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    Round 15 review...
    There were moments of pure fantasy poetry, and then there were the Trump moments.
    (Apologies for the brevity and the delay!)

    Lefties vs Vultures (641 1443)
    Lefties in full tank mode, (Herman not Sherman) provided a carcass the already fattened Vultures really didn't need.
    Lefties were incredibly crap on all lines, Ross's 99 the high score in a sublime performance of emotive excrement.
    Fitzy's lot did what they have done all year and dined on the aforementioned carcass. 7 (SEVEN!!!) centurions made the squad more like a Roman army than an FA team.

    Spelunkers vs Dirigibles (1260 1111)
    Also in full tank mode bandit has opened an enquiry as to how he ended up with 5 tons, assistant coaches scurrying for cover like cockroaches off a cadaver.
    In a remarkable performance Ben Brown was the single blimp to look like a footballer, the rest are undergoing post-traumatic stress treatment.

    Misfits vs Codpieces (1383 vs 1196)
    Despite a humiliating loss in the nursery league, the AFL, the Misfits orange brigade combined for 623 points at an average of 104 ensuring a comfortable home win for Marble Bar.
    For the Cods, Ablett sent a note from his parents, Vardy sent a FU from his heart and Murdoch was counselled for repeated use of #WTF. De Goey was a lone soldier for Iron Knob, something of a "hire me" display for the Misfits some cheekier fans have noted.

    Cockatoos vs Chickens (1336 1283)
    Hurn 139, Danger 142, Crouch, 134, Wallis 124, Selwood 127. Good scores were certainly easy to find, but the cockies were more consistent across the park whist the chooks are looking wistfully at their list of not availables and wondering which underperformers are to be put to the sword.
    Gariwerd becoming a team to avoid during the finals whilst a "legged" chook outfit are starting to look like Vulture bait.

    Wombats vs Warriors (1105 1196)
    Oliver, Picken & Sicilly vs JJ Boak & Douglas!!!
    Not exactly a game for the ages this, more like your 3am content filer.
    Bryce Gibb's 45 for the wombats only outplayed by Tarrant's 0 for the warriors (luckily the reef boys had a saver in Andrews at 96)
    Dawson Simpson warmed up for his R16 inclusion by professionally doing f'all.
    Barrass is being forced to watch videos of naked Sherrins so he knows what to look for next time.

    Devils vs Lilacs (1248 1136)
    The fact that this was so close says as much about the Lilac's improvement as it does about the Devils lack of resolve.
    Zorko gave a clinic in how to score, but was then wiped out by the MRP when their magic mushroom cloud unexpectedly cleared and they found a real infringement. Parish for the Lilacs gave an indication of what is to come.

    Incorrigiles vs Packers (1381 1207)
    For the cowboys Hibberd, Mitchell and Jacobs all went bang while Fyfe went looking for Menzel. Sloane (169) went full beast mode but was followed by some genuinely insipid performances ensuring a NZ victory.
    The Incorrigibles firming every week for the flag as their unbeaten run streak reached 14, whilst the Packers continue to show improvement, this isn’t their year.

    Uglies vs Grasshoppers (1198 1127)
    Dusty's 150 for the Uglies was the headline act in this match, Cotchin and Gawn also managed tons for the home side, the Uglies chances of a big score were blown to pieces by a defence that couldn't score at the Cross. For the Hoppers Grundy, Martin & Adams led the way, McLuggage a highlight, not so much the Fisher man.

    Battler's vs Nuffers (1140 941)
    The home side's midfield of Treloar, Blakely, Sheed and Hunter managed a strong 431 between them, beyond which there was Witts, Witherden and not much else, Cutler was double booked and chose to honour a maniped appointment instead.
    The Nuffer's ruck woes were complimented by 2 duck eggs, the coach no doubt looking at some off season changes as well as hoping to get some troops back. Lester and Ebert battled manfully, the rest more playfully.
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Len, Jul 29, 2017.

    1. Bandit
      Great stuff from the commish!
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    2. JC
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    3. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Well done on the fly @Len
      Yeah prob our worst game of the season. Not that you can split hairs on a 600 vs a 900.
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    4. graeme
      Thanks for the write up Len. I see you are still trying to deflect attention away from the form of the Misfits who look better and better as the season warms up. :rolleyes:
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    5. Len
      Happy to be relevant for a change, but our best scores aren't as good as the best teams, no flags this year I believe
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    6. anthak
      Good write up Len.

      It seems this has been said each year for the last few:
      Our best can trouble anyone, but too inconsistent and always only just struggle to make finals :(
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    7. TerryinBangkok
      Have another tinny.
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    8. Len
      I blame spellcheck
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    9. HeavyMen
      Good write up :)

      Am I, err....the Uglies in the top 4 or just the top eight?
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    10. anthak
      Neither mate. You've been drinking too many cans at the games to notice?
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    11. HeavyMen
      WTF, get the Commish on the phone now!

      When did it all go wrong? Well, we want 1st pick in draft to make up for the incompetence of
      the league official(s) who have clearly fckd up the results that I have been sending through (albiet with
      a few numbers crossed out & re-written). Make it 1st & 2nd picks & I will (reluctantly) drop legal action :)
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    12. Len
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    13. HeavyMen
      Well at least the Commish got on the phone :)
      What draft picks are we getting, if it's lower than ten you'll need a bigger meme :)
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    14. Len
      :) Pick 9 atm, only has himself to blame if he wins too many from here
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