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By Steve on Oct 7, 2017 at 8:09 PM
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    All of the drafts will be held on Sunday 15th of October at 9.30pm (AEST).

    If you are not available for the draft, you can set up a pre draft order in the ESPN website whereby the system will select the next available player in the draft when it is your turn.

    There will be 60 seconds between picks.

    For new players, it is recommended that you try a mock draft before the draft day so that you understand how the systems works.

    If you have any questions, post a comment and we will reply to it.

    Onto the all important draft order.

    Premier League

    1 Karlos
    2 G Train
    3 Anthak
    4 Rodgo
    5 bgt2110
    6 Heaver
    7 Walesy
    8 Steve
    9 Rev
    10 Yumcha
    11 Stowie
    12 Costak

    Division One

    1 Auron
    2 ddsaints
    3 peaches
    4 belmont 383
    5 dabombers
    6 lethal
    7 don cottagers
    8 headmandude
    9 doolz
    10 mick
    11 rad e cool
    12 Liquid Sixx

    Conference One

    1 bearfly
    2 outkast_au
    3 viqboz
    4 hargybear
    5 tyze1
    6 jasmine
    7 nicksnow
    8 chris white
    9 TheRoyals
    10 port_leschenault
    11 maggots

    Conference Two

    1 len
    2 smokinjoemisiti
    3 trav00
    4 jmulldihno
    5 macca118
    6 tasho
    7 danners
    8 lano
    9 emes
    10 crossy
    11 sparks
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Steve, Oct 7, 2017.

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    1. anthak
      Everyone has joined up to their league now! So we have 4 full leagues of 12 again this season :)
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    2. crossy
      hi guys, nah im just as happy to keep as it is, might look into a change next year, keen to see how the longer playoff series go :) ch
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    3. wateman
      Thanks for letting me join in guys. I've been in the NFL league for a few years in a row now, keen to give NBA a shot!
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    4. anthak
      Hi wateman, its great to have you join a league this season! Good luck, and enjoy.
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    5. tyze1
      Draft Start.JPG @Steve as per PM league is showing draft starting at 1030pm Vic / NSW time...
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    6. Steve
      Yes you are correct :)

      The draft time should be set for 6.30am New York Time which works out to be 9.30pm (Vic/NSW) Time as per the following time converter.


      I will change the times in the each of the leagues to 6.30am New York Time which is 9.30pm (Vic/NSW) time.

      I will send out an email to everyone today to advise them of the draft time.
    7. anthak
      Weve already cleared that up last weekend in the following messages.
      Ive gone and booked accomodation based on the time being 9.30 Brisbane time.
      If it gets changed back an hour I'll have difficulty driving to the accomodation in time. If it was meant to be 9.30 NSW time then i wouldve stayed home and done the drive monday morning.

      Dont worry, ill be able to make it work, even if i just pull up and do the draft on the side of the road haha.
    8. Steve
      I thought all of the Eastern States were on AEDT but as it turns out Queensland is not :(

      We will leave at is so that the draft will start at 10.30pm in VIC/NSW, 10pm in SA, 9.30pm in QLD, 7.30pm in WA

      I will send out an email to everyone advising them of this.
    9. Don_Cottagers
      Why are we back this late now? My recollection is that we have previously held drafts at 9:30pm Vic/NSW time.

      Understand that we can preset things, but not the same as being there.

      Just don't understand why we have gone this late now? I don't remember 9:30 Vic/NSW time being an issue for others before?

      As someone who is up at 5 and at work by 7, 10:30 is impractical.
    10. anthak
      Im fine with whatever time, Steve. I sent my last msg just before getting on a flight and i thought about it during my flight and im not really fazed what time it ends up
    11. anthak
      You are right, weve usually done it the earliest time available
    12. anthak
      When it was first announced in the OP that it would be 9.30 AEST I was personally happy because it suited me. I then clarified to make sure it was right and then made plans accordingly.
      But it now has become evident the time in the OP wasnt intended to be Standard Time. I did try to clarify that last weekend, but its now obviously an error

      @Steve i see you've emailed everyone to clarify the time. Im not sure how you should proceed. Maybe, if there's time, we could do a quick poll, or if there isnt time for that, you could bring the draft forward an hour because thats more than likely going to be more suitable for most?
    13. Don_Cottagers
      Thanks, Ant.

      Steve, re-reading the above, I may have been a bit blunt. It's been a long month at work... Anyway, my strong preference is 9:30pm Vic/NSW time, if that is convenient for others.
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    14. Bearfly
      It doesn't really affect me if the draft is held at 10.30pm eastern or 9.30pm eastern, but I can certainly understand how it really affects @Don_Cottagers with an early rise for work.
      9.30pm eastern (9pm SA) still works for me as I still have enough time after getting home to relax a bit before the draft starts - so if a change is needed it's no probs for me
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    15. Steve
      My original plan was to start the drafts at 9.30pm (VIC/NSW) time as that would fit in with most people's commitments. At the same time I know it is not going to please everyone whichever time we hold the draft.

      Therefore I think it is best if I change the times back to my original plan which was 9.30pm (VIC/NSW) time.

      I will send another email out to everyone in each league to advise them that the drafts will now commence at 9.30pm.

      I will also change the times for the draft on the ESPN site.

      My apologies for all the stuffing around with the draft time.
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    16. HEAVER
      If I draft a player eligible for IR, when will the waiver wire be available? In time for the season opener? Or does it need to be a manual override?
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    17. anthak
      Steve and I were thinking about this too.

      Usual waiver period would mean we'd miss 1st day of season.

      But I'll change the waiver period to 1 day and then change back to 2 days after the season starts.
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    18. anthak
      I've just realised the waiver orders aren't correct. I'll fix it later
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    19. anthak
      Draft day !!

      I think this season will see the most variance between drafts.

      My draft list is whack, and I've got no idea where players will fall, even the top 10!

      Good luck all
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    20. headmandude
      Well fuck. Just logged on at 10.20 for the draft and now reading through all the shit (confusion) prior.
      Gotta say I hate my autopicked team.
      That was a waste of a season. Back to div 3 for me

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