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    This is a new segment on TooSerious that will be published every Monday, usually looking at the weekends tags - which players could shake the ferrets off and which couldnt handle the tag. But, as it is the first week of it, Im going to look back on the year which has been the beginning of a new craze tagging those loose men in defense or running backmen, call them whatever you like but they usually get heaps of cheap touches for a Fantasy Teams.

    It all started back in round 1 and guess what team it was, Syndey. McVeigh went straight to Gram who probably had never been tagged before and it showed only managing 56 SuperCoach points. So, the next week West Coast got on board and sent Nicoski to the forward line to follow McLeod. Nicoski being the shit player he is failed and McLeod got 128 points. But that same week Kornes was sent to Kennelly and he looked more lost than a little girl in the woods only getting 34 points. So, Kornes thought this will be an easy way to make myself look like a god tagger and went to McLeod (McLeod might have been in the midfield this week, who knows) the week after and again he struggled with just 17 touches of the pill but did pick up a decent 95 points.

    Gilbee was the next victim, he was on Davey. But, it is believe that Davey had a bigger focus on kepting his touches done and he done well with Gilbee only get the prune 14 times but in Gilbee style he managed 95 points. Heath Shaw copped his first tag of the year with Grigg following him. But who said he cant handle a tag? Notching up 120 points. Rawlings must have been watching Grigg and thought he could do a better job in Round 5, and that he did keeping Shaw to just 28 points. Lower kept McLeod score very low, only just 68. To really kick off the craze. Gilbee copped Kieran Jack the same week and struggled to only 84 points. Then the ferret of all ferrets in Birss went to Shaw in one of the most famous tags in sporting history keeping the Shaw thing to just 45 points. Alot had him captain that week - never again. Gilbee and McLeod copped it in that same Round as Heater with Bartram and Hayden following them and keeping them to 44 and 56.

    Now by Round 10, every club was doing it with Monfries going to McLeod, Winderlich going to Stiffy Johncock, Adam Selwood going to Shaw. They let Gilbee run free that round and he showed what he can do when he was free clocking up 130-odd points. Now, in round 11 King followed McLeod and in a surprising move Monfries went to Birchall who could only get 28 bloody points.

    Ok, I do realise that in the past there low scores have been cause they have been asked to kept a forward under control (like Brett Jones, Sam Fisher and others) but when was the last time Gilbee and Shaw had a man? I think this trend is going to continue and it will hurt alot coaches but stand by ya men, they get free and run wild again.

    Let us know of any troubles youve had with Backmen getting tagged? Or any other opinions you might have on the issue.


Discussion in 'Blog' started by chris88, Jun 9, 2008.

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