Ediriwickrama watch.

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By stowie on Jun 10, 2008 at 10:00 AM
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    This guy looks to be the goods. The big question though, Will he manage to break into the Geelong Snr. side next year?

    I could see him going as a high-1st round draft pick, but instead, the 17 year old Midfield/small forward, signed up for the Geelong Scholarship Scheme.

    If hes named next year in the forward line, hes going to be a must pick in the forward line. Even if he isnt named in round one (Ala Palmer this year...)

    Actually, no, must is a little strong, but well see which way the winds are blowing next year...

    (And an overview of the weekends under 18s over the break.

    NSW/ACT RAMS&nbsp; &nbsp; 3.1&nbsp; 3.1 9.5&nbsp; &nbsp;11.6&nbsp; (72)
    Vic Country&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; 2.3&nbsp; 7.4 8.6&nbsp; &nbsp;10.7&nbsp; (67)

    NSW/ACT RAMS – Foster 3, Breust 2, Frail 2, Reed, Kirkwood, Ediriwickrama
    Vic Country – Butcher 4, Rockliff 2, McKenzie 2, Ziebell, Stevens

    NSW/ACT RAMS – Ediriwickrama, Duryea, Frail, Klemke, Clisby, Reed
    Vic Country – Butcher, Sheahan, Hooper, Ziebell, Sidebottom

    Western Australia 5.2&nbsp; &nbsp;6.4&nbsp; &nbsp;11.9&nbsp; &nbsp;15.12 (102)
    South Australia&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; 1.3&nbsp; &nbsp;3.7&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; 4.9&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; 4.13&nbsp; &nbsp;(37)

    Western Australia: Olds 4, Yarran 2, Bennell, Naitanui, Daly, Pearce, Jetta, Marsh, Warner, Hill, Ross
    South Australia: Hartlett, Mardling, Cahill, Redden

    Western Australia: Hill, Pearce, Laurie, Jetta, Naitanui
    South Australia: Johnston, Schoenmakers, Cahill, O’Keefe

    Tasmania 1.7 (13) def by Vic Metro 12.8 (80)

    Tasmania: Mihocek
    Vic Metro: Lynch 4, Purves 3, Watts 2, Joyce, Gilchrist, Stanton

    Tasmania: Robinson, Salter, Crichton, Davies, Hislop, Milverton, Allwright
    Vic Metro: Lynch, Banner, Shuey, Sloane, Hurley, Strauss


Discussion in 'Blog' started by stowie, Jun 10, 2008.

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