ORFFA "Bad Hair" Round 15 (AFL R18) Review

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By Len on Jul 23, 2019 at 4:29 PM
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    ORFFA Round 15 – Bad Hair Round.

    There were plenty of upsets in the AFL this week, but not very many in the ORFFA where most of the season defining matchups went the way of the favourite.

    Warriors 1073 defeated by the Codpieces 1194

    upload_2019-7-23_16-24-1.png VS upload_2019-7-23_16-24-17.png

    The Cods continue their late season run whilst the Warriors stumbled to their 3rd loss in the last 4 rounds. Nett result had both teams hold their respective ladder positions.

    For the Warriors JJ (Mr Bad hair himself) had a shocker with 36, Cameron belted out 134, Harmes managed 107 but the rest of the team mostly stayed out of his way, Callum Brown gets the coaches encouragement award.

    For the Cods Macrae (120) and Darling (125) starred, Hunter Clark stuck his hand up to join the Misfits this offseason and Harbrow stunk.

    Next up the Cods face a very unimposing task away against the Misfires whilst the Warriors visit the land of the Wombats in what should be a close if uninspiring contest.

    Lilacs 1245 defeat the Wombats 1021

    upload_2019-7-23_16-24-47.png VS upload_2019-7-23_16-24-59.png

    Lilacs move within a game of the 8, and with a healthy points for will have genuine hopes of getting there, the Wombats run at finals has hit a hurdle with 2 losses on the trot and with only 2 rounds to go it’s now a bridge too far.

    For the Lilacs Duncan (123) and Amon (102) looked impressive but it was more the fact that they had only one score under 60 that saw them run out easy winners, Gibbons onfield would have given him the RS nod this week, but being mostly shit for 16 games meant Bolton stole his thunder, nice little tabby that one..

    The Wombats also had 2 tons, BSmith (127) went 50% over his average to prove what he is capable of whilst highlighting his savage Std Dev in the same play, Ed Curnow (116) is clearly in love with Teague and playing at the level he always seemed capable of, the rest, well mostly they arrived on time and were allegedly polite, nuff said.

    Next up the Lilacs will start favourites against the Wanderers and whilst no certainties should take a step towards a maiden finals appearance, the Wombats host the Warriors, two teams whose total points for is a 6 point margin, probably going to be close, bees pubic hair stuff.

    Devils 1356 defeat the Misfits 1242

    upload_2019-7-23_16-26-33.png VS upload_2019-7-23_16-26-49.png

    The Devils accounted rather easily for the Misfits in what was at the start of the round 1 v 2 on the ladder and now sit a game clear on top looking a very strong contender for the title, the Misfits dropped to 4th with two losses in a row and will be hoping to get some troops back to play a meaningful part in finals, which neither side can miss.

    For the Devils, Marshall (142) Zorko (106) Redden (100) and Gresham (102) led the way but ably supported by 90+ scores from Jones, Pendles, English, Rich, Bruest and Heppell.

    The Misfits had more centurions with Lloyd (121) Whitfield (119) Williams (103) Taranto (113) Brodie (110) and Mundy (104) but had a far greater quantity of genuine chip ready spuds onfield.

    Next up the Devils face the Nuffers who in complete rebuild won’t really offer much resistance whilst the Misfits face the very real prospect of a belting from an Iron Knob, (you can’t make shit like this up).

    Chickens 1402 defeat the Wanderers 1166

    upload_2019-7-23_16-27-15.png VS upload_2019-7-23_16-27-29.png

    Foul Bay have been inside the top 4 since round 8, and now sit 2nd with the league high points for and are looking like serious Gf contenders, the Wanderers sit 13th following 3 consecutive losses and will be desperate to gain a playing ruck in 2020, too late for this year though.

    For the Chooks Cunnington (105) Shiels (136) Goldstein (124) Dangerfield (106) and McEvoy (126) led the way, but the depth is also strong with another 6 scores over 80.

    The Wanderers were well served by Walters (104) and Lyons (165!!) but fell away from there with a fairly average set of scores, Newnes tried valiantly on the ruck but gave up 20cm and 109 points.

    Next up the Chooks are away to the Battlers who will frankly be battling to keep pace whilst the Wanderers host the Lilacs in what will be a finals shaping match.

    Grasshoppers 1433 defeat the Nuffers 1028

    upload_2019-7-23_16-27-52.png VS upload_2019-7-23_16-28-4.png

    Hoppers continue to flash their premiership credentials like a republican in a whore house, weak on no line and primarily poised to take the primary, the Nuffers are in the 3rd trimester of a complete rebuild so while the future looks so bright, they can forego the shades this year.

    For the boys from Gundagai 5 stepped up to lead, Weitering (100) Oliver (140, no more sir) Grundy (157) Billings (113) and MacPherson (105) all delivered while Sier was clearly spooked by the beanstalk.

    The Nuffers surprise star was Luke Brown, guess that happens when the ball comes into your zone a gazillion times a quarter, Paton and Duursma (by way of a Cunningham out) show the Nunawading has stars on the rise.

    Next up the Hoppers are away to the Cows whose 4 game winning streak is at some risk of ending, whilst the Nuffers face a rampaging Devils

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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Len, Jul 23, 2019.

    1. Len
      Cockatoos 1157 defeated by the Battlers

      upload_2019-7-23_16-31-18.png VS upload_2019-7-23_16-31-29.png

      Gariwerd were knobbled with 2 outs on the one line and only one E to cover or this would have been a tighter contest, the Battlers barely got out of a trot but had the opposition covered.

      The Cockies were led by Houli (111) and Miller (122) with Sandi, Rockliff, MCrouch all providing decent support, Hurn and Birchal will need to provide Drs certificates to get paid this week.

      The Battlers ultra-reliable Treloar (116) had two wingmen in Ryan (117) and Sheed (138) and a string of young players displaying their wares though Lachie Hunter and Bailey Smith both had dog days.

      Next up the Cockies are away against the beautiful Uglies with the two teams only 18 points apart last weekend it should be a close contest. The Battlers host the chickens where the home team are far more likely to get roasted, Treloar will need a few more wingmen.

      Lefties 954 defeated by the Incorrigibles 1150

      [​IMG] upload_2019-7-23_16-31-53.png VS[​IMG] upload_2019-7-23_16-32-5.png

      Lefties young dudes continue to develop, though at highly varying rates, a playing ruck would help as would a rocket up Brayshaw’s clacker. The Cows are holding up well despite the loss of Mitchell for the year and with 4 wins on the trot are crossing their fingers for Fyfe so they can impact finals.

      For the Lefties, Lonie (128) led the way with Worpel (105) the only genuine helper, Langford gets a participation award, Hately gets a please explain.

      The Incorrigibles’ charge was led by Dunkley (127) BCrouch (129) O’Brien (149) and Howe (121), Howe’s late inclusion didn’t make the difference, but was definitely handy in a 12 man team.

      Next up the Lefties are away to the Spelunkers with Panzers parked in both goal squares whilst the Cows host the Hoppers and will be hoping to get some troops back to avoid a heavy defeat.

      Venus Bay 1257 defeat the Uglies 1175

      [​IMG] upload_2019-7-23_16-32-27.png VS [​IMG] upload_2019-7-23_16-32-43.png

      This game was always going to be decided on which version of each team turned up to play, as it turned out they both managed fairly average efforts, and the Vultures was just a bit better.

      Five centuries for the Vultures Parker (105) Yeo (114) Gaff (114) Greene (112) and Martin’s (108) was a pretty good platform and most built on it though Pittard was poor and Lincoln played like the other McCarthy, McInerney’s 96 gets him the gold star for kids.

      The Uglies were led by the beard (132) as usual with Salem (139) Martin (104) and Sidebottom (104) providing more than adequate support, unfortunately the fwd line were universally crap and aided and abetted by Hartlett and Viney. Walsh’s 80 is lowish for him but just seeing him in your line-up would warm the cockles.

      Next up the Vultures are away to the Packers hoping to bank another win though their current streak of WLWLW would be of concern to the superstitious. The Uglies are away to the Cockatoos and will be hoping their high end score intersects with the home sides low end, can’t buy oranges with hope though.

      Wineglass Bay 1140 defeat Charlies Opening 1066

      upload_2019-7-23_16-33-4.png [​IMG] VS [​IMG] upload_2019-7-23_16-33-15.png

      The Packers were delighted to get the win, the Spelunkers were horrified to think they might, win/win outcome? The Packers’ 4 wins is their highest in a couple of years whilst the Spelunkers are in the middle stages of a ground zero rebuild.

      Wineglass Bay were best served by Dunstan (107) and Lynch (116) whilst their young brigade continue to show growth with Kennedy (83) Silvangi (81) and McKenna (80) leading the way.

      Charlies Opening leading scorers were Merrett (120) and Fritsch (121) poor bastards will spend the week in the stocks whilst Murphy (39) Forent (31) showed the rest how it was done “round these parts”.

      Next up the Packers host the Vultures which will be a much more challenging assignment whilst the Spelunkers are setting up an offroad course for armoured vehicles with big guns to welcome the Lefties in style
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    2. anthak
      love the pictures
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    3. Len
      You have no idea how traumatised I was at some of the google results..
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    4. TheTassieHawk
      Thanks for the writeup @Len - Congrats to the Hoppers @snoz who made our 14 players (unfortunately Petrucelle was stranded on the emergencies) feel very much like Witches Hats

      Personally I am less bullish on the "young stars" you refer to - SPP and Dow haven't set the world on fire this season but along with Duursma are the most likely to become fantasy stars in 2-3 seasons. The rest of the under 23 brigade may end up as B/C graders if things pan out, however it is unlikely that all of them reach the level required. I would contend that in comparison the Lefties and Spelunkers are both much better stocked with youngsters at the minute.

      Hence future PSD's and corresponding trade periods will be critical. With that said we do expect to get some lift in 2020 scoring and wins tally with a decent run with injury among the prime aged bracket of players allowing emerging talent to be able to settle in as emergencies rather than required onfield.
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    5. JC
      Great stuff, mate. The Battlers are in for a world of hurt against the Chooks this week, I think.
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    6. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Cracking stuff mate!
      I’m sure Warnie will be honoured to be associated with the Lefties.
      Not sure we are. :p

      Final round sees us matched in the ultimate tank-not-tankathon.
      Best of luck @Bandit
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    7. anthak
      Penultimate round that is.
      You play the Vultures next week ;)
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    8. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Ah yes, jumping the gun. Troggs then Vultures to round it out. No doubt this week will set our final ladder possies.
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    9. Bandit
      I have asked Ross to make Darcy a late out... like in the warmup late out

      Great review Len, captured my good side
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    10. snoz
      These images !!! Great stuff Len !!!
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    11. HeavyMen
      Oh was loving the pics & commentary :) until that result towards the finish
      Bugger..bum...poo....flat as a shitecarters hat now (sigh)
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    12. chris88
      That's some wonderful work right there. Bravo Len.
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    13. graeme
      as an advanced age, balding male, I felt under-represented in the pics @Len . Gosh, that aside, it was a great review.

      Think there are 5 candidates for the 6th - 8th spots. We face second and first on the ladder in the last two weeks and could easily slide out of the eight. Please go easy on the soft bovines and leave us deluded for a bit longer.
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    14. jimbowan
      GOOGLE - "Bad hairy codpiece" *shudder*

      Very funny! Thanks for brightening my day!
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    15. TerryinBangkok
      You have excelled Lenster.

      (See what I did there? Former Commish and his excel sheets). Never mind.

      I think the Warriors need a comb over.
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