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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Len, Jul 9, 2018.

By Len on Jul 9, 2018 at 12:56 PM
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    Review written by @Bandit
    Short review this week folks as I am in the middle of moving house! It’s amazing how much crap one accumulates over 10 years in one spot.

    Wagga Wagga Wombats 1031 defeated by Nareewillock Nuffers 1107

    Nuffers notch a win, even thought their defence was poor , but JPK (103), NicNat (115), Lazarus Dixon (115) and Grigg (101) did enough to get them over the line. Lenny’s Wombats didn’t offer a lot… with one red nut going bananas (Oliver 154) but another ranga (Richards) being shit with a 59.

    Birdsville Battlers 1316 defeat Darraweit Guim Dirigibles 1227

    4th vs 3rd… and the Birdsville lads come out with the chocolates. 7 tonnes including a massive 130 from Hipwood (Outta nowhere Vince McMahon style) get them home comfortably. Darraweit’s ruck woes continue, but a nice return to form for Aliir and Cogs, Walters, Gunston and Edwards all doing their part. If one of the Geelong rucks players Chris goes awfully close to a win. Things need to change if the Blimps are going to worry anyone come finals time though.

    Cradle Mountain Devils 1417 defeat Foul Bay Chickens 1350

    @dmandrews needed this one for his beloved Devils sitting in 9th to keep in touch with the 8, as @ChiefRussell ‘s Chooks were one spot above him. A 1400+ scores with only 5 tons shows a good consistent effort across the board. Foul Bay’s defence sucked, with no player scoring over 70, but with 6 tons across the other three lines, there is still quality there and only write them off come finals time at your peril.

    Lovely Banks Lilacs 1072 defeated by Gundagai Grasshoppers 1162

    @Jen goes in a player short and loses by 90. @snoz might have been lucky or he might not have, as the Hoppers weren’t brilliant either. Man bun Grundy went large for Gundagai with a 155. For the purple haze, Duncan was solid with a 125, and pin head Sinclair chimed in with a 122

    Iron Knob Codpieces 1452 defeat Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 1004

    “age shall not weary them’… the Knob turns back the clock and posts the highest score for the round to solidify their spot in the Top 8. 7 tons to Iron Knob with Breust going mental for a 165, and old man Hodge locking in a 121 proved to be too much for Jelly Guy, with only Brayshaw (126) offering any resistance.

    Marble Bar Misfits 1423 vs Gariwerd Cockatoos 1333

    Marble Bar finally start to hit their stride, they are three wide on the turn at the 600… but if they pull the whip and ride hard they might get that top 8 spot. A loss to @anthak ’s mob means they are only one game clear in 7th, with four teams snapping at their heels.7 tons to the Misfits, a few of those in orange, whilst the Cockies had 6 100+ scores, with the Rock Lobster (121) being the pick of the bunch. Gariwerd a bit stiff having a score that would have beaten 12 other teams.

    Mount Beauty Uglies 1174 defeated by Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles 1238

    6 tons from the Uglies vs only 4 from the Cows shows it isn’t just about high scores, but more about all playing your part. The cows go some way towards locking in the double chance, grabbing a 4 point lead after the Blimps loss. @bama will shine a light on Spargo (34) as one of the passengers, but @graeme will be happy with the overall team effort. Mitch (47) decided to go pig hunting again… surely the bell must toll soon?

    Whitsunday Warriors 1152 defeated by Venus Bay Vultures 1442

    @TerryinBangkok ‘s guys make it one win from the last 5, whilst @Fitzy ‘s Vultures kick another arse. 4 tons for Terry’s mob but McCartin (28) is a concern for both the Warriors and the Saints. For Venus Bay it was more of the same with Gaff, Yeo, Higgins, Beams, Martin and O’Meara hitting triple figures.

    Charlies Opening Spelunkers 1094 defeat Wineglass Bay Packers 972

    My mob somehow manage to win in a week when @TheTassieHawk ‘s team would have otherwise gone above them… so much for an early draft pick. Some rays of light (Fritsch with a 102) and some absolute shit (3 mids scoring less than 70) sums up my mob at the moment. Good to see Darcy get a run in the ruck and come through unscathed. @Tracey will be dirty with Hampton (9) but Mundy (101), Sloane (96) and Stretch (93) were serviceable. Hell, even Majak got 85!
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Len, Jul 9, 2018.

    1. Len
      Great stuff mate!
      I think the Misfits lost too many in the weeks where we had no ruck and couldn't field 15 to be a threat this year.
      Happy to play the chaos ball role up to the finals though :p
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    2. JC
      Nice one, @Bandit . :thumbsu:

      The Battlers keep defying my expectations - and I'm happy for them to keep doing so!
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    3. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Well done @Bandit
      Lefties throw in back to back 4 figure scores. Stoked.
      We may never have a playing ruck. I can live with that.
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    4. graeme
      Short but sweet - where have I've heard that said about you Jamie? :D

      The Cows are lucky the Health Deparment extended the local hospital or we would be using the back function room of the Bulls Hit Tav as an emergency ward. I appreciate every team has injury problems but strike me - McVeigh, Bailey Williams, Fyfe, Aaron Hall, Brad Crouch, Hanneberry, Papley, Mason Wood, O'Brien would form the basis of a nice squad.
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    5. anthak
      good work Bandit!

      I seem to remember this has happened before where your team has played well above your own expectations and finished top4...
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    6. chris88
      You and me both mate, happy we are both chugging along in the top 4, and that a couple of guys who had short stops in the Guim in Hunter and Witherden keep going along nicely.
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    7. Bandit
      Don’t often see my name and sweet in the same sentence mate!
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    8. TerryinBangkok
      Trust me. You can't.

      Nice and punchy Bandito.
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    9. TheTassieHawk
      The Nuffers were somewhat fortunate to nick one I had chalked up as a certain loss prior to the MSD and had no business winning once Kade Simpson was a late out. We were definitely aided and abetted by the Wombats playing 1 short despite having 19 players running around in the AFL - possibly following the Melbourne match committee circa 2009 - but the 6 hour bus ride back home for the victors was definitely a rowdy affair.

      With 4 rounds left the Nuffers will most likely get thumped by the Chooks and Cows but will be setting our sights on winnable games against the Lefties and Packers in Rounds 18 and 20. We reckon our aim to climb the ladder will be easier if @Bandit's side tanks better against the Lilacs than they did this week, time will tell.
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    10. chris88
      Lilacs have had absolutely no luck in the second half of the season with injuries. As an interested observer, I hazard to say they would've won on the weekend if Heeney had played, and would've come close to beating me with a fully fit Heeney and a full team a fortnight ago.

      Heeney and Parish are set to return this week, perhaps Tyson too. No Jonas though.
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    11. ChiefRussell
      Wouldn’t put it past the Nuffers to beat the Chooks @TheTassieHawk

      Every team seems to be saving their best form for the Chooks this year.
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    12. ChiefRussell
      BTW, we still have everyone having got double points in Round 6. I would hate for this to affect people’s finals chances, top 4 opponents or draft positions so I don’t know if we can get this fixed soonish (or at least tracked manually) @Len
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    13. chris88
      Round 14 banter and teams aren't up yet, but to avoid last week's unfortunate and unintended ruck fiasco, I submit the following:

      R: Buzza

    14. Len
      Yup @walesy is aware, same in all leagues

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    15. Len
      Will fix when back at a pc

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    16. chris88
      All good Len, more for a laugh than anything ... and to remind myself to double check too!!
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    17. HeavyMen
      Looking for latest results etc. Are the Uglies in the top 8 yet :)
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    18. graeme
      @HeavyMen - mate I am sure you know where TSLeagues section is? In answer to your quuestion, no the Uglies are not in the top 8 of the football table as yet. However, they are leading the race for the #1 pick next year. There is a term (something like "taking a dive") that describes their approach beautifully but I cannot recall it as it is not in the cows vocaulary.
    19. HeavyMen
      You know that angry noise Donald Duck made in the cartoons, that’s what I did when I went for the 1st time (ever)
      to the TS Leagues area today & saw such an institution holding up 17 other f’king teams on that bullshit ladder someone has dubiously concocted :)
      Rather than call for one of Terry’s Colonial Enquiry type thingo’s we will take our 3, 1st round picks & give youse (don’t f’king start on me TiB) all - the Father of All Hidings next year. You can take that to any f’king Bank you coonts wish to!!
      All legal or other correspondence to Bama thanks :)
      End of an emotional #1 ticket holders rant
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