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By Len on Sep 10, 2020 at 7:19 AM
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    Courtesy of @TerryinBangkok


    In this, the year of Covid-ball, the FA have had to innovate to survive. The first decision the Board made was to award the Premiership to Gundagai, so @snoz sits on the tucker box, being first past the post.

    The second decision, based on the first, was to shift the focus from outright winner to who can make the 8. Much more exciting. Can you believe, in the absence of a Dawson Cup, coaches are scratching and clawing for that vital, but meaningless 8th spot, while older heads are tanking for draft picks. As of R!5 we had:

    7. Marble Bar Misfits 32 104.8
    8. Birdsville Battlers 32 105.5
    9. Wagga Wagga Wombats 32 98.6
    10. Whitsunday Warriors 32 98.6
    11. Waikik Incorrigibles 28 100.6
    12. Lovely Bay Lilacs 28 99.1

    So, for match of the round we had the Wombats and the Warriors, both on exactly the same percentage battling it out in the hope of a slip up from the Battlers or the Misfits. Sort of a Clayton’s Essendon, Melbourne or Carlton.
    While the Cows are looking down, the Lilacs are looking up. Could @Jen sneak into the 8 and earn the improver of the season title?
    Other leagues opted for a bye, but no, in ORFFA too much depends on this. Could there be some final twist in the tail? Might the stewards go back to earlier rounds and discover Covid breaches, causing a shuffling of this delicately poised challenge for Numero 8? Watch this space.

    Totted them up myself, so could be mistakes.

    Wineglass Bay Packers 454 def. by Foul Bay Chickens 1397
    Talk about putting the foot on the throat. Absolutely no mercy from the Chooks as @Tracey struggled with 3 donuts on top of 2 byes. Decimated. Tons sprinkled like hundreds and thousands for the Chooks and Hawkins top scoring with 173.

    Lovely Banks Lilacs 1087 def Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 622
    There is so much good fresh food to be had on Kangaroo Island you wonder why @That KI Guy would opt for a veritable feast of donuts. @Jen is on a roll and you can never have too many Cats (remember the good old days when you could never have too many Giants?). Shudder. But it was the much improved Port man Carl Amon who topped the lot with 128.

    Marble Bar Misfits 1286 def. Nowhere Else Wanderers 1099
    Old man Mundy bought the bacon home yet again for @Len with a 138. Interesting team the Wanderers – lots of middle-of-the-road players who might turn out to be someone. We hope so.

    Wagga Wagga Wombats 1279 def. Whitsunday Warriors 1108
    A tight tussle and @Lenny120 gets the chocolates. Harmes, although generally useless this year, as a late out he was the knife to the heart of the Warriors. Emerging star Mr. Hyphenated Uniake was the hero for the Wombats with 129, ironically in a losing side to Port where the Warriors Boak knocked out 149 and Wines 128. Go figure. So, looks like the Wombats are the best chance for 8th spot and the Warriors can now focus on the draft, while the Wombats can enjoy the rise of Cam Rayner.

    Cradle Mountain Devils 1156 def. Charlie’s Opening Spelunkers 1002
    Yanno, if it wasn’t for 3 donuts, the Cavemen might have given this a fair shake. They had a red hot go, but the Devil’s midfield is just too strong, particularly when Zorko decides to bring 159 to the table. One more class mid and the Spelunkers will upset a few next year. Meanwhile, a slightly below par score for the Devils, but it was a bye round.

    Gundagai Grasshoppers 1208 def. by Birdsville Battlers 1392
    Wowee (as that idiot oft repeats). Very gutsy by @JC. I for one would not have attempted it. Got a long memory has @snoz. Hoppers had 2 x OPPs, which you would expect from the Woodsmen being on the bye, but you can’t take anything away from that win. I reckon @ChiefRussell owes the man a beer. It was a good turnout from the heave ho boys that made the difference.

    Gariwerd Cockatoos 956 def. by Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles 1308
    I never knew Kangaroo Island actually exported their donuts. Must be tasty, but hope @anthak doesn’t get too fat. Clearly Menegola (193) and Dunkley (151) didn’t get the email @graeme grasps in vain for a favourable draft position. Ryan Burton doing a quad is not good for anybody, but he will be back nice and fresh for the Cows next year. Interesting battle of the Crouch brothers. Perhaps they might stay.

    Nareewillock Nuffers 1053 def. by Mount Beauty Uglies 1162
    I can hear @bama humming Maurice Chevalier’s “Thank heaven for little Sammy Walsh”. But then again he’s probably too young to know what I’m talking about. 161 – got them home. Very big on Melbourne are the Uglies. At least he seems to have picked the right ones. As a collective at the moment they are disappointing in the extreme. Very workmanlike effort from the Nuffers. A decent ruck and they are on their way. Can build for the future around Serong.

    Venus Bay Vultures 837 def. Iron Knob Codpieces 771
    A veritable feast of donuts this one. I got fat just counting them. No stars, nothing outstanding, just a real grind and @Fitzy got over the line. A flash of bravery from Greenwood (128) and Robbie (120), but not enough for @jimbowan. Fitzy was not favoured during all the byes, but has managed to scrape through.

    Walesy will call weight right when he is ready.

    So, the Chooks are putting the heat on the Grasshoppers tottering on the tucker box, while the Wombats have a foot in the 8 – percentage will tell how many toes.
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Len, Sep 10, 2020.

    1. HeavyMen
      Lovely work, thanks TiB

      A little humming to myself returns after a down week
      "Now I'm walking on sunshine, whoa
      I'm walking on sunshine, whoa
      I'm walking on sunshine, whoa
      And don't it feel good"

      Not quite Maurice but sums up Bama's "feel good" season :)
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    2. graeme
      Terrific review from @TerryinBangkok one of the doyens among an association of fine wordsmiths.

      After the carnage of the so called "festival of footy", the cows had the luxury of having 20 players take the field. A guest appearance from chels as selector meant there were three bad selection decisions. With a decent run without injuries and some inspired selections in the PSD we might be in the mix next year. Dreams are free.
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    3. Bandit
      Love your work TiB... Spelunkers striving for mid table mediocrity
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    4. Bandit
      Cradle Mountain Devils 1197 vs Charlies Opening Spelunkers 1174

      #tankingdoneright @Len
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    5. graeme
      Nothing as odious as a sanctimonious tanker :FU::FU:
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    6. TerryinBangkok
      Hmmm. 3 respondents to a review. Time to review the review or end of season blues?
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    7. Bandit
      6 likes though :)
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    8. JC
      Sorry, TiB. You are right to give us a whack.

      Thanks for the review. As always, the Battlers are showing some form once the horse has bolted and wins only mean a worse draft pick! :p

      Hopefully the good form bodes well for next year, or at least bumps up the value of some trade out candidates.
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    9. snoz
      Thoroughly enjoyed reading that TiB - thanks!!!...........I’m just trying to hang on.
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    10. TerryinBangkok
      Can feel the love. :p
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    11. TheTassieHawk
      Yet another well deserved win for the Uglies @bama, a team that would have caused soem damage in either a top 4 or top 8 final series if one had been held.

      As for the Nuffers we are 150 points a week of mid-table mediocrity after an incredibly strong run with injuries.

      Rucks aside that's a heap of talent and depth that needs to be injected into the side just to no longer be at the foot of the table and the reality of the current ORFFA draft rules is the side needs to be making every trade and draft pick a winner including 3rd-5th rounders for that to eventuate before mid decade.
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    12. Fitzy
      Not sure where to post congratulations to @snoz on the premiership. Been a long grind for Gundagai with three wooden spoons but you've got a powerhouse of a team now. Well deserved and well done on building the team up like you have.
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