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By Steve on Mar 1, 2017 at 4:15 PM
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    Finals time is upon us.

    Teams are battling to gain promotion or to avoid relegation

    Here are the results for round one of the finals.

    Premier League

    Hersey Hawkins Athletic Club 1938 d King of Karlos 1498
    TS Heaver 1997 d ElDoraldo Elbonz 1858

    Anthak 1600 d Three Point Buzzer Beaters 1590
    Wade Machine 1568 d Paky Ballers 1555
    Nahla vs Little Dee 1538 d Westside Hardcore 1349

    Division One

    Mr Pegasoreass 1873 d Blatche. 1675
    G Train 2159 d Golden State Blew a 3-1 Lead 2048

    Jasmine's Mob 1674 d .610 1673
    Kevin Walker 1834 d Crossy Crusaders 1780
    Don Cottagers 2100 d .tasho 1623

    Division Two - Conference One

    Adelaide Maggots 2054 d Launceston Seagulls 2009
    High on Potential Stars 1879 d PistNBroke 1580

    The Royals 1597 d KATmandu Wolves 1339
    Broady Broncos 1613 d Waltham City We Made U Romy 1155
    San Diego Anchormen 1314 d JT's Bricks 1184

    Division Two - Conference Two

    The Delly of the Beast 1719 d 3-1 Lead 1538
    Hoop Hunters 2168 d Drunken Master 1758

    Useless Hacks 1714 d Smokin Joe Misiti 1661
    Dann's Stars 1588 d Run T Mull C 1581
    Marble Bar Boozers 1481 d Larry Byrd Gang 1063
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Steve, Mar 1, 2017.

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    1. Steve
      Good luck to everyone in week 2 of the finals.

      Good to see Jasmine have a change of fortune this week.
    2. Rad_E_Cool
      Top 5 Scorers of the Regular Season (before Finals commenced)

      1. James Harden - 4250 (Avg 74.6) [TooSerious Draft rank 2]
      2. Russell Westbrook - 4146 (Avg 75.4) [TooSerious Draft rank 1]
      3. Kevin Durant - 3416 (Avg 63.3) [TooSerious Draft rank 4]
      4. Anthony Davis - 3346 (Avg 65.6) [TooSerious Draft rank 6]
      5. Giannis Antetokounmpo - 3265 (Avg 62.8) [TooSerious Draft rank 8]
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    3. Rad_E_Cool
      Other Stuff

      Best performing undrafted players:
      1. Wilson Chandler - Ranked 70 in total points
      2. Tyler Johnson - Ranked 80 in total points
      3. James Johnson - Ranked 84 in total points
      4. Malcolm Brogdon - Ranked 100 in total points
      5. TJ McConnell - Ranked 103 in total points
      Greatest Exceeder of Expectations Relative to Draft Rank (for top 60 picks / first 5 rounds):
      1. Jeff Teague - Draft rank 54, Fantasy points rank 22
      2. Myles Turner - Draft 57, Fantasy 31
      3. Rudy Gobert - Draft 41, Fantasy 17
      4. Gordon Hayward - Draft 51, Fantasy 30
      5. Marc Gasol - Draft 38, Fantasy 18
      Greatest Disappointments Relative to Draft Rank (for top 60 picks / first 5 rounds):
      1. Derrick Favors - Draft rank 52, Fantasy points rank 206
      2. Rajon Rondo - Draft 39, Fantasy 128
      3. Pau Gasol - Draft 42, Fantasy 125
      4. D'Angelo Russell - Draft 53, Fantasy 119
      5. Evan Fournier - Draft 49, Fantasy 113
      6. Blake Griffin - Draft 19, Fantasy 69
      7. Al Horford - Draft 26, Fantasy 58
      8. Chris Paul - Draft 11, Fantasy 38
      9. LaMarcus Aldridge - Draft 33, Fantasy 54
      10. Hassan Whiteside - Draft 7, Fantasy 28
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    4. Steve
      I have 3 out of that 5 in my team (Teague, Gobert and Gasol).

      I was keen on Gobert to have a breakout season this year and he has not let me down. Decided to take a chance on Gasol after his foot injury last season and it paid off.
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    5. walesy
      Flipped a coin between the two Gasols. Chose poorly.
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    6. Steve
      Congrats to Hersey Hawkins Athletic Club for the win. Far too good for my team. My team flopped badly when it really mattered.

      Great game in the other prelim final as Stowie and Heaver is going down to the wire.

      Heaver leads by 3 pts with Cousins left. Stowie has Jrue and Nance left.
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    7. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      So typical that I drafted 3 out of 10 disappointments. Horford killing me today and ending my run to the GF.
    8. Rad_E_Cool
      Conference 1 has a big game coming up too.

      Adelaide Maggots lead SF Bulls by 68 with Maggots hoping that the lead plus Enes Kanter is enough to hold off Seth Curry, Yogi Ferrell, Nerlens Noel and Andre Roberson (plus Willie Cauley-Stein in overtime).
    9. walesy
      Think my peeps are toasted. We played GTrain.
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    10. HEAVER
      Congrats to Stowie once again! Going for the 3-peat!

      just went through league history - i've lost to you 3 years in a row in semi-finals!
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    11. anthak
      Promotion relegation situations:

      3 get relegated:
      Definite relegations: @Mick and @ddsaints
      Big game between @rodgo and @dabombers with the loser getting relegated.

      Div 1:
      3 get promoted:
      @costak and @walesy are sure to go up
      @G-Train will be promoted if he wins this week, if he loses, then @LiQuiD_SiXx will get promoted.

      5 teams will be relegated:
      Definite relegations: @610 ; @Jasmine ; @tasho and @crossy
      If @Don_Cottagers loses this week, he will be relegated, but if he wins, @Chris White will be relegated instead.

      Div 2:
      5 will be promoted from conference leagues combined:
      @Belmont383 ; @Auron and @headmandude are all sure to go up.
      As is the winner of @Rad_E_Cool and @maggots
      @Peaches will be promoted if he wins this week, if he loses, then @ViQBoZ will get promoted.
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    12. stowie
      Great season @HEAVER, I always admire the teams you put together. I feel like we always draft one or two picks away from each other and as you pointed out have played in the semi finals the last 3 seasons now. Definitely feel lucky to have survived this matchup.

      Best of luck to @Rev in this final week.
    13. crossy
      If @Don_Cottagers loses this week, he will be relegated, but if he wins, @Chris White will be relegated instead.

      Hi Ant, thanks for all the work you have done this season mate, been very enjoyable! Just was wondering how the sentence above works? Cheers mate :)
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    14. crossy
      Good luck to all teams in finals this week too!
    15. anthak
      its because don cottagers is going for his 3rd straight win this week. If he wins he'll get the wildcard and be exempt from relegation, and chris is next in line.
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    16. crossy
      okay cool, how does the next in line work? not on season standings i take it ha ha!
    17. anthak
      Yeah it is actually. Chris is the lowest ranked of those not already being relegated.
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    18. crossy
      yeah no worries mate, i was under the impression that only don cottagers could avoid relegation as he is the only team yet to lose
    19. LiQuiD_SiXx
      I feel like we need to review the promotion criteria from Div 1. Maybe I've only noticed this because it is affecting me, but I finished the regular season with a better win/loss record and greater points for than walesy. However walesy gets the promotion priority of 'rank' due to finishing top of a weaker division. We have no control over which division we land in and division leaders already get rewarded in the playoff schedule (which gives them a better chance of winning the championship).

      I'm fine with taking the results as they come this year as that is what was agreed to before the season started but I'd like to hear people's thoughts on how we handle this scenario going forward.

      In any case I'll be cheering for CK to bring home the bacon this week!
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