ORFFA Mollydookers Round, Round 9 of the 2019 Season

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    Whitsunday 1190 vs Larrikin Lagoon 1002

    You’d think that in a round dedicated to Lefties that the team called the Lefties might be up for a win, but you’d be totally underestimating the power of a good tank.

    That KI Guy must have been shitting himself when he realised they were going to break the 1K for the round, but as the Spelunkers and Nuffers also managed a similar mark his pick is safe for now..

    The win for the Warriors puts them into the 8 and a finals spot is now the man from Bangkok’s to hold.

    The Warriors had five tons, Harmes and Polec in the mids but the real damage was up forward with Boak, Cameron and Gray all raising the bat and JJK almost doing so for a combined 401, the Lefties had 1 tonne with Jy Simpkin failing to follow the game plan. Lefties will be a huge improver next year with a squad full of kids on the cusp.

    Venus Bay 1275 vs Gariwerd 1097

    Despite missing plenty the Cockies could have gone close to claiming this bout had JPK not been a late out, though had the Vultures named Fiorini over Higgins the margin would have been significantly larger.

    Three donuts isn’t a lot if they a cinnamon spiced, still hot and accompanied by a great coffee, but in fantasy land it’s enough to guarantee a loss 99 times out of 100 and it certainly did this time around.

    The unlucky Cockies find themselves in 12th spot despite having the 4th best points for courtesy of the league high points against, Anthak installing mirrors to try and find the target on his back.

    Venus Bay down a bit on their normal ladder slot at 5th, but seemingly just coasting having won 4 of the last 5. Five tons to the Vultures, four to the Cockies inc a massive 161 to Hurn just not enough.

    Wineglass Bay 1102 vs Gundagai 1331

    Some decent scores starting to appear from wineworld, amazing what a playing ruck does, but not enough to challenge the league leading hoppers.

    Hewett, Dunstan and Mumford led the way for the Packers, Stephenson continues to give insight into the serious player he will become.

    The Hoppers had 5 ton up, Neale, Oliver, Grundy, Billings & Dawson among others showing they are not just a contender for this year, but for many more to come.

    Next up the Packers travel to Foul Bay, I know which one's prettier, but least likely to win, whilst the Hoppers and Vultures have a battle of the titans to look forward to

    Charlies Opening 983 vs Foul Bay 1369

    In a left hook belting that everyone saw coming, the Chooks had big scores all over the park, Ziebell, Goldy, Danger, Cunnington, Shaw and Saad all easily making up for the odd dud, looking at you McEvoy. For the Spelunkers Merrett starred whilst Bont and Bowes had a crack, SPS managed a perfect kestrel impersonation.

    Long term though both teams have plenty to like, Chooks have begun to bring in and play some youth (CR having to overdose on antihistamines to cope with the fresh faces) and look to be doing a rebuild Sydney Swans style, is it a rebuild if you keep making finals while doing it??
    The Cavemen’s youth is looking like a veritable green shoot nursery with a team full of potential 200 gamers.

    Mt Beauty 1169 vs Cradle Mountain 1309

    Cradle Mountain continuing to tick over very well, 1309 with an oop ruck is a better than fair effort.

    Mount Beauty unable to fire the boys up enough to cover for a Rioli donut and a Vardy.

    The Uglies were well served by Martin, Sidebottom, Gawn, Balta(!) and Ellis, whilst the Devils had Vlastuin, Hurley, Lynch, Zorko and Zaharakis.

    Cradle Mountain sitting comfortably in 3rd spot on the ladder whilst the Uglies have dropped the ball losing their last 4 and now sit in 13th spot.

    Waikikamoocow 1203 vs Lovely Banks 1153

    1203 is typically a par round, but to do it with only 13 players is a better than fair effort from the incorrigibles, unfortunately Jen was badly let down by her forwards with only 3 playing and none of them doing much.

    BCrouch, Newman, JMcGovern and Fyfe led the way for the Kiwis, Duncan had a blinder for the Lilacs with good support from Heeney, Stewart and Trengove.

    Both sides will be hoping to get some troops back pronto, left or right footers will do.

    The win sees the Incorrigibles climb a spot to 6th and face the (once?) mighty Knobs next week in a bit to say there, whilst the Lilacs drop one to sit 9th with the wounded Uglies up next.

    Birdsville 1169 vs Iron Knob 1016

    Three late outs will kill any score, Jim unluckily on the receiving end of the AFL coaches current late out love with Hodge, Stanley and de Goey all chopped before their games.

    JC didn’t have many stars, but 15 guys turned up and in the end that was all he needed.

    Treloar, Sheed and Smith raised the bat for the Battlers, as did Harry Mckay who was forced to take on the Giants singlehandedly on Sunday, at halftime he had scored all the Blues points.

    Macrae Shuey and Henderson tried hard for the Codpieces but too few left to do too much, the prospect of a possible Ablett rest this week will keep their fans nervous.

    The Iron Knobs sit 8th and will be hoping for luck with selection against the Cows whilst Birdsville are up to 11th with their next opponent the Wombats one spot ahead.

    Nareewillock 1039 vs Wagga Wagga 1119

    The Nuffers had a solitary centurion with Charlie Cameron, that and the lack of a playing ruck (word is Coleman Jones is close to solving that) made the task for Wagga simpler.

    Shiel and Rozee made triple figures for the Wombats with Cripps, Gibbs and BSmith playing excellent supporting roles.

    Wagga Wagga fans will have partied as the win ended a run of 4 losses for the Wombats who face what is likely to be a close contest against the Battlers at home next week with the teams sitting 10th and 11th respectively.

    The Nuffers fans are no doubt well aware of the complete rebuild happening at Nareewillock and the prospect of facing Marble Bar next week won’t give them any sleepless nights.

    Nowhere Else 1243 vs Marble Bar 1534

    The battle of the brothers was looking reasonably close until GWS played Carlton in the last game of the round, with the Misfits feeder club having a night out against McKay and 21 other dudes who forgot to bring effort.

    The Wanderers had five tons, Byrne Jones, Savage, Anderson, Edwards and Fort hitting 105 on debut.

    The Misfits were best served by Whitfield (170), Lloyd, Kelly, Sloane, Taranto and Mundy with Hickey providing the only dud score.

    The Wanderers sit 14th having lost their last 4 and will be looking forward to a close contest against the Warriors whom they would have beaten on this week’s scores.

    No attempts at theme or humour this week, will let Jim’s efforts there rest another week :)
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Len, May 21, 2019.

    1. anthak
      Well done, thanks Len. And a massive score to your mob this week!
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    2. graeme
      Nice review Len, @jimbowan set the bar pretty high with last week's missive. Very wise to just report the facts. A small point, Nick Newman (118) - a disappointing discard from the swans - also turned up for the home of the giants' offloads against the orange tsunami.

      When the Giants go ok the Misfits certainly go ok!
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    3. Bandit
      Nothing to see here, bring on the MSD
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    4. HeavyMen
      ........sigh.......sigh........wipes tear away for my Mountain boys.....
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    5. snoz
      Thanks Lenski !!!
    6. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Aww shucks, you did flattery.
      Cheers for the review mate.
      Anything over 1000 is considered a win for us.
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    7. JC
      When you only win because the other mob can't field a full team AND it gives you a worse pick in the draft. :poop:

      Thanks for the write up, @Len !
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    8. jimbowan
      UGH I cant believe our luck this week with 3 outs, was totally brutal. The fans are starting to realise the Knobs successes of the past are, well, in the past.

      Nice work @Len AKA Purple Viking
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    9. TerryinBangkok
      Think I met get a tat........................
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    10. Len
      You mean this little old thing :)
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    11. jimbowan
      Thats a bad ass Drogon tatt
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    12. TheTassieHawk
      Thanks for the writeup @Len

      This week was one the Nuffers had targetted for an upset victory however @Lenny120's side were too good/not crap enough for that to happen.

      pre MSD planning is beginning this weekend and with Shaun Grigg's retirement there may be 2-3 others playing for their ORFFA careers in Rounds 10 and 11 and this provides spots open to players from other ORFFA clubs if they can demonstrate the ability to walk into the Nuffers best 15 for the second half of the season.
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    13. Len
      Had it done on Saturday, Terry's comment is from seeing it on Fb :)
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