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    (As exerted from the AFL site)

    WA vs NSW
    They were among Western Australias best, along with lively small forward Michael Walters, John Bennell and Clint Gartlett. They kicked nine goals between them and complimented the work of midfielder Kane Lucas. His ball-winning ability and usage was exceptional.

    And we all know how small forwards go ;)

    The athletic potential and promise of Nick Naitanui was again a feature. He laid a game-high seven tackles and had 20 hit-outs, as he continues to learn the rucking craft.

    For NSW/ACT, Ranga Ediriwickrama was prolific. He gained 25 disposals and was one of his sides best. His clean hands and quickness around the ground was a feature.

    Rams midfielder Jeremy Kirkwood also displayed a disciplined game, curtailing the exciting Daniel Rich.

    Western Australia: Daly 5, Bennell 4, Walters 3, Garlett 2, Marsh
    NSW/ACT: Kirkwood, McNeil, Ruffles, Sleeth

    Western Australia: Walters, DeBoer, Lucas, Hill, Daly, Bennell, Pearce, Mather, Warner
    NSW/ACT: Clisby, Ediriwickrama, Klemke, Fenaroli, Bryce, Gumley, McNeil, Frail, Kirkwood

    SA vs TAS

    South Australia had winners in North Adelaide trio - Rhys OKeeffe, Dale Armstrong and Lewis Johnston (four goals).

    For Tassie, Mitch Robison and Jesse Crichton were prominent with their pace through the midfield.

    (And just to keep it in one place)

    County VIC vs Metro VIC

    Metros Jack Watts contested mark, 45 metres out from goal, with 15 seconds remaining resulted in an accurate major under pressure, topping off an impressive game from the 194cm tall forward. He finished with four goals.

    Vic Countrys left-footed midfielders Nick Suban and Nic Heyne were both outstanding contributors for their side. Heyne took a spectacular one-handed mark in the goalsquare, which was a magic moment.

    now, to keep a watch on future games...
    The fixture is:
    NSW/ACT v Vic Country, Saturday June 7, 12.30pm, Henson Park
    South Australia v Western Australia, Sunday June 8, 12.35pm, AAMI Stadium
    Tasmania v Vic Metro, Monday June 9, 12.30pm, Bellerive Oval

    Naitanui, Editiwickrama, Suban and Rich are definitely the hopefully for next year, though its good to see a smattering of small forwards out there, doing there bit.


Discussion in 'Blog' started by Benny, Jun 4, 2008.

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