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By Steve on Oct 7, 2017 at 8:09 PM
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    All of the drafts will be held on Sunday 15th of October at 9.30pm (AEST).

    If you are not available for the draft, you can set up a pre draft order in the ESPN website whereby the system will select the next available player in the draft when it is your turn.

    There will be 60 seconds between picks.

    For new players, it is recommended that you try a mock draft before the draft day so that you understand how the systems works.

    If you have any questions, post a comment and we will reply to it.

    Onto the all important draft order.

    Premier League

    1 Karlos
    2 G Train
    3 Anthak
    4 Rodgo
    5 bgt2110
    6 Heaver
    7 Walesy
    8 Steve
    9 Rev
    10 Yumcha
    11 Stowie
    12 Costak

    Division One

    1 Auron
    2 ddsaints
    3 peaches
    4 belmont 383
    5 dabombers
    6 lethal
    7 don cottagers
    8 headmandude
    9 doolz
    10 mick
    11 rad e cool
    12 Liquid Sixx

    Conference One

    1 bearfly
    2 outkast_au
    3 viqboz
    4 hargybear
    5 tyze1
    6 jasmine
    7 nicksnow
    8 chris white
    9 TheRoyals
    10 port_leschenault
    11 maggots

    Conference Two

    1 len
    2 smokinjoemisiti
    3 trav00
    4 jmulldihno
    5 macca118
    6 tasho
    7 danners
    8 lano
    9 emes
    10 crossy
    11 sparks
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Steve, Oct 7, 2017.

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    1. stowie
      Interesting... the NBA has introduced officials points league scoring system

      "The system will include six categories. A point will be worth one point, naturally. Rebounds will be worth 1.2 points, and assists will be worth 1.5. You'll get three points for every steal and for every blocked shot, and you'll be docked one point for every turnover."
    2. anthak
      Still a few people yet to join their leagues
      Div 2, Con 2 is the only league with all joined up so far.

      @G-Train @Mick and @Jasmine all need to join still.

      And I think @stowie has found a 12th player for Div 2, Con 1, which will make it 4 full leagues of 12 again :)
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    3. anthak
      Also, Ive just seeded the divisions based on draft order, same as was done in previous seasons
    4. Mick
      I'm in @anthak

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    5. anthak
      excellent! Sorry to send to wrong email addy in the first place.

      Only @G-Train and @Jasmine still to join now
    6. crossy
      hi guys, regarding the playoffs for our leagues, am i right by thinking a 3 week playoff series is taking 7 weeks? isnt it better to just alter the length of the season and have the playoffs over a 3 week period? only my thoughts:)
    7. LiQuiD_SiXx
      Seems strange the way All Star weekend is structured. In another ESPN league which I am LM it remained at default of a single two-week matchup over that week only. My concern of a 7 week playoff is that the deeper we go into the season for playoffs the more likely stars are to get shutdown which influences the result of finals.
    8. anthak
      Thanks for the feedback guys.
      Do you think we should change back to 4 week finals series? I'm concerned about that semifinal week being just 5 days play.

      Also, NBL Fantasy has finally opened up! !
    9. anthak
      So strange that oa starts round 3 in nbl fantasy.

      I'm keeping DKD this week even though he got a DNPCD round 1. Not sure it's a good idea, but I feel I've got other problems more urgent to fix for this week. If he gets another DNP then I'll get rid of him before round 3.
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    10. Bearfly
      Same here Ant.
      Thought it much more important to make moves elsewhere (the Big O in for the Hawks double this week after a ripper single game score in R1).
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    11. Trav00
      Hey guys, If your in the tooserious keeper league can you please get into the comp. We are not far from being started and a few havent arrived yet.
    12. anthak
      I've spent considerable hours on my draft research over the last few days.
      I've made a spreadsheet, and was ready to set up my draft list on ESPN this evening.

      Now my laptop has died today! Won't power up at all! and I stupidly never backed up the file online.

      Hopefully I can recover it all easily enough before Sunday
    13. Len

      I do 80% of my spreadsheets through Google sheets now, easy access and virtually nil risk assuming you have net access.
      It's useless for complicated formulas so that 20% is excel.
      We bought a new inhouse 4TB server last month but I have yet to set it up, I'll take your misfortune as a timely reminder :)
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    14. anthak
      Yeah I thought about bringing in Ogilvie, but settled on Egwu with Jawai set to miss a fair bit of time. Both are likely to make some coin this week, so I decided to go with the cheaper option.

      I've got heaps of cash in the bank to spend up big next round.

      Currently have $2.03mil in the bank, running with Brandt, Walker, Moller, DKD, Deng and Egwu all priced under a mil.

      Hoping they'll all earn me a bunch of cash to get to a super premium team before others.

      Would be nice if DKD got some burn!
    15. anthak
      Glad it has spurred you on to better things for you.

      I took my laptop into a computer place this arvo and thankfully got it turned on, but still haven't been able to login to windows yet due to other problems....
      I'm hopeful to work it out myself this evening. Fingers crossed
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    16. anthak
      @crossy @LiQuiD_SiXx
      Let me know what you think. I'm kinda loathe to change it back with only 2 of 48 showing dissent, but I was prepared to explore it more if either of you felt strongly about it.
      Also, keep in mind the closer we get to draft day, the less likely we'll be to make changes
    17. Steve
      lol at you guys doing research for the draft.

      I will just wing it like I do every year :rolleyes:
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    18. Steve
      I must admit I have not had the chance to look at the schedule for the playoffs but I think it is probably too late to make any changes as not many people would be aware of it.

      I guess the other option is to to send out an email with a poll and tell everyone to reply by Sunday and then you can alter the schedule based on the results from the poll?
    19. anthak
      This is what I was thinking of doing if Crossy or L6 or someone else said that they felt strongly enough about it, but there's no way I would be leaving it open until Sunday, we need it sorted quite quickly to allow people time to prepare before the draft. Given we havent heard back from anyone since yesterday, I think we'll be keeping it at 7 weeks finals series.
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    20. anthak
      got it all back up and running, with spreadsheet intact! :)
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