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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Len, Jul 24, 2018.

By Len on Jul 24, 2018 at 7:40 PM
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    Only 2 rounds to go before the tight and exciting stuff. Who will make it? Who will fall away? What do the results of the last round tell us?

    Wagga Wagga 978 vs Foul Bay 1340

    Sicily out has just about ended any hope the Wombats may have had. Oliver, Gibbs and Cripps all scored tons, while Langdon was putrid with 20.

    The Chooks went bang with 5 tons to Danger, Cunnington, Kelly, Goldy and Hawkins. The Dalhaus injury will hurt, but watch out if the Cats decide to make a charge.

    Darraweit Guim Dirigibles 1181 vs Gundagai 1313

    The Blimps could not find a good wind. Only 2 tons to Allir and Coniglio, while the Hoppers enjoyed the fruits of a Magpie win with big ones to Cripps, Neale, Adams and Grundy. Sier and Cameron will be crucial to how the Hoppers fare in finals.

    New Nuffers 1037 vs Larrikin Lagoon 1078

    Close one. What Melbourne like to call an honorable loss. Only one ton for the Nuffers from the ageless JPK. The Lefties had two from Ross and Worpel. Lefties finally managed to get a playing ruck onto the field – and didn’t he spud it up big time.

    Birdsville 1055 vs Gariwerd 1326

    A match of tons. The Battlers with Witheden, Cutler, Witts and McDonald, while the Cockies had Laird, Tuohy, Crouch, Miller, Wallis and Lambert. Big dent for the Battlers turning the corner towards finals – strong Lions flavor about this team which augers well for the future. The Cockies will need Bellchambers to stand up in finals to be a serious threat.

    Cradle Mountain 1322 vs Waikiks 1375

    The Devils built themselves up for this one and put up a score their coach must be happy with. Sadly no chocolates. If Titch had one his tagged days, the Mountain may well have got home. But he hit a 192 and dragged the Cows across the line single handed. The Devils had tons from Pendles, Zorko, Nankervis, Gresham and Zaha, while the Cows had McGovern, Gardiner, Mitchell, Menegola and Prestia. The latter coming good at the right time and has X-factor written all over him for finals.

    Lovely Banks 1056 vs Venus Bay 1306

    Not a bad showing from the Lilacs here. Another team that needs the Cats to “do something!” Tons to Stewart and Duncan. A (relatively) quiet day for the Vultures with tons to Yeo, Houston, Parker and Martin. Fitzy will need a lift from his forwards if he is to lift the cup.

    Iron Knob 1417 vs Wineglass Bay 878

    A glass half full? Not even Rory could get a ton for the Packers. Badly need a class forward. Meanwhile the Codpieces top scored and are looking strong for finals. Tons everywhere to GAJ, de Goey, Stanley, Gray, Breust, Riewoldt and Henderson.

    Marble Bar 1371 vs Charlie’s Opening 1062

    Pleasing score for the Misfits with tons to Lloyd, Kelly, Whitfield, Smith, Fantasia and Greenwood. Marble Bar have the potential to be a real nuisance to some of the finals aspirants, especially as the Giants make their charge. The Spelunkers knocked out tons from Short, Merrett, Higgins and Ceglar. Short, Fritsch and Higgins are the future of this team, as early as next year.

    Mount Beauty 1065 vs Whitsunday 1088

    The Uglies had nice tons from Dusty, Sides and Petracca and were unlucky to let this one slip. A donut on the bench cost them the game, along with Big Max being outscored by Simpson. An underwhelming performance from the Warriors who were lucky to grab a win while at their most vulnerable. Tons to JJ, Tarrant, Polec and Simpson. Motlop a late out did not aid their cause.

    Finals Predictor

    Yes, we can do that too. How the ladder will look after two more rounds.

    1. Venus Bay 68

    2. Waikikamoocow 60

    3. Gundagai 52

    4. Iron Knob 48

    5. Gariwerd 44

    6. Birdsville 44

    7. Darrawiet 40

    8. Foul Bay 40
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Len, Jul 24, 2018.

    1. Len
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    2. Bandit
      Great review TiB... and agree with Len on the promptness... as I like a read whilst sitting on the throne early in the week. Given last nights fairly heavy protein bias at dinner... it needed to be a little more verbose :eek:
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    3. anthak
      Good work TiB, I’m glad you got it posted before Wednesday ;)
      I’m hoping Sandilands gets back in time to lead my ruck for the finals, and Bellchambers can come of the bench :)
    4. graeme
      Timely, top work TiB. The cows are hoping that our injury problems are solved with similar speed.

      @anthak re the rucks - are there some loophole rounds in the finals? :D
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    5. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Great stuff TiB.
      Surprising that the Lefties aren’t featured in the predictor.
      On a hot streak.
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    6. graeme
      Surely an oversight by our most western member. :oops: Perhaps next week's review might try to predict the second 10?
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    7. Len
      Only needs a bottom 2 to predict the Lefties :p
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    8. HeavyMen
      Only needed another lousy 24 pts at home to get the win!
      Well done to those featuring in TiBs 0.44444444444444444444444% of a ladder :)
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    9. graeme
      @HeavyMen - it would appear you were away (cycling?) when your maths teacher explained fractions and decimals. To help: 8/18 = 0.4444 which, when converted to a percentage = 44.44%. 0.4444% is a tiny number (8/1800). Hope that helps. I think Johnny Vegas also struggles with these sorts of abstract ideas.

      edit - removed the largish youtube file
      Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
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    10. HeavyMen
      Hmmm 0.4444% does seem like a tiny number Chels & it appears that that bloody "%" symbol jumped in there of it's own accord :)
      One of the rare things that has been important amongst all the days I "forgot" to attend school, but man my pinball skills were off the charts!
      At least it's only the whole of the TS community that is aware of my "Fopaux" & dodgy maths :p
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    11. snoz
      Great stuff TiB - timely and to the point !!
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    12. TheTassieHawk
      cheers @TerryinBangkok

      A back of the envelope analysis is if both sides end up on 40 points it will be likely that Foul Bay @ChiefRussell (currently 19212 points scored) end up above the Guim @chris88 (currently 18362) on superior points scored.

      The non mentioned Cradle Mountain @dmandrews (19034) and Marble Bar @Len sides (18130) are also a chance to win both remaining games and finish on 40 points as well. A potential grandstand finish awaits.
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    13. JC
      And, on current form, the Battlers are a good chance to drop both remaining games and miss the finals - unless I can get a quality tanking effort from @Bandit in the last round! ;)
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    14. Len
      He is quite good tbh :)

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    15. chris88
      Wouldn't worry JC - with Gariwerd and Venus Bay on the slate, the Blimps are looking pretty Hindenburgish right now.

      Though I actually didn't expect to be in the 8 ...
    16. Bandit
      Drop me a note and I can do some bad loopholing ;)
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    17. Len
      Assuming Ryder plays these will be the Misfits taking on the Uglies..

      Jake Lloyd, Daniel Rich, Nick Haynes, Adam Tomlinson
      Josh Kelly, Callan Ward, Lachie Whitfield, Marc Murphy - Matthew Kennedy
      Patrick Ryder
      Devon Smith, Tim Taranto, Orazio Fantasia, Caleb Daniel - Daniel Venables
      Tom HICKEY, Hugh Greenwood - Stefan Giro
    18. Bandit
      Wrong Thread @Len
    19. Len
      Bah, I really should stop doing this at work, people keep interrupting my leisure, I forget I've opened more than one thread :p
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