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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Steve, Nov 1, 2016.

By Steve on Nov 1, 2016 at 7:31 PM
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    Round one has come and gone.

    Owners are either patting themselves on the back with their draft selections or getting impatient with players who have not lived up to expectations.

    Here are the results for round one.

    Premier League

    Freak It up 1264 defeated King of Karlos 1201
    Ant hak 1193 defeated Paky Ballers 1142
    Wade Machine 1260 defeated Nahla vs Little Dee 848
    TS Heaver 1206 defeated Team Stowie 946
    ElDorado Elbonz 1345 defeated Westside Hardcore 1284
    Hersey Hawkins Athletic Club 1205 defeated Three Point Buzzer Beaters 1182

    Division One

    Blatche 1306 defeated Jasmine's Mob 1141
    Golden State blew a 3-1 lead 1234 defeated Oh Sixteen 1177
    Crossy Crusaders 1250 defeated Don Cottagers 1207
    Kevin Kemba Karmelo Kahn 1312 defeated G Train 1069
    CK Nicks 1165 defeated .610 1006
    Mr Pegasorearse 1249 defeated tasho 984

    Conference One

    Launceston Seagulls 1325 defeated SF Bulls 983
    Belmont383 1020 defeated 999
    PistNBroke 1260 defeated San Diego Anchormen 1207
    High on Potential Stars 1290 defeated Kathmandu Wolves 1099
    Waltham City We Made U Rumy 1287 defeated Adelaide Maggots 1057
    Broadys Broncos 1111 defeated The Royals 1076

    Conference Two

    The Delly of the Beast 1150 defeated Larry Byrd Gang 1032
    3-1 Lead 1178 defeated Smokin Joe Misiti 1159
    Drunken Master 1294 defeated Run T Mull C 1202
    Wafty Boxes 1290 defeated Marble Bar Boozers 1044
    Hotham Huskies 1378 defeated Dann's Stars 936
    Hoop Hunters 1304 defeated The Hacks 1044
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Steve, Nov 1, 2016.

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    1. Steve
      Congrats to everyone who had a win this week.
    2. anthak
      Across all leagues:

      Highest score: Div 2, Conf 2: @Auron - Hotham Huskies 1378
      Lowest score: Premier League: @rodgo - Nahla Vs Little Dee 848
      Highest scoring loser: Premier League: @Mick - Westside Hardcore 1284
      Lowest scoring winner: Div 2, Conf 1: @Belmont383 - . Belmont383 1020
      Smallest margin: Div 2, Conf 2: @macca118 - 3-1 Lead 1178 def @smokinjoemisiti - Smokin Joe Misiti 1159 by 19 pts
      Biggest margin: Div 2, Conf 2: @Auron - Hotham Huskies 1378 def @Danners - Dann's Stars 936 by 442 pts
      Biggest aggregate: Premier League: @yumcha - ElDorado ElBonz 1345 def @Mick - Westside Hardcore 1284 = 2629 total
      Smallest aggregate: Premier League: @dabombers - Wade Machine 1260 def @rodgo - Nahla Vs Little Dee 848 = 2108 total
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    3. anthak
      as i said in the previous thread, tough luck @ddsaints . I got you at a good time with a few of your players out injured this last week, and I only just managed to get the win on the final day. Good game mate, well fought out by both of us.
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    4. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Cheers Steve and thanks for the summary.
      Felt pretty deflating despite the win, flew out of the blocks and hit the wall (and still struggling to get up).
      Comforting to know 18 other sides scored lower than my anaemic 1150.
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    5. anthak
      Well done to @Auron with the top score. I was just having a look at the team and it looks a real goodun! Remarkable that the top score came without any acquisitions used at all during the week, as well as two of his stars (CP3 and JimmyB) having only 2 game weeks, and also LMA getting rested for a game. :eek:
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    6. Rad_E_Cool
      Top 5 Highest Scoring Players of the Week:
      1. Russell Westbrook 282
      2. Kawhi Leonard 264
      3. Anthony Davis 262
      4. Kevin Durant 248
      5. Damien Lillard 196
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    7. anthak
      watching the LAC OKC game and this commentator just said that "Ray Felton has strength in his behind" lol
    8. Rad_E_Cool
      I was watching Portland highlights yesterday and they said "Jake Layman checks in...a good-looking rookie out of Maryland" and I thought, yeah he is pretty good-looking. Then I realised they meant his game and shot, not his face.
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    9. ddsaints
      Thanks mate, was a good battle. I couldn't get anything going all week. I was happy to keep it close and did think I may have been able to pinch a win but unfortunately my waiver pick ups didn't get the job done in the end. The better team won mate. Well done.
      Hating my drafting and injury riddled team....completely stuffed it. No one to blame other then my silly self. I look at my team now and just one with any clue would draft these blokes...Hahahaha never mind. I'll be fighting hard still to try keep in premier. It's great fun and an awesome comp! I love your work lads.
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    10. stowie
      Can they please just start this Thunder / Warriors game now?!?
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    11. Steve
      The Greek Freak now has 4 positions to his status.

      They may as well give him the C to complete the full set :)
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    12. Len
      I second this proposal :p
    13. Len
      How is it possible for Fournier to have been DQ'd 11 times, somebody at espn has fat fingers?
    14. anthak
      Yeah mate it happens every time with DQs for some reason, but they fix it before the end of day.
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    15. Len
      cheers mate, seemed very odd!
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    16. anthak
      Heads up! Daylight savings time just changed in the US.
    17. anthak
      Also theres very early games on tonight so make sure to set your rosters in advance
    18. bgt2110
      Come on ESPN update Fournier's score, it has rolled over to the next day and he is still sitting at -35 and 11 X DQ's.
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    19. anthak
      For some reason the game hasn't rolled over at the usual time. I think it's daylight savings. Players haven't cleared waivers yet and it's 4:40 U.S. east time

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