ORFFA 2018 - Round 1 review

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By That KI Guy on Mar 26, 2018 at 3:54 PM
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    That @TerryinBangkok bloke does alright.
    Dive into his musings...

    Reflecting SuperCoach fortunes, ORFFA coaches either posted record scores or had a very ordinary weekend. One coach had read the tea leaves and didn't turn up, while other teams were riddled with no shows. Three close and exciting matches, some wipeouts and a record first round score.

    The boys from Wagga (1230) went down narrowly to the Cockies (1295). Good for Ant to get one of those close ones out of the way early, while the Wombats give a glimpse of return to form this season. The Cockies had a handy 112 from Shagger Hurn, while Matt Crouch (105), Jack Steven (125), Wingard (110) and Aaron Young (112) all put in tons, with Sandi on I/C tossing in 104. Six tons in all and the only damp spot being Harry Taylor limping off on 19. Wagga managed six tons as well, with contributions from Barrass (101), 4 in the guts from Oliver (123), Gibbs (116), Shiel (129), Swallow (110). This was added to by Sicily playing up front with 125. Alas, not enough.

    Our next match was the train wreck and the thoroughbred. Hard to believe that the Larrikins could field players who did not play and still manage to field them out of position. With ball tampering, I guess anything goes.The Lefties posted a score of 784, while the Waikiks trotted in a casual 1224. Accidental tons to Seb Ross (113) and Berry (103) were the aberrations and a public spanking will be meted out at training on Monday at the Lagoon. For the ex- Kiwis, TMitch (167) held up the midfield on his own, while Parfitt chipped in with a nice 104.

    Next up were the highly confident Hoppers (1340) who copped an uncharacteristic smacking from the Vultures (1505). Nukes are heading towards Venus Bay as we speak. Three tons not enough for the Hoppers, with Cripps (130), Billings (133), and the Curnow brothers adding 126 and 95. VB had 5, with Yeo (109), Parker (149), Buddy (175), Greene (131) and Stef Martin cleverly on I/C with 111. Scary stuff.

    Another mismatch was Foul Bay (1164) and the Packers (817) in the battle of the bays. The Chooks had tons from Heater (114), Joelwood (125) and Goldy (105). Disaster struck with the injury to Libba (13), but the slack was nicely picked up by Wright's 84 off the bench. For the Packers, 102 from McGrath was nice, but it all unravellled with an underperforming Sloane, a donut in the middle and another donut in I/C. Things can only get better for the Packers, while the Chooks have shown they are not spent hens just yet.

    The Blimps (1305) had it all over a disappointing Spelunkers (836) outfit. The Blimps were well served by vintage Goddard (102), Coniglio (129), Gunston (116) and Astbury off the bench with 104. The Cavemen would be happy with a119 from new recruit Bonner, but that was it. Merrett was KO'd early and the Bont had a day to forget. A donut in the ruck did not help.

    The Nuffers (0) were double booked so the Warriors (1189) were forced to do laps up and down Nunawading Oval. Chelsea was doing the sticks at Geelong/Melbourne, so it wasn't all lost. Warriors mildly happy with 105 from Marchbank and Cameron (120). Percentage booster.

    A tight tussle saw the Battlers (1311) chalk one up over the fancied Uglies (1213). A solid contribution across the board for the Birds with highlights from Hunter (102), Witts (131), Acres (144) and a nice debut from Doedee with 86. Not enough on the day, but Dusty (130), Graham (100) and Gawn (139) all tried hard for Mt. Beauty. Time for some trade talk Chris.

    Quietly confident, the Misfits (1118) ended up firing a few duds and fell away to the Devils (1295), a team that might just fulfill the promise they have always shown this year. Four nice tons to the winners with Hurley (100), Heppell (142), Zaharakis (131) and Membry (107). Cradle Mountain had their own dud in Zorko with 32. Five tons to Marble Bar and a Giants win was not enough with Tarranto (100), Kelly (116), Lloyd (119), Laird (137) and Whitfield (114). Ex-Giant Kennedy feeling very sore (3) and Ryder (68) going proppy half way through contributed to the downfall.

    The final match turned out to be a cracker with the Lilacs (1139) putting up a spirited showing against the Codpieces (1241). For the Lilacs, the Hoff was good with (140), followed by Sinclair (106) and Heeney (105). A no-show from two metre Peter did not help their cause. The Cods will be happy with GAJ (116) back in Kardinia, Macrae (120), Shuey (110), Riewoldt (101), Burgoyne (102), but they won't be happy with the donut in ruck.

    Mixed bag for opening round and too early to read much form, although Fitzy clearly knows how to find the starting gate
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by That KI Guy, Mar 26, 2018.

    1. graeme
      It is good that footy is back, but it is better that ORFFA reviews are back. Take a bow Sir Terry for a fine opening spell with what appears to be an old ball.
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    2. TerryinBangkok
      I cannot understand what all the fuss is about @graeme. Ball tampering is a common practice throughout SE Asia.
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    3. Len
      Great read mate, unf the Misfits will be cannon fodder this year, but we (the emtaphorical we) are young and will be back :)

      Grats to the winners, commiserations to the unwinners!
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    4. melbandy
      Apologies to all on the Nuffers no show. We were detained at Johannesburg airport after giving some tips to the Aussie cricket leadership group. Apparently they were unaware of the importance of ORFFA opening round.
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    5. ChiefRussell
      Shattered once again to lose spiritual leader Libba. It has been a rough few years for him. The Chooks haven’t been the same since he did his knee in the 2015 pre-season.

      Happy to get the win, disappointed with the score and a variety of underperformers who were given the chance ahead of newbies Tim Kelly and Dougal Howard who tonned up in the curtain raiser. They will both make their debuts next week and hopefully we can welcome Patty D back to the line up.
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    6. JC
      Thanks @TerryinBangkok . Genuinely surprised to get a first up win and score as well as that. Still look to have the same structural issues as last year - def good, ruck solid, but short on a couple of good mids and fwds - so we'll see how the year pans out. As a bonus, we also had a couple of guys go well in the twos so fingers crossed we might have more than 15 to pick from next week.
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    7. chris88
      Wonderful work Terry, thanks so much for the write-up.

      Encouraged by some first up efforts, as well as by those who didn't quite make the first 15. Performances from David Astbury and Ed Vickers Willis were a pleasant surprise and much needed given the injury to Marcus Adams.
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    8. Bandit
      Hmmm Spelunkers missed the memo... roughing up the shiny side doesn’t work boys... lollies in left pocket, sandpaper in right
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    9. Jen
      I always take the first week with a grain of salt, I like to look at how my team will work and then make the changes to improve the players on the ground.

      I was shocked that we even got this close and am very happy with how the boys preformed, it can only get better from here, as long as I put on the correct players and not just throw on anyone.
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    10. snoz
      Great write up TiB !!!!

      Excellent opening round from all - Orffa Strong !!
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    11. HeavyMen
      Hmmm...Good & Bad
      Good write up TIB who loves using correct english & I tried but couldn't find a spelling mistake or miplaced word :)
      Bad start by the Uglies, pucker up & go again (Harder!) please
      Carry On...
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    12. TerryinBangkok
      Hey @HeavyMen. Missed you in the leagues this year. Pity, always look forward to it.
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    13. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Love ya work mate.
      There's a strong aroma of barrel-scraping around these parts which have us questioning our list management capabilities.
      Suspect the answer is unpalatable but every cloud over the lagoon has a denial-lining.
      What's most disappointing is our poor showing in the Rankine Cup.
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    14. anthak
      Well done TiB!
    15. anthak
      I see @HeavyMen in the FFUK vs TS Ashes league again...
      Heavy, who are you representing in that league this season? Tell me TS?
    16. dmandrews
      Between them the Devils and Misfits had the top three ranked players from the game between Essendon and Adelaide and these players were also the three top ranked players for the Devils and Misfits game led by Dyson Heppell who was best afield in CMD’s opening game of the season for the second year in a row.

      As the Misfits suffered an injury a qtr for the first 3 qtrs with Matthew Kennedy (Q1), Daniel Rich (Q2) and Paddy Ryder (Q3) it was a good time for the Devils to play the Misfits. Whilst a few Misfits players were hit by some wayward cannons in Rnd 1 @Len I would be shocked if Marble Bar do turn out to be cannon fodder this year.

      The Amazing Zorko did a Stringer and left some important gear at home including his quite substantial bag of tricks and had less than a third of his usual output. It was an encouraging start to the season for the Devils, getting the win, having eight players score more than 90 and the team scoring just under 1,300.
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    17. HeavyMen
      Back in TS colours this year - let’s give the poms a right old placking :)
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    18. HeavyMen
      TiB are we not both in Donuts or am I not understanding the statement? :)
    19. anthak
      Excellent, good to hear!
      We should set up a forum thread for a bit of banter during the season

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