ORFFA Round 13 (AFL 16) Review

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    This possibly should have been renamed 'Late Out Round'. Some were lucky enough to have cover and others were not so lucky.

    All errors below brought to you by the good folks at Mornington Brewery.

    Whitsunday Warriors 1102 def by Cradle Mountain Devils 1376
    Comfortable win for the Devils as the Warriors post-bye struggles continue. Things are ticking along nicely for the Devils who have arrived at 12-1 with minimal fuss. Even Heppell’s late out barely caused a ripple as Zaharakis (112) provided more than adequate cover on short notice, while Marshall (126) and Himmelberg (122) dominated up forward. Two late outs in the form of Boak and JJK certainly didn’t help the Warriors cause. Motlop stepped in to provide some cover for that pair, but Harmes (119) and Wines (109) needed a bit more help from their mates.

    Foul Bay Chickens 1375 def Lovely Banks Lilacs 1340
    The clear game of the round and the Chooks best win of the year according to their coach. With the challenge thrown down by the Lilacs, monster scores from Goldy (148) and Danger (146), backed up by Shepherd (131) and Ziebell (126), reminded us that there’s still life in these old Chooks yet. Recent addition Murphy seems refreshed by the move to the Bay. Normally six tons and 1300+ would get you a win but sometimes in this caper you’re just shit unlucky and, unfortunately for the Lilacs, that’s their lot this week. Heeney (134) led the way for the Lilacs and Jen would also have been pleased with the Hoff (125) finding some form and even more so with one out of nowhere from late in Bolton (122).

    Gundagai Grasshoppers 1334 def Iron Knob Codpieces 1224
    The Hoppers got the win they needed to end their 3 game losing streak and keep themselves a game clear in 4th. Neale, Oliver, Grundy and Billings all went past 140 to put the game out of reach for the Cods. Riding a three game winning streak, Jimbo’s boys didn’t do a lot wrong as evidenced by the six tons, but down days from Henderson (35) and Lockhart (32) made things difficult. The loss sees them in the log jam of teams vying for the last few spots in the eight.

    Gariwerd Cockatoos 1161 def by Wagga Wagga Wombats 1369
    A season high 1369 sees the Wombats comfortably account for the Cockies and keep their finals hopes alive. Sicily’s (141) return to the backline paid immediate dividends while Lycett’s 109 almost seemed like a loss of form given his recent efforts. Tough year for the Cockatoos. I’ve been waiting for them to launch at some stage but it just hasn’t happened. The defenders were solid and the mids were good, but Lambert (126) played a lone hand up fwd.

    Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 1041 def by Marble Bar Misfits 1203
    Injuries are starting to bite the defending champs but they were still too good against the Bye. Thankfully for Len, backline mainstays Lloyd (122), Williams (112) and Weller (98) stood up while the majority of Misfits had sub-par outings. It was an unusually spirited performance from the Bye. Simpkin (125) and Phillips (102) might need some time in the 2’s for failing to adhere to the game plan.

    Venus Bay Vultures 1238 def Nowhere Else Wanderers 1110
    Fitzy exploited his dual ruck dominance to grab a win against the Wanderers. Kreuzer (142) and Stef Martin (103) got little resistance from Newnes (48) who was asked to punch well above his weight. Coniglio (158) was superb on one leg for the Wanderers and Dave will have everything crossed that he’ll be right for next week.

    Wineglass Bay Packers 1092 def Nareewillock Nuffers 967
    Another game largely decided in the ruck as Preuss (140) absolutely monstered poor Paddy Dow (19). A big effort from Tracey’s boys who started a man down to get the win. Young Silvagni (109) seems to be enjoying life post-Bolton. The Nuffers coach would’ve been disappointed to seem Marty Hore (3) and their one man advantage disappear early. Worse still, Tom McDonald (139) looks like missing the rest of the year after finally remembering what he’s supposed to be doing.

    Charlies Opening Spelunkers 1010 def by Birdsville Battlers 1060
    Not much to see here. Between them, these two teams posted lamentable scores of 4, 19, 22, 32, 34, 36 and 45. For the home team it was a case of Bont, Bont and more Bont and [Insert mandatory Sydney Stack reference here]. For the Battlers, The mids and the ruck earned themselves a plane ride home, as did Rowbottom for his 99 on debut for the club. The rest can find their own way.

    Mount Beauty Uglies 1119 def by Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles 1187
    Graeme’s men eeked out an important win against the Uglies as they attempt to stay ahead of the chasers in the race for a finals spot. The five tons would have please the coach who must be thinking of sacrificing something to a deity to get a few warm bodies back. A touch unlucky for the Uglies as Big Maxy’s donut cost probably them a win against the Cows. At least recent draftee Zurhaar (112) gave the coach something to happy about.
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by JC, Jul 8, 2019.

    1. Bandit
      Great write up @JC. Thanks

      As proxy coach for The Bye I will ensure normal service is restored next week.

      As for my mob, a playing ruck would be nice.

      PS: Sydney Stack
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    2. TerryinBangkok
      Enjoyable and timely read - thanks.

      Should we continue to muddle on or should we start thinking PSD?

      Just lost Marchbank for the rest of the year.
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    3. Fitzy
      Cheers JC. I'm still waiting in hope that the Vultures can find their 2018 form, only this time at the right time of year...
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    4. anthak
      Thanks JC. Nice writeup :)

      I didn’t realise it was the Wombats highest score of the season... I reckon it’s been a theme all season with my points-against being the highest across the whole league.

      Finals are way out of the equation now. It’s still mathematically possible to make it, but I can’t see those ahead of me losing *all* of their remaining games haha. I really needed to get on a winning streak straight out of the mid season break, but the Lilacs & Wombats have been too good.

      Anyways, it seems I’d only be making up the numbers anyway, with the top 4 very strong.

      With such an old age profile list and languishing outside the 8, Cockatoos’ management will be doing a lot of sole searching over the remainder of the season and off-season.

      The players are gonna want to show something over the remaining 4 rounds or they may be sent packing at the end of it.
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    5. HeavyMen
      In the spirit of Mr Tomic I say (in good sportsmanship)
      Fook you Max!
      Bring back TiB who can make me feel all warm & gooey with his results.
      Good write up JC but not warming my heart :)
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    6. Len
      That feeling one gets when narrowly avoiding being beaten by the Bye!

      Great stuff @JC
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    7. graeme
      Thank you for a top read JC. These days the cows take any win as a good win. And yes it would be nice to get some prime cattle back, but that is a common theme across the Association.
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    8. Bandit
      I'd love to have some prime cattle
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    9. snoz
      Great write up JC - definitely in need of insects to return to the field so it’s nice to break the losses regardless.
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    10. TheTassieHawk
      Thanks @JC

      @Tracey 's side were far too good despite playing 1 short

      The Nuffers 11th consecutive loss has us firmly in contention for the 2019 wooden spoon, Back to back losses to the 14th and 15th ranked sides has banished any thoughts of a strong finish to the season.

      The Round 14 match vs the Lefties may not be one for the fantasy footy purists but will be a massive one for both clubs.
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    11. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Love ya work @JC

      This four figured habit we have developed is a great foil for our Clayton’s tanking.
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