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    Courtesy of the lost but not forgotten, 1001 typewriters of Darraweit

    Round 2. Women's Celebration Round.

    And while we didn't record 50,000+ crowds to any of our games on the weekend (congrats to Adelaide, Carlton, the crowd and everyone at the AFLW GF on Sunday, by the way), there was plenty of fantastic fantasy footy played.

    Tracey's Packers 863 def by Jen's Purples 1157

    The Banks down Lovely way are quite excited indeed as the Haze go 2-0 to start the season for the first time since dinosaurs roamed the earth after a comfortable win over the Packers of Wineglass Bay.

    Jen's Geelong-based dynamic duo in Stewart (120) and Duncan (103) feasted on Demon carcasses to lead the lovely Lilacs.
    Six further players exceeded 80 - most of them defenders - offsetting poorer games from high-profile types like Westhoff, Heeney and Sinclair.

    Despite the defeat, a number of encouraging signs for the Packers - youngsters Stephenson (101), Constable (84) and McGrath (74) among those leading the scoring.

    And while Scully's return as OOP ruckman may have been muted (24/2), it is encouraging just seeing him out on the park again.

    Tassie's Nuffers 1097 d Terry's Spartacus Collective 1062

    A late scoring flurry led by Brad Hill was enough to lift the Nuffers to their first win of the season, a 35-point squeaker over Warriors.

    Nareewillock rolled out the cold, wet and windy weather, but early on it appeared their short-handed opponents from the northern climes had adapted to the heavy going better - Boak (122), Polec (110) and Motlop (102) all tonning up, volunteering to be Spartacus and compensating for a bench-based doughnut.

    And while those the Warriors' efforts were matched by the Nuffers' Powell-Pepper (109) and Ebert (106), it took a dynamic game from Brad Hill (133), as well as support from Conca and Tucker, to put the win beyond doubt.

    Josh Battle's Battlers 1052 d Hobbled Wanderers 909

    As an aside, the fact that Josh Battle plays for the Battlers is always worth smiling about. Also wearing a smile is Battlers' coach JC after his team notched win number one for season 2019.

    Midfielders Treloar (135), Sheed (100) and Hunter (95) led the way for Birdsville. Three consistent efforts from defence, as well as Witts in the ruck, rounded things off nicely.

    And Battle scored 49.

    The Wanderers had no luck - May injured in his first game back, Caddy producing a doughnut up forward and guys like Scott and Coniglio unable to reproduce their Round 1 heroics.

    Top scorers were Aliir (101) up back and Gunston (110) forward.

    Waikiks 1284 d Missing Misfits 1209

    You can only beat who the opposition send out to play, and that's exactly what Graeme's Cows managed to do on the weekend, remaining undefeated with a hard-fought win over a depleted Misfits team.

    Not that there wasn't some high quality footy played, and plenty of positives for both teams to take away from the game.

    Nearly 200 points from the bench is usually viewed as a positive, with the Waikiks' Crouch B and recruit Willem Drew doing the job there. Usual suspects McGovern (134) and Fyfe (124) were backed up by a consistent effort across the field - though Graeme may have some blunt words for his forward line who were down on the previous week's efforts.

    The Misfits were without stars Kelly and Ward, and ultimately that was probably the difference between the four points and not.

    Lloyd (124) and Whitfield (123) headed a formidable defensive line, while Daniel (120) did the job forward. Add in the aforementioned pair of orange mids and the Misfits scoring will increase steeply.

    Not Prettys 1115 def by Cube Poos 1312

    Wagga Wagga recorded its first win for 2019 in style, comfortably accounting for the Uglies from Mt Beauty.

    The match highlight was the battle of the big men, with Wagga's Scott Lycett having a monster game (167) while successfully taking on Mt Beauty's big Max Gawn (116).

    Only two other players broke the century mark for the Wombats - Swallow (140) and Shiel (116). But six further 80+ scores underlined a frightening level of consistency.

    Mt Beauty's big name midfield failed to fire - Cotchin, Martin and Sidebum all a bit out of touch.

    Jack Viney was great with 109, while young midfielders Butters and Walsh scored 80s off the bench and may be pressing for spots on the field proper in the coming weeks.

    Charlies Opening 1169 def by Iron Knob 1312

    Despite the loss of two key players to injury, the Codpieces clunked their way to 2-0 with a comfortable win over the Spelunkers.

    It was a case of 'no Riewoldt, no Burgoyne, no worries' as Iron Knob found plenty of points from plenty of sources right across the ground.

    Henderson top scored with 136 from the bench. Gray, Sinclair, Shuey, Macrae and Harbrow also tonned up, while other big names also did their bit.

    For Charlies Opening, the midfield foursome of the Bont, Atkins, Bowes and Merrett did their jobs. Bowes (111) in particular looks a real player.

    However, big scores were a bit thin on the ground after that - Short in defence and Petrevski-Seton up forward the next best, the latter notching 108.

    Carrion Eaters 1373 d Screaming Marsupials 1293

    Top drawer game this one - Fitzy's Vultures moving to 1-1 with a hard-fought win over the Devils.

    No massive standouts for the Vultures, just across the board consistent effort. Crisp's 123 the highest score among five centuries.

    And when every other score is 72 or above, well, there's not really any weak links for the opposition to exploit.

    Of course this wasn't through lack of effort from the Devils, with Pendles his usual brilliant self and Jade Gresham becoming a constant scoring threat.

    You'd think Cradle Mountain will be around the mark when the whips are cracking later in the season.

    Lefties 926 def by Corio Bay Chooks 1449

    Sheesh, Foul Bay have clearly moved to new premises just outside Sleepy Hollow as their all blue and white hoop forward line continue their hot early-season form with a win over the Lagoon-dwellers.

    To be honest, the ability to have Ben Cunnington and his 159 sitting on the interchange is probably indicative of the way the Chooks are travelling.

    Centuries everywhere - four up forward to Cat-Chooks Kelly, Dahlhaus, Danger and Hawkins, McEvoy, Libba, Selwood, Saad ... Liam Shiels' injury affected 14 barely a blip on the radar.

    Yeah. Not bad.

    The Lefties' Angus Brayshaw fought the good fight with 124 and received stout support from Tom Phillips (109) and the Worpedo (92).

    But a midfield doughnut, half a ruckman and some youngsters finding their way meant too much was left to too few. Plenty of good young players around the mark, patience remains the key for the Lefties.

    Cockies 1291 def by Hoppers 1353

    Another cracker of a game up Gariwerd way, with the home team falling narrowly to the Hoppers.

    Tom Rockliff continued on his merry way for Gariwerd, though his 116 on the weekend was bettered by Big Bellchambers and Josh Kennedy (136).

    An extra defender on the park - perhaps through the return of Cam Guthrie - will provide the Cockies with a major boost in coming weeks, and perhaps allow Chris Masten will resume his midfield role.

    As for Gundagai, it was all about the midfield - Neale, Cripps, Oliver and McCluggage forming a formidable quartet now and perhaps for a few more years to come.

    Big Grundy's 130+ in the ruck was notable, while Jack Martin's 118 rounded things off nicely. The only downside? An injury to Charlie Curnow ... next man up, I guess.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by That KI Guy, Apr 3, 2019.

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    1. anthak
      Nice one @chris88
      yeah I was disappointed to have to field an OOP down back, but @snoz was way too good anyway. Cripps, Neale and Oliver in the midfield is going to cause havoc in the 'FA for many years for sure.
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    2. Bandit
      Nice write up @chris88 ... Spelunkers waiting for the draft picks to get games under the belt. Might have delisted Drew a couple of seasons too early
    3. graeme
      Top work Chris - thank you. The cows had marked the visit of the Misfits down as a loss. So a win was a surprise and interferred with our plan for a strong MSD. So much for planning. You are right: Len's side will be very strong again (aren't they always) when (i) the guys in orange return; and (ii) when he gets his selections right (a flaw we can identify with).

      Going to be a strange round three, had to consult the manual to figure out how to not select Sauce Jacobs. Strange times indeed.
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    4. Len
      Thanks @chris88 , quality stuff, Misfits are bruised and beaten but not bowed, yet :)
      Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
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    5. TerryinBangkok
      Good read - thanks.
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    6. JC
      Nice work, @chris88 . Good to see you around the traps.
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    7. snoz
      Fantastic write up - thanks @chris88, great to see you back around the bar having a beer or two!!
    8. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Love ya work, Cheers @chris88

      Lefties crash back to reality after a minor blip in week 1 which saw us post in excess of 1100. Trying to ensure this won’t happen again for the sake of our msd pick 1 owner.
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    9. TheTassieHawk
      Thanks to @chris88 for the writeup

      The Nuffers benefited from a shortage of players for the visitors @TerryinBangkok . A slightly hollow victory - and somehow winning with the 6th lowest weekly score - but 4 points are banked nonetheless.

      Our current 13th placed ranking sees the Nuffers at their highest ladder position since the heady but long forgotten days of mid 2016 when overly optimistic Nuffers fans dared to dream of a 9th to 12th place finish before an inevitable 6 game losing streak to finish the season in 15th.
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    10. anthak
      This is hilarious! Lol :D:D
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    11. TerryinBangkok
      Hilarious indeed. But I have no doubt whatsoever that the Nuffers will draft and trade their way up the ladder and will be within the 8 in 3 years.
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    12. HeavyMen
      Balderdash to the scores....baloney even !!

      I eagerly await better news from the Mountain. I have stuff (good lines) to use .... but I need a win to
      be able to deliver the vitriotic blast to those who deserve it (read this as the other 17 nufty teams).

    13. TheTassieHawk
      With a youngish list gradual mprovement should be possible and hopefully we can move on some spuds that remain on the list.

      Recent drafting and trading has been a mixed bag but our major problem is our injured players are mostly in our best 15.

      As for making the 8 that's a less certain bet but definitely the aim by 2021, patience not being my virtue that feels like an eternity right now.

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