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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Dec 14, 2020.

By anthak on Dec 14, 2020 at 1:12 AM
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    Hi all,
    Apologies for the lack of action on setting up these leagues.
    Looks like we'll be dropping down to just three leagues this year.

    We have set a poll for the draft date. We are only allowing two options and please only select if you CANNOT attend on that date at that time. We will go with the option that has least amount of people who cannot attend. The poll will only be open for 48 hours, until Tuesday night. All going well, we will announce draft date/time on Wednesday.

    At the moment the leagues look like this, however please note that the leagues on ESPN haven't been set up yet, so please don't set up your draft list yet if you will be changing leagues.

    Premier: @Steve , @HEAVER , @Rad_E_Cool , @karlos , @costak , @smokinjoemisiti , @Bearfly , @anthak , @stowie , @crossy , @nicksnow , @tyze1

    Division 1: @headmandude , @bgt2110 , @Lethal , @dabombers , @Rev , @tasho , @Jet , @Jmulldihno , @Daniel Sprigg , @Brad666 , @Mick Webb , @Don_Cottagers

    Division 2: @Jasmine , @Sparks , @Lano24 , @Belmont383 , @Danners , @Paul Dolores , @WingMan , @chris88 , @Alliw , @rodgo , ? , ?

    We still need two more to commit.
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Please advise if you CANNOT attend a live draft at either of the following times:

Poll closed Dec 16, 2020.
  1. Saturday 19th - 4:45pm AEDT

    11 vote(s)
  2. Monday 21st - 4:45pm AEDT

    7 vote(s)
  3. I'm fine with either

    3 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.


Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Dec 14, 2020.

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    1. anthak
    2. anthak
      Ive sent out most league invites, and I have PMed a couple who I couldn't find their emails...
    3. Len
      I'm out
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    4. HEAVER
      Nothing at night time? They're quite unusual times as a late arvo...
    5. rodgo
      Sorry late reply....................Put me in please...............
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    6. Lano24
      Why wasn't Sunday an option
      1:45 on a Monday is pretty hard for us with jobs
    7. chris88
      I've not wandered in to do this in a few years .... is there still an option to do a practice draft? If so, where can I find it?
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    8. anthak
      We left Sunday out so we dont clash with the WNBL grand final.
      11pm could be an option, but we've had quite a few people in recent years complain about it being so late, and we don't have as many people from overseas in this years leagues, so I thought the earlier time could work.

      but it seems there are several who cant attend with either option at this stage, so maybe another day/time could be better.
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    9. anthak
      2 years ago we held it at 4:45pm and had very high attendance.
    10. anthak
      Cool, Ive added you in to the OP
    11. anthak
    12. anthak
      I'll wait until more people have had a chance to vote/comment and make a call on Wednesday
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    13. costak
      Hey guys I feel people might be misinterpreting the poll. It says 'Please Advise if you cannot...' but perhaps people are just ticking their preference? Could the poll question be re-started just say 'What dates can you do the draft?' to avoid any possible confusion?
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    14. Lano24
      On a weekday???
      I'm not trying to be difficult, I just know that there are a couple of us in WA where 1:45 on a weekday is pretty hard to do
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    15. anthak
      It was on a weekend. Yeah, I can see that time on a weekday for WA would be difficult.
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    16. HEAVER
      I'm a night owl so I'm cool with 11pm if that comes available. Might also suit better for those in WA?
      Not your fault Ant = ESPN really not catering for the global followers of NBA Fantasy
    17. crossy
      Yeah pretty dumb ESPN has the massive window which would be the best time to do the drafts in Australia. Personally, hoping draft is on the Saturday. Just one Q Ant, will our fantasy playoffs finish a couple weeks before the end of the real regular season? I think it's better that way as a lot of top guys might not play the last couple weeks if playoffs are not in the picture, Just my thoughts anyway. Appreciate all the effort you are putting in mate as always!
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    18. anthak
      I cant believe out of all 21 people who voted so far, only two are fine with either time, and one of those was me...

      I think we better do 11pm.

      I'm going to set it for Saturday night.
      In previous years people have complained about the 11pm start on the night before work, so let's go with Saturday night.
      The only other day I would consider would be Friday night, for same reasons, but its too soon to get organised.
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    19. Jmulldihno
      Agree Ant on the time being 11pm, but we've never drafted this close to Xmas before. Would have thought there wouldn't be many who don't have plans the last Saturday before Xmas, hence the poll results..

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