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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by warsaken, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Jan 3, 2016
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    Just wondering if you are going to implement a couple of thing that were in 3.0 to the new site.
    First one is the search box. At the moment we have to go into stats then we can search for a played, last year there was a search box in the header.
    The other thing that I miss is the recent forum/blog posts that was on the front page. Was handy to see what people were talking about from the front page rather than having to go through each forum (AFL/Donors/etc.)
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    Jan 3, 2016
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    The other thing I miss is the 'byes file' that you had last year. Had the drop box with players so, at a glance, you could see if the byes for your team clashed. Is that around anywhere? Just wondering :)
  3. walesy

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    Nov 30, 2015
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    I miss the search box being in the title bar as well. :)
    I'll figure something out there!
    If you do need to do a quick search, you can type in something like this
    Recent Forum posts... yeah, I know we have something for that- but I'm not sure why it's turned off.
    I'll switch it back on in test and see how it looks.
    The byes thingy used to be in the Ticker, however, I'm currently developing a whole 'Teams' section of the site- which of course, has a nice bye section for ya. :)

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