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By Steve on Oct 7, 2017 at 8:09 PM
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    All of the drafts will be held on Sunday 15th of October at 9.30pm (AEST).

    If you are not available for the draft, you can set up a pre draft order in the ESPN website whereby the system will select the next available player in the draft when it is your turn.

    There will be 60 seconds between picks.

    For new players, it is recommended that you try a mock draft before the draft day so that you understand how the systems works.

    If you have any questions, post a comment and we will reply to it.

    Onto the all important draft order.

    Premier League

    1 Karlos
    2 G Train
    3 Anthak
    4 Rodgo
    5 bgt2110
    6 Heaver
    7 Walesy
    8 Steve
    9 Rev
    10 Yumcha
    11 Stowie
    12 Costak

    Division One

    1 Auron
    2 ddsaints
    3 peaches
    4 belmont 383
    5 dabombers
    6 lethal
    7 don cottagers
    8 headmandude
    9 doolz
    10 mick
    11 rad e cool
    12 Liquid Sixx

    Conference One

    1 bearfly
    2 outkast_au
    3 viqboz
    4 hargybear
    5 tyze1
    6 jasmine
    7 nicksnow
    8 chris white
    9 TheRoyals
    10 port_leschenault
    11 maggots

    Conference Two

    1 len
    2 smokinjoemisiti
    3 trav00
    4 jmulldihno
    5 macca118
    6 tasho
    7 danners
    8 lano
    9 emes
    10 crossy
    11 sparks
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Steve, Oct 7, 2017.

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    1. anthak
      damn, that sux!! I hoped that wouldnt happen to anyone... Did you not get the emails about the draft?
    2. anthak
      I'm more than half way through preparing a thread with all the 4 draft results, but Ive gotta hit the hay. I'll try to get it finished at some stage tomorrow, however Ive got a lot on tomorrow, so it could be Wednesday before its done and posted.
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    3. headmandude
      Checked emails on Friday morning. Saw the confirmation of 10.30. Spent the weekend packing up a house. Blah blah blah.
      At the end of the day, missed the update. Really, in a perfect world this would have been organised earlier and all the back and forth sorted in advance. This is run by volunteers and there’s no money on the line so I get that and won’t jump up and down like a brat.
      I would suggest next season that we make a concerted effort to set the draft parameters early and stick with it. 9.30 or 10.30, it’s fine but if it’s set early then people can plan around it. Last minute changes obviously do have an impact and there was at least one other who was in the same boat as me last night.
      For me, I need to mentally prepare for a season of Waiters, Fournier, Clarkson, Thompson, M Morris ugggghhh I feel sick. I just have a team of players I would never touch with a pole. This will be a hell of a challenge.
      Bring on the waiver wire
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    4. Steve
      Ant, is there a reason why it is showing 4 acquisitions and not 5 for the round?
    5. anthak
      To allow extra acquisitions during the finals i set it to be flexible based on length of matchup. So it'll be 5 for a 7 day matchup, which is every reg season matchup except this one.

      This one is 4 because its shorter than a week.

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