NBA round 15 review

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Steve, Feb 7, 2017.

By Steve on Feb 7, 2017 at 7:47 PM
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    Premier League

    Hersey Hawkins Athletic Club(10-5) 1488 d Freak It Up (13-2) 1370
    Team Stowie (11-4) 1462 d Paky Ballers (5-10) 1259
    TS Heaver (11-4) 1640 d Nahla vs Little Dee (1-14) 715
    Wade Machine (7-8) 1393 d Ant Hak (7-8) 1288
    Three Point Buzzer Beaters (6-9) 1133 d Westside Hardcore (3-12) 980
    Kings of Karlos (8-7) 1768 d ElDoraldo Elbonz (8-7) 1644

    Division One

    Don Cottagers (6-9) 1446 d Jasmine's Mob (4-11) 1439
    Crossy Crusaders (9-6) 1343 d Oh Sixteen (8-7) 1342
    Blatche. (10-5) 1685 d Golden State Blew a 3-1 Lead (10-5) 1384
    Mr Pegasoreass (10-5) 1507 d Kevin Walker (7-8) 1213
    CK Nicks (12-3) 1467 d .tasho (5-10) 1462
    G Train (8-7) 1626 d .610 (1-14) 1414

    Division Two - Conference One

    Launceston Seagulls (9-6) 1640 d JT's Bricks (1-14) 1013
    San Diego Anchormen (4-11) 1617 d SF Bulls (8-7) 1462
    .Belmont383 (14-1) 1670 d PistNBroke (9-6) 1277
    Broady Broncos (7-8) 1227 d High on Potential Stars (9-6) 1184
    The Royals (8-7) 1158 d Waltham City We Made U Romy (6-9) 1019
    Adelaide Maggots (8-7) 1544 d KATmandu Wolves (7-8) 1133

    Division Two - Conference Two

    The Delly of the Beast (11-4) 1578 d Hoop Hunters (10-5) 1219
    Wafty Boxes (12-3) 1618 d Smokin Joe Misiti (6-9) 1564
    Drunken Master (8-7) 1390 d Marble Bar Boozers (4-11) 1144
    3-1 Lead (6-9) 1378 d Run T Mull C (5-10) 1349
    Hotham Huskies (13-2) 1448 d Useless Hacks (7-8) 1424
    Dann's Stars (4-11) 1536 d Larry Byrd Gang (4-11) 880
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Steve, Feb 7, 2017.

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    1. anthak
      Sorry theres been no new thread posted for the final round.

      Steve contacted me about a week ago to ask if i could do it this time and i said i would but then havent had time. I had an interstate trip and other things keeping me busy, and in hindsight i shouldnt have committed to it.
    2. LiQuiD_SiXx
      I feel like my final with G Train will go down to the wire. We've been trading blows every other day!

      Gonna have to say the Boogie trade has helped me as he picked up an extra game this week.
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    3. ViQBoZ
      Maggots v Seagulls is likely going to see the second highest scoring team this round eliminated.

      Maggots hold a small lead but the Seagulls have extra numbers on a very close final day!
    4. Mick
      Glad to finally put a bullet in my Premier league season today. Relegation well deserved haha.

      Bizarrely I paid more attention to the goings on in the NBA this season than usual but spent the little time I had trying to use that knowledge to earn some extra scratch through multi wagers and DFS - with some moderate success fortunately.

      Don't worry, I'll be back for more fantasy punishment next season! It will be weird not being in the Premier league but looking forward to having a crack at winning my way back up. Cheers guys for all the effort put in as always! Particularly @Steve & @anthak

      Good luck to all in finals!

      Now to have a crack at winning the keeper league!.. again haha...
    5. anthak
      I saw @rodgo turned up and made a couple of changes for today for the win
    6. LiQuiD_SiXx
      Well played G Train! Now I've been eliminated and finished the regular season second in both W/L record and points for, is my only method of promotion from Div 1 if CK wins the final?
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    7. anthak
      yes, thats right.

      Both CK knicks (@costak ) and @walesy will be promoted no-matter-what

      If CK Knicks win the final then you will be promoted
      If CK Knicks do not win the final, then whoever wins will be promoted

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