ORFFA Round 17 Review

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    ORFFA Round 17 Review

    So here we are at the end of yet another ORFFA regular season – our seventh! Where on earth did the time go? And it’s fitting that we concluded the home and away fixture with Fellowship Round and raised a glass in honour of this wonderfully eclectic group of ORFFANs.

    And, most importantly, we entered the final round with so much still at stake, with six games having the potential to shape both the make-up of the eight and the all-important top four. In the end, five teams finished on the same number of wins, with only three making the finals. Let’s have a look at how it all unfolded. (spoiler alert – good luck to those picking an opponent this week!)

    Wagga Wagga Wombats 1144 def by Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 1199
    With a slim chance to garner another number 1 pick, the Lefties coach insisted that he could only find 13 and a half players to send out on the field. The attempted tank job backfired spectacularly, however, with Ross (158), Brayshaw (115), Dumont (132) and Berry (106) all flipping the bird to the coach as the ‘Goon posted their third win of the year and headed off to Mad Monday celebrations in high spirits.

    As for the Wombats, four scores under 50 – including a craptactular 15 from O’Brien – ensured the off season will be a long one in Wagga. On a positive note, Wagga fans were delighted to see Brodie Smith (49) return to action after his serious knee injury. The Wombats list management will be a fascinating watch in the offseason as they continue to build around young gun Clayton Oliver (147).

    Lovely Banks Lilacs 1015 def by Mount Beauty Uglies 1256
    Some nervous moments for Uglies fans who were counting on the Lilacs solid recent form to help them wrap up the coveted number 1 pick, but instead they got the best of both worlds – a win and the number 1 pick. Fans were also left with a wondering “where the hell has that been all year?” as Salem (149), Gawn (112) and Petracca (110) took full advantage of the Demons demolition of the Suns. Even Dusty (111) was able to pry his thoughts from another off season full of Las Vegas benders to finish the year in style.

    No tanking on the cards for Coach Jen, who implored her charges to finish the season with another win and some momentum heading into next year. Early injuries to both Moore (2) and 2 metre Peter (15) cruelled any hopes of a win, while Bews (22) asked someone to pop his shoulder out late in the piece in a vain attempt to explain his meagre output. So a disappointing finish for Jen’s boys, but there was plenty to like about the Lilacs this year and their fans should be optimistic heading into next season.

    Nareewillock Nuffers 983 def by Wineglass Bay Packers 1120
    The Packers and the Nuffers were kind enough to trial a 14-a-side variant of the ‘FA as part of the broad suite of possible rule changes. The scores suggest that the idea may need some tweaking, if not scrapping all together. But a positive finish to the year for the Packers with Mundy (116) and Sloane (111) reliable as ever, while Coach Tracey must be hoping that Majak (92) retains both his ruck status and his late season form heading into next year.

    Other than Brad Hill (105), it was just a whole lot of ‘meh’ for Nuffers, who suffered through subpar nights from veterans Simpson (81), JPK (75) and Dixon (52). The Nuffers are another side that will be an interesting watch in the offseason as new coach TTH looks to put his stamp on this team. If the mid-season trade period was anything to go by, we can expect plenty of activity in Nareewillock!

    Foul Bay Chickens 1283 def by Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles 1357
    The Chooks superior ‘points for’ had assured them of a finals birth, despite being tied on points with 7th and 8th, but there was also a slight chance of a top 4 finish if results went their way. Usual suspects Selwood (159), Danger (132) and Kelly (112) did their best to lift the Chooks, but CR will need to get a bit more from his forward line if the Chooks are going to seriously challenge for the flag.

    The game had little meaning for the Cows, other than a finals tune up, as they would finish second regardless of the outcome. However, Titch (153), Menegola (144), Dunkley (132) and Robbo (120) all went past 120 and made sure that complacency would not be an issue for the Cows, who have set themselves up nicely for another tilt at the flag.

    Gundagai Grasshoppers 1308 def by Gariwerd Cockatoos 1314
    This loomed as a genuine top four shaping encounter and it didn’t disappoint as the Cockies got home in a nail biter against the ‘Hoppers. The ‘Hoppers midfield unit easily took the points against the Cockies mids, with Grundy (167), Cripps (122), Neale (120) and Adams (107) all dominant. Only Crouch (127) offered much resistance for the Cockies. But the Cockies overcame their midfield issues and won the battle at both ends of the ground to even up the contest. The Cockies forward line was particularly dominant and Jenkins (114), Lambert (113) and Wingard (105) dined out on a ‘Hoppers defence that averaged less than 40. In the end, Rayner’s (44) miss may have cost more than just the Lions a win.

    The end result made no difference to the Hoppers who held on to 3rd spot, while the Cockies win gave them a top 4 finish.

    Darraweit Guim Dirigibles 1310 def by Venus Bay Vultures 1397
    A good win in a high quality contest sees the Vultures finish the regular season undefeated. So congratulations to Fitzy and his boys for an outstanding season to date. Fair to say it may have come at a cost, though. Greene’s (18) injury-plagued season continues, while we won’t see Andrew Gaff (123) again this ORFFA season after he decided to start the offseason early. On the plus side, Fitzy would be delighted to see Buddy (178) find some form heading into the finals.

    The Blimps, meanwhile, were desperately hoping to avoid a Hindenburg-style ending to their season and cling on to a spot in the eight, but it wasn’t to be. No shame in losing with a score of 1310, though, and the performances of Aliir (101) and first gamer Abbot (100) would have pleased the coach. Coniglio (157) had a monster game to cap an already impressive season.

    Birdsville Battlers 999 def by Charlies Opening Spelunkers 1154
    Win against the tankers and the Battlers would play finals. Instead, another substandard performance from the Birdsville boys ensured that the last spot would go to a worthy finalist instead of a side limping home and desperately needing the season to end. Doedee (112) finished the year strongly, while McKay (98) decided to pull his finger out with list management meetings on the horizon.

    Not exactly a performance for the ages form Bandit’s troops, but Bont (100), Zerrett (116), Atkins (111) and Blicavs (121) pretty much just played kick to kick as the Spelunkers midfield dominated the undermanned Battlers. Coach Bandit was heard to say that he was just relieved that this didn’t impact his draft position, then told all and sundry to get stuffed before he disappeared into the cave not to be seen again until next season.

    Cradle Mountain Devils 1307 def Whitsunday Warriors 1216
    Needing a win to have any chance of a place in the finals, the Devils continued their excellent post-bye form and accounted for a competitive Warriors outfit. Strong outings from The Great Zorko (142) and Redden (137), and one from out of nowhere from Himmelberg (110) made sure the Devils resurgence was not in vain. Probably the most consistent team since the bye, the Devils provide another perilous option for those picking an opponent this week.

    Must’ve been a bit awkward at Warriors training this week with Jeremy ‘Thug’ Cameron finally reunited with Harris Andrews after knocking him out cold a few weeks ago. JJ (156) was allowed to run around on his own all night, but with only Harmes (114) and Polec (101) offering assistance, the Warriors just didn’t have the firepower against the in form Devils. Another season of close, but not quite, for the Warriors.

    Iron Knob Codpieces 1133 def by Marble Bar Misfits 1471
    And we finish with a game that had both top eight and top four implications. A win for the Knobs would see them guaranteed a top four birth, while a win for the Misfits might see them sneak into a finals position. Well, no sneaking required for the Misfits who rode the orange tsunami (and I’m sure Len’s had dreams about that before ;)) all the way to the finals. Josh Kelly bought his own footy on the way to a ridiculous 205, as he, Ward, Murphy and Whitfield combined for a midfield total of 600.

    A ruck donut was, unfortunately, a sign of things to come for Jimbo. Macrae (121) battled hard and Gray (99) was solid, but there were just too many average scores for the Codpieces in the face of the onslaught from the Misfits. The result means Jimbo and his boys are fair game for anyone in the top 4 brave enough to pick them as an opponent – and they still have plenty of potential to go big.

    So there you have it, ladies and gents, another regular season done and dusted and a fascinating finals series on the horizon. Good luck to all of the finalists this weekend.
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by JC, Aug 7, 2018.

    1. Len
      Great stuff mate :)
      Regardless of whom chooses who it will be an interesting finals series, we also need to put the Zac Dawson matchups into the fixture when done :)
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    2. graeme
      Top write up JC, a fitting finale to a season (well almost a season) of reviews. Finals are cool but the lead in H&A round is somehow cooler.
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    3. ChiefRussell
      Seems like the reviewer believes that the Chooks are the easiest kill of the 5-8 sides. Interesting.

      BTW, can't wait to have Dangerfield, Ziebell and possibly even Tim Kelly in my forward line in 2019. We have been trialing them there in training and with a bit more work in the pre-season they will hopefully be right to go.
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    4. Len
      The Misfits have similarly trailed Whitfield in defence, along with Williams, Lloyd and Webster/Rich we are hopeful of a much better points against number,
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    5. JC
      Ha! Nah, not really CR. I knocked this review out in quick time today just to get it out of the way so we could focus on finals. That meant I didn't spend a heap of time reading back what I'd put down, so I wouldn't read too much into any of it, mate. There's probably a bunch of shit I'd change if I'd actually bothered to proof it properly. :)

      To be honest, I don't actually think there is an easy kill in the 5-8 bracket. I think you can make an argument for all of the finalists to win it.

      And, yeah, the Chooks forward line looks ominous for 2019. :thumbsu:
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    6. anthak
      Good one JC!
      Very comprehensive considering you knocked it out in quick time!
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    7. dmandrews

      Terrific write-up JC.

      Of the top eight teams the Devils have definitely been the most consistent since the mid-season break. Ceiling might not be as high as some other teams but the Devils are the only finalist that hasn’t dropped below 1,300 since the MSD with the lowest score being 1,307 and the highest score being 1,417. I’m just glad the Devils made the start-line for the finals and can test themselves against the cream of the ORFFA crop. CMD captain, Pendles will be wrapped in cotton wool this week to maximise the chances of him playing his first ORFFA final having been injured in the warm-up for the Devils first ever final in 2014 against the Chooks and missing the 2017 final against the Misfits due to a broken finger.

      There was a massive plot twist after the mid-season break and it is amazing that in the end the eight teams that made the finals in 2018 are the exact same teams that made the finals last year, only one change to the top four and 5-8 with the Misfits dropping from the top four to 5-8, swapping brackets with the Cockatoos. Vultures, Cows and Hoppers finished top four in both 2017 & 2018 whilst Chickens, Iron Knob and Devils finished 5-8 in both years.
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    8. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Magic stuff @JC
      It’s been well proven that we’re pretty rooted at tanking. And probably drafting.
      TBH were stoked to win two of the last three. To crack nearly 1200 is gold.
      Good luck in the finals kids.
      Play nice.
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    9. TerryinBangkok
      Nice read.

      Expect there are still a few twists and turns to come. Remember, if it bleeds you can kill it.
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    10. TheTassieHawk
      Some pretty apt analysis there @JC

      Congrats to @Tracey on a well deserved final round win. The Nuffers seasons was an ever so slight improvement on 2017 in terms of wins, points scored and ladder position and most of that comes down to the solid pre injury form of Nic Nat. The list management committee will stick fat with a plan to re-make the side over a 3 draft period with the aim to be far more competitive by the back end of 2019 and to fill in the missing 21-25yo age bracket wherever possible.

      We don't have much worth offering so one or more players aged 27 plus may need to be moved out and as already mentioned the Nuffers 2019 PSD first rounder will be traded for whatever the market determines is a fair price. Free Agents and players who can't get a game in the stronger clubs are invited to tour the Nuffery and join in pre-season training as we expect to be taking far more than the 4 player minimum at the PSD meaning the 2019 prospectus will be high on this coaches xmas wish list.

      Best of luck to the 8 finalists as they battle it out in the next 3 weeks. I would like to see the top 2 make it through to reward their home and away excellence this year however several of the challengers will no doubt raise their game as the season is reaching the business end.

      Only 225 more sleeps til ORFFA Round 1, 2019 - not that we are counting !!
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    11. Bandit
      You twist and turn like a ... twisty-turny thing. I say you are a weedy pigeon and you can call me Susan if it isn't so.

      Great work @JC, the Spelunkers have already put a line through 6 players to be traded/delisted at seasons end... with probably more to come.

      One of those dropped a ton this weekend... please form an orderly queue.
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    12. Len
      The Misfits have spotted a few openings with easily predictable positional changes coming into affect next year, we will be targeting players aged 26-30 and have an excellent nursery from which to make payment :p
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    13. Bandit
      You paying with legalised cannabis or burger rings?
    14. Len
      The fountain of youth :)
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    15. HeavyMen
      Ka-bloody-BOOM !!!
      Nice way to finish, pissed as crickets on an away trip with a win & some very accomodating local wenches :)
      Thursday & I’m still up (so to speak) wink wink nudge nudge say no more eh EH (Python speak) :)
      Bring on the draft & get prepared for a year to come when the Uglies will show no mercy, get mouth guards ready & bring your own f’ing hot water. We will ROCK your world. God how I love these Mountain Men.
      Please (somebody) make sure I know the draft results so I can prepare the new lads with a bonding camp (nuthun like Adelaide’s). Prospective players parents please note all relevant anti everything shots will be provided - as our standards on camps have seen the odd outbreak of the itches, in the recent past - not really my fault as the certificates of cleanliness we’re particularly good forgeries - when did wenches become so devious - wouldn’t happen in France Chels (although we probably did spend a little more than normal). Anyway signing off until draft results are in.
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