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    Compliments of the site's C0C @snoz :)

    Wineglass Bay Packers 1080 defeated by Foul Bay Chickens 1300
    The struggling Packers are looking to improve on 2016 but have started the season slowly, going down to Foul Bay by 220pts and have now started 0-2. Stand outs were Sloane with 146 and Mr Fragile Sam Reid with 115. Leading Premiership favorite Foul Bay has started 2-0 and are more than capably led by Danger 140, old man S Mitchell 111 & Jelwood 128. Convincing winners even with the Goldy donut.

    Lovely Banks Lilacs 983 defeated by Whitsunday Warriors 1255
    TiB has started the season bloody impressively, only going down by 1pt to Venus Bay last week and dispatching this week the Lilacs comfortably by 272 pts. Led by Ollie 145, Jeremy Cameron chipping in with 108 and even Sam Gibson a surprising 108. The Lilacs on the other hand were picked by CR to improve somewhat in 2017, and sit in 16th spot even though they have started 1-1. No tons for the Lilacs, Mitch Duncan scored 99 for the young team.

    Waikikamoocows 1138 take down Charlies Opening 1108
    Last week the Cows were donut city, however this round they managed to get 14.5 players on
    the field which was enough to take down the Spelunkers by a mere 30 points. Fyfe 117 was
    everywhere, Sauce 108 turned back the clock but it was Rising Star hopeful Ryan Burton that
    really shone, scoring 104 to have the Cows at 1-1 and back on track. The Spelunkers have Zerrett 112 and the Bont 140 holding the team up; Gunston got in some form with 131 in the forward line but was left to do it all with new draftee Bowes stinking it up with 26. With a 1-1 start the Spelunkers will be looking for some depth to help the studs going forward.

    Mt Beauty Uglies 1214 go down to Cradle Mountain 1316
    At 2-0 and sitting in 2nd Place, the Devils have opened 2017 strongly and look to improve on last year’s 11th place. Calling the victory aka The Babe, Heppell 108, Dependles 120 & Zorko 112 do what they do every week – but it’s the man on everyone’s lips – The Nank – that again proved to be a CD love child with 124. Christian Salem 134 finally showed some form for the Uglies, the midfield of Dusty 118, Cotch 135 & Priddis 110 were fantastic. The Big Gawn continues on from last season with a decent 111 and a donut in the forward line may have cost this equal Premiership fave at 1-1 a shot at victory.

    Birdsville Battlers 1036 defeated by Wagga Wagga Wombats 1191
    Two middling teams being somewhat middling – aka average! The Wombats come away with a 155 pt win to square their season at 1-1 and sit in 9th spot. Emergency Houli 107 coming off the bench was superb in defense, The Kid Olliver again was everywhere with 139 & Dylan Shiel stood tall with 132. Some major injuries though for the Wombats with Tipp 11 going down on one leg and Josh Jenkins 2 collapsed down his own wombat hole. The Battler’s had under-performing Trelaor solid enough with 108, but Blakely was putrid with 13. Recent trade acquisition Witts 100 is proving to be a good pick up, the interchange was yuck scoring 115 total and the defenders averaged 80 only to have them also at 1-1 and sitting 13th on the ladder.

    Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 720 (that’s not a mistake) defeated by Gariwerd Cockies 1235
    The back2back Premiers have completely $hit the bed. Not so much of a re-haul as it is an abomination. Sitting in 18th spot, 0-2 on the season, the Lefties look like they are trying to use right handed tools while munching on donuts – all four of them. Seb Ross 109 was seen after the game on Facebook trying to find ORFFA coaches to trade for him. The Cockies have opened strongly and needed this walkover to get back to 1-1, after sadly losing last week even though they scored 1412 ! This squad are all even with no standouts as yet, with nearly every player seeming to score 80 pts. Sitting 4th with serious depth, CR’s 3rd line bet for Premiers is looking strong.

    Venus Bay Vultures 1488 down the Misfits 1354
    Equal Premiership favorite Venus Bay have started strongly, sitting on top of the ladder at 2-0 to be one of only three undefeated teams. The Misfits were valiant in defeat and have seriously improved on last year’s effort to be 1-1 and sitting nicely in 5th place. The soaring Vultures have Doch 124 in defense, Beams 120 in the middle, resurgent Stef Martin 126 in the rucks and a forward line that boasts Missy Higgins 130, Up & down Yeo 102 and pig Greene 138 to have 7 x 100 scoring players. The Misfits would have beaten any other ORFFA team this week with a squad comprising J Lloyd 114, Smurph 130, gun Kelly 120, Ward 106 & surprising kids WHE 120 / Fantasia 113 and are poised to flip their 17th place finish last year.

    Nunawading Nuffers 1111 defeated by Darraweit Guim 1225
    The Nuffers are struggling again after a testing 2016 campaign saw them finish in 15th place and have now opened their 2017 season 0-2 and sit near the bottom of the table. Strong forwards in fragile Dixon 108 & Lester 107, Ebert coming off the bench with 121 but a defense that averaged only 60 couldn’t compete with the Guim, who although sit at 1-1 in 12th place, look strong. Lyons 102, Tyson 102, new draftee ruck Naismith 83, the Guim have a squad of no stars as yet but an 80 average across the board to show some nice depth.

    Gundagai Hoppers 1294 defeated by the Iron Knob Codpieces 1327
    Hopper coach tried to outsmart himself this week and swung two needless changes to last week’s winning team. End result was a loss based on said changes. Idiot! The Knob have opened strongly at 1-1, led by Roberton 105 in defense, Shuey 141 in the guts and redeeming last week’s performance stud forward Robbie Gray with a mammoth 164 and look set for a strong campaign again. The Hoppers were strong in the guts, with Rocky 118, Cripps jaw 135, Neale 129 & E Curnow in a run with role scoring 103. Grundy was huge in the ruck with 135 (which is more than I can say about the fu$##%$ Pies). Lin Jong my apologies. Too many beers. You deserved to play. Sitting at 1-1 so far, the Hops are emulating CR’s pre-season ranking of 7th favorite at least.


Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Len, Apr 6, 2017.

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    1. Bandit
      You and I need to go to rehab to stop changing winning combinations sNoZ!
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    2. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Nice work @snoz
      Must be extremely gratifying for the spoonman to have the opportunity to lay it on all over the B2B premiers.
      And much deserved.

      Might go close to 14 players this week.
      Watch ya back, Lilacs!
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    3. graeme
      Nice write up Len. Your metaphors are a bit mixed. Not sure that Cows get on track. Perhaps in harness? Or amble to and from the milking shed.
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    4. Len
      All sNoZ's work mate, I'm merely the publisher ;)
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    5. anthak
      great writeup Snoz.
      My depth is gonna be tested this week, with Jordan Lewis, Grant Birchall, Jack Steven and Stew Crameri all dropped this week
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    6. snoz
      I've waited two years to be able to slap you Jelly Guy o_O
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    7. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      You sick unit.
      Think I'll give NJ a wide berth later in the year, just to be on the safe side.;)
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    8. TerryinBangkok
      Good read - thanks Simon.

      It would seem that Kangaroo Island could use a new President (preferably a financial guru cum media personality), a new General Manager, a new Coach (preferably someone from Geelong) and toss in a new water boy. Even Freo are doing better. Any takers that the Lefties will suddenly hit form when they meet The Warriors?

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