ORFFA 2019 final round review

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    Brought to you by the Hairy Codpiece @jimbowan

    ORFFA Fellowship Round

    Fellowship Round is a chance for all of us to gather together in the wide white virtual void that is the world wide web (not to be confused with Antarctica, as our white void is far warmer and has far fewer penguins), raise a glass of something to our fellow ORFFA coaches and celebrate the fact that our love for fantasy football brings our lovely band of misfits together each week. All past and present ORFFA coaches are invited to party in the virtual void, with or without penguins.

    I am not sure I have much love for fantasy football this year, my actual Supercoach side can go get stuffed, but there is always plenty of love for all in the ORFFA forums, penguins excluded.

    What an exciting round! Terry’s mob had to have their game of the year to have a crack at the 8 and fell on their sword and it was over to Jen’s troops to play JC’s crew in a finals deciding match!! Likely one of the most exciting matches in ORFFA history was played in which the Lilacs got it done by a single point to beat the Battlers and lock in their position at 8th! Wow you simply cannot ask for better footy than that folks.

    8th LBL 10-7 020680 19725 40

    9th WSW 9-8 019639 20088 36

    10th BIB 9-8 019538 19348 36

    Fellowship Awards

    Top scorer of the week – The ‘crikey jingoes good effort award’ – Adam Treloar 177

    Worst scorer of the week – The ‘he’s gone missing aka Penguin award’ – Charlie Dixon 19

    Top team Score – The ‘he must be cheating award’ - Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles 1493

    Lowest team score – The ‘she must be tanking award’ – Wineglass Bay Packers 886

    Whitsunday Warriors (988) were Defeated by Marble Bar Misfits (1233)

    An uninspiring effort by the Warriors with their season the line.

    WW – Ladhams (95) Boak (101)

    MBM – GWS three musketeers (342)

    Wagga Wagga Wombats (1125) were belted by Nowhere Else Wanderers (1332)

    Dave’s mob had a huge final game, a sign for next year? Lenny wouldn’t have been happy with his lads.

    WWW – Brodie Smith (95) Shiel (98) Rozeeee3 (113) Langdon (102)

    NEW – Byrne-Jones (127) Savage (99) Walters (137) Edwards (112) Brown (117) Ballard (113)

    Iron Knob Codpieces (1121) Squeaked by the Nareewillock Nuffers (1073)

    Donut in the ruck almost cost the Cods and TassieHawk tried his absolute best to screw up his draft pick in the final game but sanity prevailed.

    IK – Macrae (155) Shuey (96) Ablett (95) Gray (111) Burgoyne (101)

    NN – Hill (113) Duursma (104) Cameron (114) SamJReid (100)

    Lovely Banks Lilacs (1122) IN A THRILLER over the Birdsville Battlers (1121)

    Words cannot express the magnitude of this match. It was back and forth all day with Treloar almost stealing it for the Battlers.

    LBL – Ross (100) Amon (101) Heeney (119) Ryan (107)

    BB – Clarke (114) Treloar (177)

    Cradle Mountain Devils (1305) were a bit stiff to drop one to Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles (1493)

    BOOM and Graeme’s boys show their finals intentions almost cracking the mythical 1500 level to easily account for a good showing from the Devils. DMAndrews would be filthy.

    CMD – Pendles (106) Hopper (106) Steele (121) English (97) Marshall (109) Lynch (113)

    WI – Newman (161) McGovern (116) Hibberd (113) Fyfe (144) Crouch (111) Prestia (131) Dunkley (107) Robinson (132)

    Foul Bay Chickens (1254) dismantled the Mount Beauty Uglies (1180)

    The Chooks cement top spot with a closer win than most would have thought over the Uglies

    FBC – Murphy (100) Goldy (118) Kelly (114) Zieblell (120)

    MBU – Martin (138) Sidebottom (121) Gawn (134) Walsh (113)

    Gundagai Grasshoppers (1302) hopped on past the Charlies Opening Spelunkers (1179)

    A comfortable win for one of the flag favourites with the Bont trying his best to keep things close on the final day.

    GG – Blicavs (96) Milera (96) Neale (101) Oliver (111) Grundy (121) Billings (101)

    COP – Bont (166) Merrett (113) SPS (108)

    Gariwerd Cockatoos (1308) embarrassed the Wineglass Bay Packers (886)

    Ant’s mob absolutely destroyed a poor showing from the Packers but Ant left his run a little too late falling short of the 8.

    GC – Houli (132) Laird (124) MCrouch (118) Christensen (101) Wingard (98)

    WBP – Mumford (110)

    Larrikin Lagoon Lefties (1067) were roughly handled by the Venus Bay Vultures (1374)

    Huge game from Worpel but that wasn’t enough for the Lefties who locked in their second bottom 2 finish in the last 2 seasons. Venus Bay with a nice tune up game heading into the finals.

    LLL – Worpel (149)

    VBV – Crisp (98) Houston (134) Yeo (114) Gaff (95) Greene (134) Higgins (140)

    FINAL REGULAR SEASON STANDINGS – Congrats to the King of Chooks

    1. Foul Bay
    2. Cradle Mountain
    3. Gundagai
    4. Marble Bar
    5. Venus Bay
    6. Iron Knob
    7. Waikickamoocow
    8. Lovely Banks

    9. Whitsunday
    10. Birdsville
    11. Wagga Wagga
    12. Gariwerd
    13. Nowhere Else
    14. Mount Beauty
    15. Wineglass Bay
    16. Charlie's Opening
    17. Larrikin Lagoon
    18. Narrewillock
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by That KI Guy, Aug 5, 2019.

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    1. Bandit
      Good stuff @jimbowan , make sure you buff that Codpiece a little more for the finals next week.

      Spelunkers looking to throw square poo at @Lenny120
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    2. graeme
      Fine and timely @jimbowan - well done. Will be sprinkling a lot of body parts with the "holy water" from the Hawke Bay in the hope of fielding a full team this week. BTW, it tastes far better than that stuff from Lourdes.
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    3. Len
      Great stuff @jimbowan :)
      Me thinks I might need 5 musketeers this week
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    4. HeavyMen
      Going away for the Summer, when I get back I would like (well demand) a compensation pick, better umpiring & fix those fucking showers at away games, finally I have two words for you all......
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    5. JC
      Great stuff, @jimbowan .

      After arriving home, the boys headed straight to the Birdsville Hotel to drown their sorrows and have been there ever since. The publican suggested that if current consumption continues, the boys may even rival the Birdsville Races weekend!

      Anyway, off to start sharpening the axe....
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    6. TerryinBangkok
      May have missed out narrowly on the eight, but really there would have been one helluva cat fight over which top team got to play us. Happy with the season, better than anticipated. For some reason my teams tend to focus more on the wine than the game when mixing it with Misfits or the Panguna mob. Can't complain about the big outs coming at the wrong time - that's footy. Some good kids coming through - the other 17 teams will be all over Charlie Constable in the trade period.
      Len looks like getting a few back just in time - still fight in the dog.

      Oh, and thanks Jimbo - would like to wish your Crows well for the 8, but just can't bring myself to do it :(
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    7. TerryinBangkok
      Stop whinging - your RDT and SC teams have had a good year. :confused:

      ........but you're right about those showers.
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