, so we have a TS handle for everyone.
    9. Eggrobber
      Hey! I'm @Jacob Doole's mate, the Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons
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    10. anthak
      Excellent, that means everyone has joined all 3 leagues.
      Ready for tomorrow’s draft
    11. dabombers
      Hey Guys, just noticed the regular season is scheduled only for 14 games... Ends just before Allstar Weekend..
      Does that mean First week of Finals falls just after all-star break?? and 3 weeks of Finals?? with 6 teams?
      Miss out on a whole month and a bit of potential games. Taking away the final 2 weeks which are just slaughter...
      Any reasons for this?? haven't been following decisions.
    12. crossy
      Hi mate, think you might have misread it. End of regular season is 3 weeks after the all star break. And with shorter season the 1 week playoff setup is necessary. I think it is setup perfectly. Maybe take another look :)
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    13. dabombers
      Just going off dates on NBA.com... Compared them to dates on ESPN while setting up roster..(Ends March 5th) Cant see any player games past then... Must be a bug... Saw that regular season schedule goes til April 5th.
      not a biggy.. Must be tired.. it will work itself out..
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    14. headmandude
      Oh man. I forgot that the draft was on last night so after watching a trashy Chrissy movie with the wife, I threw on a few NFL bets and just casually scrolled through the upcoming NBA games and then just after 11:30 it clicked!!!!!!!! I think I joined at about R6 or R7 and panic picked Conley. KAT and Simmons as my first 2 picks I'm ok with. I probably would have taken Sabonis over Simmons or even Curry if he was available. I haven't even looked at who was drafted in when now. Deep breath ………………..
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    15. crossy
      For those who play NBL Fantasy, I have just created a league. Cheers.
      League code: 3ZNWX2UJ
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    16. anthak
      I’m in
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