ORFFA 2019 - Round 11 review

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    the chels / @graeme duet step up to the mic...

    The Muso round, a time to celebrate some of our favourite local artists.
    The review is in the form of a Countdown from ninth to first determined by where the higher placed team in a fixture was after round 10. So appropriately the Commish’s rabble lead us off and last year’s premiers round out the countdown. Some of your scribes favourite tunes provide a back drop to each match.

    #10 – A mystery item, let’s see when you identify this song.
    It’s not originally Australian but is sung with gusto in Australia (and round the world). Clue #2, it’s a show tune from the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical “Carousel.” Not got it yet? Clue #3, you may have heard the original version from the Carousel cast album, Judy Garland’s version perhaps, or perhaps Frank Sinatra’s take, or maybe the Elvis Presley recording? Olivia Newton-John’s hit perhaps? Clue #4, maybe Gerry and the Pacemaker’s version from the album “How Do Like It”? Yep, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Bandito will sing his tired version at the drop of a hat. Kop is spelt KOP Bandito, not COP.

    #9 – COP (935) lost to WWW (1171)

    Reckless – Australian Crawl. Lenny shrugged his shoulders, tuned out the drunken mock scousers, delegated Brayshaw to mind the hubcaps, and concentrated on coaching his improving Wombats. Perhaps he was Spured on by the music. His side certainly is performing better sans Buddy Franklin and Clayton Oliver. The jury is still out whether Lenny was “Reckless” but auctions bring action. Action is something that you cannot always say about the Commish’s cavemen.

    For the visitors Sicilly threw in a typically punchy (108), while Lycett (115), and Cripps (105) provided back-up. Stack’s (107) was the sole highlight for the home team who did a very fine impression of Burke and Wills.

    #8 – BIB (1127) defeated NUFF (893)

    Forever Now – Cold Chisel. It’s not really happening for either of these franchises right now. JC seems to have the cattle but, frustratingly they just don’t get it done (“is this the way it’s gonna be forever”). TTH is trying to resurrect a neglected franchise (“is this the way it’s gonna be forever”). Both franchises need success and love (“only one thing can set you free”). Enough with the musical quotes and get on to the review.

    OK, but there is not much to see here. Witts (127), Lewy Taylor (122), and Blakely (105) laid down a steady beat for the Battlers (would have been a great name for a punk rock group). TTH had the bleak prospect of just Brad Hill (100), hmmmph. Still NicNat should be back soon and surely some of the better players will perform before the year end beano.

    #7 – WKI (1355) lost to NEW (1371)

    Throw Your Arms Around Me – Hunters and Collectors. We have embraced our newest newbie Dave as though he was an old member of the ORRFA family. We still embrace Chris when he visits. The cows are happy to embrace anyone at the Bulls Hit Tavern, just as long as they are thirsty and have their credit card.

    But enough is enough Dave. J Lyons 127), Son Son (127), and Davis (101) I can cop. I don’t like those scores but I’ll accept them. But 207 from Cogs is taking a liberty as a visitor. The home side tried valiantly; Fyfe (145) B Crouch (127), Dunkley (119), D Gardiner (119), B Parfitt (104) and Robbo (102) showed there is some fight left in the team. In the end a good match which went down to the wire, partly because the Wanderers had to field an oop ruck. (I think I might just get one of those Giants soon.)

    #6 – WBP (1070) lost to IKC (1207)

    It’s A Long Way to the Top – AC/DC. True - just look at the queues on Mt Everest and true for both teams. But perhaps more so for the Pack who really want to succeed. The Knobs have seen the view and the lifestyle from the summit, and they aspire to return. However some pain may precede the rise unless GAJ can punch well above his weight. The Pack has some “gems” who apparently will flourish, just not this year.

    The visitors had Hewitt (103), McGrath (101), and McKenna (99) to thank for a middling score. The others played a solidish accompaniment. For the Knobs the absence of the Son of God was covered by Darling (135), Burgoyne (127), Robbie Gray (122), Jake Kelly (107), and Ricky (ageless) Henderson (97). Apparently no-one bothered to tell Stanley he was selected so a good score from 14 players. Tracey’s Packers need to turn the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music into centuries soon.

    BTW, your faithful scribe has taken to a shiraz from the Grampians fittingly called “Don’t Tell Gary.”

    #5 – VBV (1274) defeated LBL (1236)

    Everyone’s Waiting – Missy Higgins. We are convinced that Fitzy will have the breakthrough year sometime soon (even Shaun ”Missy” Higgins is convinced ). But it hasn’t quite happened. Will it be this year? (“And all of those painful lessons you’ve had to learn”). Jen on the other hand might have had low expectations but she is sure exceeding them. Now everyone’s expecting big performances Jen – no pressure.

    Parker (135), Gaff (121), and Kreuzer (121) got the Vultures into the swing of things. Somehow Higgins (127) was left stranded on the bench. Sandbagging Fitzy? For the Lilacs a glittering piece of round ball skill from Rampe (135) and solid contributions from Parish (129), Duncan (101), and Stewart (99) meant the visitors are looking good going into the break. If Fitzy gets his selections right, and a certain swannie comes right, there will be plenty of carcasses for the carrion to fed on,

    #4 – GWC (1034) lost to FBC (1389)

    Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House. We thought it was going to be a rebuild, but no. One last hurrah for CR’s ageing blue and white hoops showing that where there is life, there is hope. Ant plaintively hums the classic 1974 Vicki Lawrence lament “It Could Have Been Me” (definitely not the rockier Struts’ “tune” of the same name). A huge number in the points for column is not being backed up in the results column. Would this be the weekend when their possibly last chance challenge for the top 8 kicked into gear?

    The visitors were far from foul with Cunnington (133), Danger (130), Ziebell (110), Dahlhaus (102) Sadly, for the home team four no shows did not respect the fine efforts of Houli (139), Esava Ratugolea (114), Laird (111), and Hooker (106). CR left victorious, ant left wondering.

    #3 – LLL (1112) lost to CMD (1449)

    I Was Only 19 – Redgum. 19 is the first pick the LLL have in the MSD. The 2020 PSD looks a long ways off for our optimist. Giddy heights for the Lefties, but the heights of the countdown reflects CMD’s position not theirs. LLL, LLLLLLWLLL, LOL. For the Devils, a calming stroll, not in Tassie but in the heat of Canungra, gave Dean time to appreciate the scenery before the business end of the FA year. A time for Dean to reflect, meditate and think of his Saints in China.

    For the tourists Heppell (153), towering Rowan Marshall (139), Dependlebury (135), Hurley (132), Hopper (125), the ade Lynch (109), and Gresham (105) ensured the LLL’s went into the bye break with a Bolton / Carlton type level of performance. Good signs from the devils indeed. However, unlike the hapless Blues, there were signs of competence from the Lefties with Worpel (99), Langford (97), and Dumont (94) helping to grind out a score that would have embarrassed some other opponents. At least no members of either team got on the wine at a charity function on Friday night.

    #2 – WSW (1292) defeated GHG (1265)

    The Real Thing - Russell Morris. Maybe they are, maybe they are not; however the ‘hoppers showed the way until round 10. That means they have a target affixed to their guernseys. TiB mixed another round of cocktails at the Tiki Bar and contemplated his Worriers; Morris’s evocative “Tryin’ hard to understand the meaning” concerned him. We are sixth on the table but what do I have to do to break into the top shelf of ORFFA? I know he thought and reached for his CD versions of “Never Tear Us Apart” and “The Power and the Passion” for inspiration.

    Andrews (131), Boak (131), JJ (116), Lienert (110), Cameron (109), Polec (104), and Lobb (98) responded to the motivation. The ‘hoppers had a jump on the Warriors through Grundy (125), Oliver (122), and Neale (114) but could not turn back the teal tide – “shanghied.”. No wonder TiB wants to play through the byes.

    #1 – MBU (1184) lost to MBM (1230)

    Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again - The Angels. Or will we only see Len’s back as he runs off with another Premiership? The Brewster brothers and Angry Anderson wore tatts proudly with attitude from a period in which a tatt spelled REBELLION. Not sure if bama has gone down the tatt route, but if he has it would have to be ugly.

    A couple of hiccups for the defending premiers but Josh Kelly (138), Lloyd (123), Daniel (124), and de Boer (116) ensured the side stayed on song. Bama’s Beauties nearly stole this one with Maximum Gawn (158), Dusty (113), Butters (112), and Maynard (105) producing fine interludes. If Salem had not withdrawn (without defensive cover) an upset would certainly have been on the cards. Unlucky. So close.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by That KI Guy, Jun 3, 2019.

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    1. Bandit
      Fine musical musings. I caught your Spur reference, but not sure how Angry Anderson took the place of Doc Neeson?

      We’ve conquered all of Europe
      We’re never gonna stop
      From Paris down to Turkey
      We’ve won the f*cking lot
    2. Bandit
      Also a bit disappointed Salt’n’Pepa didn’t get a mention :p
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    3. Len
      Great stuff @graeme was a very interesting round, and I'll be expecting some team shaping trades and picks for a lot uf in the next month :)
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    4. snoz
      Wonderful stuff Graeme!!!
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    5. TerryinBangkok
      Well done. You can have the next 3 weeks off.

      Not just a little bit stunned at how many of those musical references I have never heard of. Price of living in Thailand - I am equally ignorant when it comes to drafting players. :D
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    6. JC
      Thanks for the write up, @graeme . 6 wins to this point has exceeded my expectations, tbh, but I don't think we'll win too many more on the way home.
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    7. HeavyMen
      Ah..ha..so now we r suffering from late withdrawal (scary memories abound)
      Uglies stiff, write up enjoyable but surely a win is just around that elusive corner!
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    8. Len
      Very unlucky not to get one this week
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    9. anthak
      Thanks G
      :) :)
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