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By Bandit on Sep 4, 2020 at 9:06 AM
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    Apologies for the tardiness folks:

    After a new colelctive bargaining agreement has been signed, the ORFFA writers can return from their industrial action to inject some wit, wisdom, insight and a load of general bullshit commentary into the world of ORFFA.

    This week it is my turn to review round 14... @JC has reluctantly agreed to do 15, but clearly the natives still have their noses out of joint about having to strike, as there are no indentified individuals to do rounds 16 & 17 (not so subtle request for a couple of volunteers)

    THEME: Fantasy Saviour Round

    We all know the feeling. That feeling when some normally non-descript performer steps up with a Messiah-esque performance to propel our underperforming bunch of triers to something resembling brilliance. Or maybe just competence, I don't know.

    Of course most of the time this is something that happens for other teams, and usually occurs when you are playing those other teams. So let’s celebrate Fantasy Saviour Round with the hope that we all get a God-like performance from one of our chosen 15 this weekend.

    Disclaimer: Hope for God-like performance only valid if your bunch of triers isn’t playing my bunch of triers.

    Nowhere Else Wanderers V Foul Bay Chickens
    Larrikin Lagoon Lefties V Whitsunday Warriors
    Wineglass Bay Packers V Charlies Opening Spelunkers
    Lovely Banks Lilacs V Birdsville Battlers
    Marble Bar Misfits V Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles
    Wagga Wagga Wombats V Mount Beauty Uglies
    Cradle Mountain Devils V Iron Knob Codpieces
    Gundagai Grasshoppers V Venus Bay Vultures
    Gariwerd Cockatoos V Nareewillock Nuffers

    Byes: Adelaide, Brisbane

    Nowhere Else Wanderers 1117 defeated by Foul Bay Chickens 1338
    @DaveH might have thought he had a saviour in Steven May (149), but it was to be one of only two tons the Wanderers would post. Ben McEvoy returned to some of his old form to match that with a 146, the Danger with a 132, Kelly with a 118, Hawkins and Langford with 105's and Saaaaaaaad and Sheppard with 102's put the match to rest. @ChiefRussell trying his best to keep Gundagai honest on the run home

    Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 872 defeated by Whitsunday Warriors 1218
    Tough game for @That KI Guy this week, not because of the byes, but because he was moving house. This meant he had one eye on the game, and the other on trying to find where the packing tape gun had last been left. Decent performances from Worpel (102), Rankine (130) and Anderson (116). @TerryinBangkok had a bit more joy, thankfully not the Patong variety, more the Port variety... Tarrant (111), Boak (116), Wines (133), Dixon (143), Ainsworth (142) & Cameron (108) taking care of business.

    Wineglass Bay Packers 970 defeated Charlies Opening Spelunkers 898
    @Tracey notches her third win of the year, on the back of tons from McGrath (124) and new recruit Daicos (108). My mob returned to their shit ways, with tons from Duggan (117), The Bont (122), Merrett (145) and Brayshaw (115) showing how bad the rest of the lineup was. Another forgettable Tassie battle.

    Lovely Banks Lilacs 1129 defeated Birdsville Battlers 1068
    @Jen notches another win to make that 6 for the season, the back line being the stalwarts with tons from Stewart (104), Moore (101) and Wilkie (100). The good run of results stops for @JC with Hunter (122), Witts (116) and Cerra (118) holding their own.

    Marble Bar Misfits 1436 defeated Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles 965
    Any rumours of tanking at Marble Bar were soon out to bed with a resounding win against the Cows. Tons from Lloyd (141), Daniel (110), Taranto (107), Mundy (123) and Whitfield (167) had @Len smiling and a few more helped out with 5 more scores over 85. @graeme gave the new season's Pinot a run at the Bulls Hit, with Mitchell (122) the only player to hit triple figures

    Wagga Wagga Wombats 1147 defeated by Mount Beauty Uglies 1287
    There was a fair amount of shit being spoken pre game at this one, with @HeavyMen throwing some of @Lenny120 's cubed faecal matter back in his face. Great game this one as @bama gets the win to make it three in a row, with Salem (116), Walsh (113), Gawn (135) and Petracca (127) the standouts. Lenny's guys were galant in defeat, with Shiel (118), Curnow (119) and Langdon (120) managing to generate a nice numerical sequence in the midfield, which pleased the spectators from the Wagga Wagga Mathematics Association. Uglies up to 4th

    Cradle Mountain Devils 1303 defeated Iron Knob Codpieces 1144
    @dmandrews sitting nicely in 3rd on the ladder with a win against the 14th placed Codpiece's being closer than he had hoped. Steele (151), Hooper (117) and Marshall (129) were ably supported by 5 more scores over 90, with @jimbowan showing some promsie for next season, demonstrated with solid showings from Greenwood (118), Shuey (112), Gray (149) and Stanley (109)

    Gundagai Grasshoppers 1328 defeated Venus Bay Vultures 842
    I wonder what odds ChiefBet would have given me at the start of the year if I wanted to make a bet that the Vultures would post the lowest score in a round. It's a testament to the depth the side that @Fitzy has built that they are still in the top half of the ladder. @snoz continues his run of world domination, with tons from Mills (104), Oliver (134), Adams (117), Grundy (127) and Dawson (110). Fitzy only had 12 players, and one of those was a miserly 2 points from Vandermeer, but tons from Docherty (125), Crisp (124), Gaff (135) and the long awaited return of Daniher (103) were a glimmer of light through the darkness.

    Gariwerd Cockatoos 1162 defeated Nareewillock Nuffers 1004
    @anthak had a case of either really good or really bad against @TheTassieHawk . Tons from Houli (147), Miller (110), Guthrie (114), Rockliff (110) and Phillips (101) were offset by seven scores under 60. The Nuffers were a bit more consistent, albeit consistently shit, with the only ton coming from Atley (109).
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Bandit, Sep 4, 2020.

    1. Len
      We are tanking for sure, we are just not very good at it :p
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    2. graeme
      Out tanked mate, you might need more practice at the back art.
      Excellent write up Banditto; the 2020 Pinot is pretty good with the Central Otago stars shining bright as usual.
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    3. TheTassieHawk
      The 10 words in bold summarises our clubs 1st 150 games to the highest degree of accuracy.

      36 wins, 2 draws and a whopping 112 losses, falling just under the 1 premiership point per game ratio.

      A slight bit harsh on the players who lined up in Round 14 however as they managed our highest tally since Round 9.

      CCJ felt it was worthwhile celebrating this monumental achievement a few nights ago in true Nuffers style and hasn’t been spotted since downing a dozen beers after training and was a no show for this weeks game.

      Has anyone heard where he might have been ?
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    4. graeme
      Heard from a very unreliable source that Malbandy had been seen in the general vicinity that evening . Might be no connection, but ....
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    5. Bandit
      I heard he was out with Spelunkers favourite Sydney Stack... they might be out for a while!
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    6. anthak
      I heard he went out to get chicken wings and got distracted.
    7. Bandit
      Appears he was more of a breast and thighs type guy
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    8. anthak
      I was wondering if anyone would understand my reference, and you sure did :) :D
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    9. HeavyMen
      Great to see the write up back, well done Bandit :)

      Had a sneaky look at results & I think (with tear in eye) this may be
      "the day the music died" sniffle, sniffle :-(
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    10. Fitzy
      These reviews stopped at a convenient time for the Vultures but we are exposed now! 1000 is the new 1500 for us haha.
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    11. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Wonderful work Banditto.
      The packing tape gun could be the size of a small shipping container and still go missing.
      Yes gave up and just bought Three rolls of tape. Still don’t know where they all ended up.
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    12. TerryinBangkok

      Very understandable. Moving is stressful, particularly for coaches. Our groundsman reports finding a man who claims to be James Worpel locked up in the dunny and bound and gagged by three rolls of masking tape. Since you probably could use the tape, shall I post him off?
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