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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Feb 10, 2016.

By walesy on Feb 10, 2016 at 9:18 AM
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    Remember when TS Used to allow you to upload your team?

    It was a good time, a simple time, a time without AFL Fantasy, DFS all that ASAGA junk.


    Well, it's back. And better* than ever! Simply click on the MyTeam tab up the top there, enter your details and your team will be sucked into TS.

    Not that AFL Fantasy or DFS are bad things- in fact, DFS is gunna be huge. Need to start developing some tools for it. So get your thinking caps on for that.

    But I digress. There's also another new tab up the top there. Your favorite and mine, the Donate tab. All the warm fuzzies of helping out the site, with the convenience of a yearly subscription. :D

    Also, donors have the ability to download the stats page into a CSV file- which if I say so myself, is pretty nifty. Will also remove ads for donors in the future- Once I figure out how to do that! :D

    *Really, better is subjective, it's certainly coded better than the old one- which is a kind of better, but probably not so much different from the user perspective.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Feb 10, 2016.

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    1. TheTassieHawk
      hey mate this worked a treat

      quick question - is it possible to create a WATCHLIST type function in the TS Stats page or alternatively allow us to MANUALLY create a "watchlist team" in the MyTeams bit ?
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    2. walesy
      Not yet there isn't- that'll be leveraging off the code that I'm writing for the ORFFs- but soon.
    3. bryzza
      love your work, all works beautifully
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    4. JPK
      Walesy, can you move the donor forum back to the top of the list, please?
      I want to get the donor team back up again this year, and I'm lazy, so don't want to scroll all the way down the forum page to find it!
      Cheers ;-)

      Side note to all the donors reading this - get thinking, as I'll start getting the team together soon.

      For the non-donors:
      Each year we put together a SC team out of suggestions from all the donors. We collectively make decisions on who starts in the team (and what kind of set-up we're going for, although GnR wins out all the time!), and then during the season its a group decision on who to trade in and out, and who the captains and bench players are.
      If you donate, Walesy will give you access to the donor forum, where you can help us make the decisions. Otherwise you have to wait for the weekly blog posts, after-the-fact.
      Last year we got top 7,000 (top of my head, haven't bothered to check that up, if someone knows for sure they can edit this for me!) while the aim is to get ourselves back into the top 1,000 or better!
      Its a team targeting the best overall result, leagues and finals don't matter to this team!
      So yeah, you're here and clearly still reading this, which means you have an interest in fantasy footy and an interest in winning (otherwise you wouldn't be on TS). So why not help out the man who puts this all together for us, with a small donation to show your appreciation!
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    5. walesy
      Can do mate!
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    6. chelsea01
      I'm confused. I have the same email and password for all 3 comps. Dreamteam worked fine, but SC & AFLF won't recognise my login. Anyone have any suggestions please?
    7. walesy
      Hmm, strange. I'll take a look at it in the mornin'
    8. chelsea01
      Fixed now. I was using a character it wouldn't accept. Instead of telling me it just ignored that character (Strange way to go about things).
      Interesting in AFL Fantasy that the Essendon top-up players don't load in My Teams (Just leaves the team short of players).
      Last edited: Feb 15, 2016
    9. walesy
      Nice one mate- good point on those characters, I'm not doing a lot of sanity checks on that- so anything that gets html encoded will likely get messed up. < > - ; & # those kinda things. (Though maybe not all of them, I didn't really test it :D)

      AFL Fantasy didn't have the topups in their system last time I visited the topups, sounds like they are in now though so I'll pull them into TS over lunch time. :D
    10. walesy
      Ok, watchlists are GO!
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