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By Bennye on Jun 3, 2008 at 10:00 AM
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    Its back for another week, and its prefect time to downgarde with good solid options in the backline, the midfield and up forward. I will do it the same format as last week and hopefully we dont have anyone bail on us like Valenti last week. Dont forget to check out this weeks THE DOGS BEST BUYS to work out what you are going to do with those bobs.


    1. Beau Wilkes -WCE
    Price: 84k. BE: -131 Postion: DEF
    This blokes looking sensational at rookie price and scoring elite scores (by McLeods standards anyway). But, that is the problem he is off the rookie list and I have no idea how long he wil be there. But, with the other Beau in Waters out for the next two weeks, I can see him getting a game til atleast he comes back. I would still be careful selecting him cause as a 8th back, cause he likely to get dropped at some stage. I think your well aware of whos peak and shizbang so I wont bother going through those. But, Im definitely trading out Taylor for the big guy.

    2. Stane Valenti - MEL
    Price: 84k. BE: -84. Postion: FWD
    Hes up here again after getting dropped last week. But, I actually want him to stay out for another week cause with Burton out its forced me to trade and I think I prefer Beau over Shaneo. Enough about me, he will get a game this week at the expense of Robbo. So, jump on him if he is going to be your 9th forward.

    3. Jarryd Morton - HAW
    Price: 95k. BE: -85 Postion: FWD
    This bloke is a senstional player and I know alot have been waiting for his debut. And, he has delivered with 61 and 80 points. Although his 80-point preformance on the weekend was alot better than an 80-point preformance - he was tearing it up. Probably going to get higher scores than the Val but I dont think he will be in the team as long. Its a tough one to split but I would go with Valenti by a bees dick.

    4. Josh P. Kennedy - HAW
    Price: 95k. BE: -33. Postion: MID
    Another good looking star but really with Browne, Wellingham and Cotchin all being popular downgardes in the last couple of weeks I cant see you need a midfielder downgrade. But, if ya do this bloke is ya man. Will get dropped when Crawf returns though.

    5. Tim Houlihan - WCE
    Price: 95k. BE: -25. Postion: DEF
    West Coast are blooding younguns everywhere. Which ones will stay in the team for longer is anyones guess. But, I have heard that West Coast have big wraps on this bloke but his scores aint quite living up to those wraps in my book.

    Others: Ryan Davis (WCE, 84k, BE: -25, DEF), Scott Selwood (WCE, 95k, BE: -70, DEF), Matty Spanger (WCE, 95k, BE: -43, DEF), Clayton Hinkey&nbsp; (FRE, 95k, BE: -18, MID). Watch this space.

    One Gamers: Gav Urquhart got a good 87 for the Roos and Dennis Armfield looked very good and snagged 69 points.


Discussion in 'Blog' started by Bennye, Jun 3, 2008.

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