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    ORFFA Round three – a return to normalcy?

    Finally, we had TNT (team naming Thursday) and games played over Friday evening and the weekend. So we were back to normal in the sense. There were no repeats of the multiple team entries including JJ; so we were back to normal in that sense. Having 15 guys who would play? No chance; so we were back to normal in that sense. Would the favourite teams win - based either on the ChiefBet scale or the table after two rounds as indicated in the headers – read on to see if this was business as normal. Oh, and by the way this week we focus on the poorer performers rather than the normal approach of applauding star performances. All points count, you cannot ignore the weak links in your team.

    WWW (14) v VBV (1)

    ORFFAns had assumed the good mates would play a sporting game and applaud their opponents whenever possible. Well that was the theory. In what turned out be something of a yeo yeo (27) verbal stoush, Lenny had the barrassed (36) effrontery to ask of Fizzy how Dayne Beams was travelling? Fitzy gave as good as he got with a retort which your correspondent thinks included “gaff***ed” (123) followed by a Crisp (128) enquiry about how Cam Guthrie (7) was travelling. The VBV continue on their march to the top spot and perhaps, this year, finals glory. Lenny’s internet appears in need of an upgrade from dial-up to fibre and some new tweaks / apps in the MSD. WWW 931 lost to VBV 1379

    WKI (3) v WBP (13)

    The Packers made the long commute to the green and pleasant land of Jerusalem; well Bulls actually. Jerusalem is a little ways up the river. James Baxter established Aotearoa’s first hippie commune at Jerusalem in 1968 – great days. So peaceful, such a contrast to the uncouth, shambolic ritual of post-match drinks in the Bulls Hit Tavern. But I digress. For the locals, Aaron Hall (21) copped a tag from a third gamer which he did not handle well. The rest of the cows have not yet dried off. In a beautiful, but unrewarded in SC performance, the packers’ George Hewett (23) played a key role in the mighty swannies dealing to the “giants” of western steak and kidney. Well done George. Jayden Stephenson (33) will be a top line Packer but is currently finding the bigger bodies of the afl a handful. WKI 1330 defeated WBP 1134.

    GWC (12) v COP (16)

    Would the cave dwellers be deterred by sunlight and open spaces, or would they seek refuge in the dull lighting basement of the grandstand’s medical rooms? Who would claim to be in the early days of a rebuild (“from the ground up, not just a reno”) after a galling defeat? Who might lift into the top-eight section of the table? A mouth-watering game in prospect then? Not as it turned out. While O McD (34) was frightened by daylight, at least he emerged which is more than can be said for Liam who dug (0) himself into a burrow. An oop ruck appeared for the visitors which only underscored the locals abundance of rucks. Gariwerd were rightly cocky about having their low score via Lynden Dunn (67) who emerged to replace the no show COS. JJ (69) proved to be less popular this week appearing in only one team. GWC 1313 defeated COP 836.

    LLL (17) v WSW (11)

    Unaccustomed to being off the bottom of the table the lefties seemed uncomfortable when the suntanned Warriors arrived. The home team were even more startled when the ‘Gooners’ Bar was rapidly transformed into a facsimile of the visitors’ home Tiki Bar. TiB beamed at the industry of his team and tried not to allow his mind to wander to the pasting his other team were inflicting in ORFFL. For KI Guy, and let’s not forget before the fire sales he was “the Man”, any score is a good score. So secretly he might have revelled in the performances of Perrymen (36) and W Langdon (39); but the failure of three players on the team list to front for a home fixture is galling. Back to the drawing board champ; in the Master’s commentary all previous winners are referred to as Masters’ Champions so we owe Mike this sobriquet. Marchbank (40) was the sole unWarrior like performance other than their manager’s poor team selections. Your correspondent is willing to bet he gets it right next week. LLL (816) lost to WSW (1158).

    GGH (6) v MBU (15)

    The natty dark blue of the ‘hoppers new strip (that should be navy blue, but I just could not inflict that on one of Eddie’s cadre) glistening in the sun was a serious turn-on for bama’s boys. Not bama as in the former president of SnOZ’s adopted country who had recently visited Gundagai, but the proud brain behind the uglies. The visitors seemed hell bent on tackling anything with a hint of artistry. The (architectural) style of Brutalism (or Barbarianism for those who have not studied design) will only get one so far. There is a reason romance (as in languages) has thrived. And that is beauty. So bama has presented us with what appear to be conflicting views on modernism. What about the game you ask – apologies for the tangential comments. For the home side Wittering (40) might have enjoyed the preamble but his expression lacks confidence. For the visitors the absence of Hannan (0) was a blight on the landscape, and the misspelt Graeme (38) failed to live up to the expectation by the Punt Road worldwide wrestling fans of Punt Road. Despite his thuggish behaviour Sidebum (134) somehow gets to play next week. While bama might prefer it if to meet the over blown wraps placed on him by. GGH (1262) defeated MBU (1179).

    FBC (5) v MBM (9)

    TS nearly crashed on Friday evening as the world logged on to see if CR had forgotten his threat and failed to select Tim Kelly (he did not and he did). Meanwhile the Commish and his much better half were at their local Red Cross branch brushing up on their first aid skills in case the orangies suffered more injuries from their meeting with the “Toffs” than medical staff to attend to them. Apparently traditional Vietnamese remedies can be a giant help. Unfortunately for the chooks superannuitant Johnson (43, his score not his age) and Matthew Wronged (44) were inferior to their respective emergencies. For the Misfits TT (49) was guilty of mimicking an inferior player. I have a feeling these teams will meet again later in the year (a semifinal perhaps?) and the scores will both be significantly higher. FBC (1129) lost to MBM (1191) (in a game neither team thought they had won).

    DGD (4) v IKC (7)

    Ah, the new spaghetti western – “The Teams with no Rucks” – brought to us by Barilla. In a bit of piquancy both teams names Cat’s rucks and then neither played. Mmmm, not a good look. Billed as “the pretenders v the perennials” we waited in a state of delicious expectations. The build-up had it all, including Chrissie Hynde astride a blimp. This might have been seen as pushing the boundaries of decency by some but the codpieces, themselves no strangers to innuendo, were not outraged. However, the main event was a bit deflating. Perhaps the knobs’ thoughts were elsewhere as Jimbo’s run of luck (more Lee Van Cleef than Clint Eastwood) continued with GAJ (92) doing a hammy. In golf talk, about par for the course. It meant many ORRFA coaches consulted the FIXture list in the hope that their game against the knobs was imminent. It might just be time to pump up the blimps as contenders rather than pretenders with no inferior performances to sour the dough used in the pastaing. DGD (1444) defeated IKC (1120).

    NWN (17) v LBL (10)

    Would the Grollo family allow the nuffers continued access to their ancestral club rooms or would ORFFA have its first gypsy team? It is hard to imagine a team less likely to be seen in the vicinity of the Rialto on a Saturday evening than Jen and her lovelies. Some nice suburban ground with manicured flora and fauna – yes. A pre-game Pimms #5 cup or a chilled glass of blush (almost lilac) Rose with pate and relish – yes. Down and dirty with the hoi polloi in club land – maybe. So to say the visitors were slightly nervous ahead of the game was probably not a fair assessment. Yet they handed the nuffers what melbandy succinctly described as a “donkey licking.” I cannot imagine what was going through his mind when he let that slip. Paddy Dow (49) was “just a kid, giving it all away”, Weary (49) had no such excuse for the home team who managed to field a full team. No such worries for the visitors who turned in a sweet performance soured only by Armo (49) and an injury to the west coast flyer. NWN (965) were defeated by LBL (1235).

    BIB (2) v CMD (8)

    JC’s battlers are flying high and that always means the potential for an Icarus moment. Dean was in a devil of a pickle after being touched up by the Lilacs in the previous round. A result that did not look so bad after the lilacs form had been franked (see previous game). The home side were once again in rattling good form with Kayne Turner (22) the only snake in the grass. To mix the metaphors up further this is starting to look awfully like a team of winners rather than battlers. The margin was close but, as they say, JC seemed to have a bit in hand. Away from the high altitude of Cradle Mountain (1545 metres) young Gresham (43) was the only (and I apologise in advance for this analogy) delinquent Tasmanian like performer. The devils will win more than they lose this year. BIB (1248) defeated CMD (1209)

    To close, instead of a general get stuffed to my fellow managers, can I ask you to charge your glasses and drink a toast to walesy who makes this fantastic community possible. To the boss, cheers
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by That KI Guy, Apr 9, 2018.

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    1. Len
      Well done mate :) happy to beat the chooks for the first time, and with the mighty midget rucking as well :)
      Again, congrats to the winners, comiserations to the losers (I'll be back with you next week )
    2. chris88
      Masterful write up.

      High hopes one of those Geelong rucks actually gets a game this week. Though who that might be, I don't know.
    3. anthak
      Good work Chels

      haha, much less popular and now Jenkins might not even make it into any teams this week
    4. Bandit
      Seems legit
    5. JC
    6. TerryinBangkok
      Very punny. I love the diversionary cluster bombs suggesting everyone else is hot for the premiership.
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    7. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
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    8. snoz
      Wonderful write up Graeme - lots of big words had me scrambling for a dictionary, lots of puns had me going huh? until a few re-reads to let it sink in. Love the reverse thinking on players scores.
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    9. HeavyMen
      Geez Bama 1,179 beats 8 teams on my count :-(

      Rest assure you still have the full support of the “can bar” blokes & wenches. The grass roots followers
      remain engaged & supportive. A win will do wonders for confidence - Up & At these Fckers :) Nice write up Chels :)
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