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By Steve on Oct 8, 2016 at 4:11 PM
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    The draft order has been set for the Premier League and Division One

    EDIT - the draft order for the 2 conferences has now been set as well

    The drafts will be held on Sunday night 16th of October at 10.00pm (AEST). The reason why I have decided to have nominate the 16th of October is that all unclaimed players can pass through waivers before the season commences. Plus it gives the opportunity for teams to trade players before the season if they wish to do so.

    If you are not available at the time of the draft, you can create a pre draft list where the system will automatically pick the next available player from the players remaining.

    I strongly encourage any new players to have a go at the mock draft on the ESPN fantasy basketball site before Sunday. Select the next available snake draft and this will give you a fell as to how the system works. Remember you only have 60 seconds to make your pick in our draft.

    Over the next week we will send out the invites to join the league that you are in. Once this occurs, please accept the invitation ASAP.

    Remember you can also trade draft picks as well before the draft.

    We use a snake draft whereby the order is reversed each round (e.g the person who has pick 1 in the first round, will have the last pick in the 2nd round, e.g pick 24)

    Here are the draft orders:

    Premier League

    1 ddsaints
    2 yumcha
    3 karlos
    4 daBombers
    5 stowie
    6 rev
    7 steve
    8 rodgo
    9 heaver
    10 mick
    11 bgt2110
    12 anthak

    Division One

    1 costak
    2 don_cottagers
    3 g train
    4 jasmine
    5 chris white
    6 610
    7 walesy
    8 doolz
    9 L6
    10 crossy
    11 tasho
    12 lethal

    Conference One

    1 Ball Dont Lie
    2 Maggots
    3 Belmont383
    4 Port_Leschenault
    5 Jai Thomas
    6 Outkast_au
    7 Bearfly
    8 nicksnow
    9 Heatlicious
    10 Viq BoZ
    11 Rad E Cool
    12 tyze_1

    Conference Two

    1 That KI Guy
    2 Lano 24
    3 Smokinjoemisiti
    4 Jamie
    5 Peaches
    6 Auron
    7 Jmulldinho
    8 Danners
    9 Emes
    10 Macca118
    11 Len
    12 Headmandude
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Steve, Oct 8, 2016.

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    1. Steve
      Once we have settled the leagues for the 2 conferences, I will post the draft order for those leagues in this blog.
    2. anthak
      Damn, last pick!
      At least 2 picks in a row is a bonus :)
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    3. Mick
      Looking forward to this!
    4. Jasmine
      Hi - I am assuming that this is the correct order? ESPN has a different Draft Order ...
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    5. walesy
      Hmmm, my current 100% promotion when first pick, 100% demotion when not the first pick ratio doesn't like the look of this. :D
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    6. anthak
      Yep, the order in this thread is the correct one. The leagues dont even have the right people in them yet!
    7. port_leschenault
      I take it the draft for the other conferences will be at a later time than this Sunday if we don't even have the leagues set up yet?
    8. anthak
      We still need 1 more person.
      Im thinking we should just set them up with a placeholder team and hope we get someone in time. What do you think?
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    9. anthak
      We now have 48 players! We've had a big turnover this year, but its great to see we've been able to pull together 4 leagues again.

      Here's the 4 leagues:

      @HEAVER , @Rev , @anthak , @stowie , @dabombers , @bgt2110 , @Steve , @karlos , @Mick , @rodgo , @ddsaints , @yumcha

      Div 1
      @LiQuiD_SiXx , @Chris White , @costak , @Jasmine , @crossy , @610 , @doolz , @Don_Cottagers , @tasho , @Lethal , @G-Train , @walesy

      Division 2 conference leagues:
      @Rad_E_Cool , @HEATalicious , @maggots , @OutKast_au , @nicksnow , @Jai Thomas , @Belmont383 , @ViQBoZ , @Bearfly , @port_leschenault , @tyze1 , @BallDontLie

      2: @smokinjoemisiti , @Jmulldihno , @Jamie_____ , @Danners , @Peaches , @That KI Guy , @Lano24 , @macca118 , @Emes , @Len , @headmandude , @Auron

      I have sent invites out to everyone in a new league who I have email addresses for. If you havent received your invite, please let me know. Those of you that I do not have an email address for, I have contacted privately by "conversation" - please let me know your email addy so I can send you the invite.

      Draft order has been set for Premier and Division 1. The draft order will be set for the other two leagues probably tomorrow (actually later today considering it is past midnight ;) )
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    10. anthak
      Still havent set up the draft order in the ESPN site. Its easier after everyone joins the league, so i'll wait. Ive done a bit of it, but the order for players new to the leagues will need updating still.
    11. Steve
      Great work Ant. I will get onto sorting out the draft order for the other 2 leagues tonight.
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    12. dabombers
      Last time I had pick 4 I had a very good season. Think I picked Wade with that pick! Very speculative after the top 3 who I believe will be miles ahead.
      Durant and Lebron to still post top 10 worthy numbers but not top 5!!
      Smokey at 4 could be Towns, Lillard or Kwahi. Even Davis or Boogie.
    13. dabombers
      Also thanks everyone for the work ya do setting things up. Muchos apreciados!
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    14. Steve
      The draft order has now been set for both of the conference leagues. See the main part of the blog above.
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    15. Len
      Do I need to log in and out of espn for it to update?
    16. anthak
      Nah, i havent updated espn yet. Im at the soccer now, I'll do it later tonight
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    17. anthak
      Ok, most of everything is set up now.

      All invites have been sent out except for @Belmont383 who I dont know their email address.
      All the draft orders are now correct (if you see a mistake, let me know)
      All the divisions are set up, seeded based on draft order - this determines which teams you play twice and which teams once during the season
      All drafts are scheduled. It is for 7am on the 16th, because that is New York time, so 7am there is 10pm here, same day. All drafts will be this Sunday night 10pm AEDT.

      We're still waiting on the following people to join their respective leagues (let me know if you havent yet received your invite):
      Div 1: @610 & @tasho
      Conf 1: @Jai Thomas & @Bearfly & @port_leschenault & @tyze1 (and @Belmont383 who hasnt yet been invited)

      Premier and Conf 2 are both full up.
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    18. Steve
      Thanks for doing this Ant.

      I am already stressing about who to select at pick 7. So many decisions!!!!
    19. anthak
      I reckon its tougher this year than any other that i can remember. I started to put together a draft list last night, and theres so many even options. Im gonna have to start doing some research with the draft only a few days away

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