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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Dec 23, 2020.

By anthak on Dec 23, 2020 at 1:52 PM
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    The NBA season has kicked off today and we had our fantasy drafts a few days ago.

    See below spreadsheet for the results of all three drafts.
    Here are links to each of the leagues:
    Div 1:
    Div 2:

    The #1 and #2 pick was the same in all three drafts, Giannis and Luka across the board.

    Something I always find interesting is the players who went undrafted in some leagues but not others. You will see in the table that any undrafted players were given a figure of 157 where they were undrafted.
    The highest ranked player who went undrafted in at least one league was Tim Hardaway Jnr, who was undrafted in Premier, but drafted at 107 & 109 in the other two leagues.
    The highest ranked player who went undrafted in two leagues was Terrence Ross, who was drafted at 122 in Division 1.
    The lowest ranked player who was drafted in all 3 leagues was Joe Harris, drafted at 155, 153 & 128 across the three leagues.
    The lowest ranked player drafted in at least two leagues was Jordan Clarkson who was drafted at 153 in Premier and 150 in Div 2.

    We havent gone into as much detail this year with std dev and the like, but have highlighted some of the big sliders and reaches for ease of finding them.

    I don't know about you, but Ive got two of the reaches and one of the sliders! Hopefully they all work out :)

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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Dec 23, 2020.

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    1. anthak
      spreadsheet attached

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    2. tasho
      No reaches or sliders according to the table, although I did take Wiggins earliest out of the three leagues and that is not looking good after the first day! Just have to stay the course
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    3. Steve
      And so it starts
      Rockets/ Thunder game postponed
      This season is going to be so random.
      Good luck everyone.
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    4. anthak
      Yeah I think luck will play a bigger role this season.
      With so many games this’ll probably be a semi-regular occurrence.
    5. anthak
      My slider was Ibaka, who I was happy to see on the board when I did.
      My reaches were Rubio and Durant. Durant should go ok, but what was I thinking taking Rubio at 41! I think that might be a big mistake, but he might do alright, so we’ll wait and see.
    6. dabombers
      Div 1 was a real interesting draft this time round. Some of the better teams from last season putting together yet again some great teams, where you can see their strategies coming out ( I'm looking at you Mr Pegasorearse and Hershey Hawkins).

      If CJ McCollum is a reach at 38 I will take that as I lucked out on a few sliders with Dinwiddie, Porzingas and Dragic(still top 100 in my book).
      Was down to Plan C when Sabonis and John Collins and Valanciunas went before I could get them so grabbed Porzingas and Aaron Gordon, Porzingas is just too much reward not to take a risk on(came at the expense of missing Jaylen Brown who will be top 30 this year) and Gordon keeps getting better and would prob not be around in another 22 picks..

      Its tough having picks 1-3 or 10-12, you have to take your players sometimes a round and a half early. Good side is you get to double down on sliders/best available/risks and plan your next attack.

      Happy with my mainly aging team of veterans (Love, Milsap, Dragic, Barnes, Durrant, Jrue)

      ROY - Wiseman ( after first game)
      6th Man - LeVert ( Maybe with most improved as well)
      MVP - Doncic
      Champions - Take a punt on Brooklyn Nets
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    7. anthak
      I had too many PGs playing today and one needed to miss out. I had Lamello Ball on the bench because I don't expect him to start strongly (I drafted him for later in season when they give him the keys)...
      But after the Houston game was postponed, I moved Ball into my lineup for John Wall, and Ball ended up with a negative score haha
      Wall did better than him without even playing.
    8. Steve
      Pretty stoked to get Shake with my last pick in the draft.

      Had him on the bench today and he scored 40 pts. Won't be long before he gets a starting role at Philly.
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    9. bgt2110
      Can you post a link to the 3 leagues Ant so we can check in on the others every so often ?
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    10. anthak
      Good idea! I usually do, but forgot this season.

      Ive just added the links to the OP.
    11. anthak
      Lots of big performances these first two days. Top 40 players all scored 40+
    12. anthak
      with top 8 all 60+
      Thats huge
    13. crossy
      For those who play NBL Fantasy, I have created a league. Cheers.
      Tip off is next Sunday.
      League code: 3ZNWX2UJ
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    14. Steve
      Is it too late to start a petition for 3 IR spots? :(

      Fultz has now gone down
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    15. anthak
      Yep I’ve also now got three players out. Durant, Fournier and now Seth Curry
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    16. crossy
      Those injuries are definitely helping me out this week Ant, still pretty close though and I am not counting my chickens. On another note, the NBL tip off has been pushed back to the 15th of January. So we got another week to go :) Cheers bud
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    17. anthak
      Oh yeah, I forgot about that fixture change. The countdown on the fantasy site hasn’t been updated yet...
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    18. crossy
      yeah I had noticed it hadn't but think they finally got round to doing it today ha ha
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    19. Steve
      Well I have come to the conclusion that this season is going to be pure luck

      So many players ruled out through no fault of their own just by sitting next to someone on the bench.

      Can't really do much forward planning.

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