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By Steve on Mar 1, 2017 at 4:15 PM
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    Finals time is upon us.

    Teams are battling to gain promotion or to avoid relegation

    Here are the results for round one of the finals.

    Premier League

    Hersey Hawkins Athletic Club 1938 d King of Karlos 1498
    TS Heaver 1997 d ElDoraldo Elbonz 1858

    Anthak 1600 d Three Point Buzzer Beaters 1590
    Wade Machine 1568 d Paky Ballers 1555
    Nahla vs Little Dee 1538 d Westside Hardcore 1349

    Division One

    Mr Pegasoreass 1873 d Blatche. 1675
    G Train 2159 d Golden State Blew a 3-1 Lead 2048

    Jasmine's Mob 1674 d .610 1673
    Kevin Walker 1834 d Crossy Crusaders 1780
    Don Cottagers 2100 d .tasho 1623

    Division Two - Conference One

    Adelaide Maggots 2054 d Launceston Seagulls 2009
    High on Potential Stars 1879 d PistNBroke 1580

    The Royals 1597 d KATmandu Wolves 1339
    Broady Broncos 1613 d Waltham City We Made U Romy 1155
    San Diego Anchormen 1314 d JT's Bricks 1184

    Division Two - Conference Two

    The Delly of the Beast 1719 d 3-1 Lead 1538
    Hoop Hunters 2168 d Drunken Master 1758

    Useless Hacks 1714 d Smokin Joe Misiti 1661
    Dann's Stars 1588 d Run T Mull C 1581
    Marble Bar Boozers 1481 d Larry Byrd Gang 1063
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Steve, Mar 1, 2017.

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    1. anthak
      Chris avoids relegation because he is not in the relegation zone to begin with.
    2. crossy
      i finished above him in the standings ha ha, thats the only part I dont get sorry mate
    3. anthak
      Yeah i agree we should change it. I was thinking this too.

      We set it to be highest rank to keep it simple, but its fairer i think if its best record.

      Also, just to clarify one point you made, divisions are set based on draft podition, so its seeded every year.
    4. LiQuiD_SiXx
      Thanks for clearing that up, I wasn't aware of this.
    5. anthak
      Its not just based on rank. These are the rules for div 1 relegation:

      5 teams will be relegated:
      the bottom two ranked teams at the end of our reg season;
      and (excluding the two bottom ranked teams) the three teams with the lowest 'Points For' at the end of the reg season.

      This determines the 5 teams in the relegation zone (remember that any team in finals is auto exempt). Then, if anyone in that zone wins 3 games during finals, they are exempt, and they are replaced by the lowest ranked team, not already relegated of course.
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    6. crossy
      ahhhhh yeah cool dude missed that, thanks for clearing it up mate :)
    7. walesy
      Despite benefiting from it the most, I completely agree. Don't really feel like I deserve a promotion based lucking into an easier division.

      I mean, I'll take it, cause there's always a bit of luck in fixturing (Or bad luck, see: Jasmine), but definitely reckon there could be room to tweak it.
    8. Rad_E_Cool
    9. HEAVER
      Re: Relegation in Premier League

      I realise the rules are the rules but....

      Am I correct that "Nahla vs Little Dee" (rodgo) will avoid relegation if he wins this week for winning the Consolidation Matchups - despite being inactive about 12 matchups during the regular season? He's probably gonna win this week anyway because other teams have given up after being knocked out from playoffs.

      Sounds like a Sam Hinkie move to me...
    10. Steve
      I concur with L6's thoughts about the promotion. I think it is something that we need to revisit for next year.

      Will be interesting to see how that match pans out. You are right when you say other teams have given up in the minor finals if they are safe from avoiding relegation from that league.

      Which reminds me I forgot to set my team for today's match as I lost interest after getting knocked out yesterday. I will log in and update my team for the rest of the round.
    11. headmandude
      I picked up Elfrid Payton on Sunday night just to make sure I won my semi. Seeing Ish Smith who has been playing well on waivers I put in a waiver claim for him with Payton to be the person dropped. Thinking that dropping Payton would mean he'd go to the waiver wire and couldn't come back to bite me and because he's been up and down I was happy with the move.
      I was a bit suprised next day to see Payton sitting my opponents roster. And then pi$$ed off with myself when I saw him almost have a triple double and Ish Smith have a good but not great game.
      I queried Ant as to how this could happen and he advised (maybe reminded me) that if a player is dropped within 24 hours of being picked up then they are free agents straight away. I checked the time stamp and sure enough it was something like 23 hours and 30 mins different.
      Why oh why did I not pick up Payton an hour before I did? Might have cost myself a GF win :(
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    12. dabombers
      I think i might have pull my socks up!!
      Not sure if the minor final vs nahla is the only thing saving me from relegation.
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    13. anthak
      Yes it is, the loser of your game will be relegated and the winner will safely stay in premier
    14. anthak
      He has had to win, and he hasn't been playing teams who are out of it. In both weeks 1 and 3 he has came up against other teams that had just as much to play for.
    15. anthak
      Some of us over the years use this to our advantage, there are several ways to do so.
      Such as, say for example it's a Monday, you can pick up a FA you want for long term or someone playing on the Wednesday, and then just before tip of tuesdays games (less than 24hours after you'd picked up the FA), you drop the FA and pick up someone for Tuesday, and then after tip you pick the initial player back up.
    16. dabombers
      Anyone want to trade?? KD for Bogut anyone would help!!
    17. G-Train
      You didn't need to cheer, as I will be retiring now anyway :)

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