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    Wagga Wagga 1213 d Wineglass Bay 882

    The Marsupials chalked up their first win for 2018 in style, knocking together 1200+ despite playing one forward short.

    Wagga's midfield foursome of Oliver, Gibbs, Swallow and Shiel racked up 450 points between them to lead the charge. Sicily and Cripps notched tons up forward, while Jarman Impey shows signs of real progress in 2018.

    The Packers also enjoyed a series of centuries in the midfield - from Mundy, Dunstan and newcomer Stephenson who looks the goods. But too much was left to too few, with only Alex Neal-Bullen really firing and just one fit player on the bench.

    Venus Bay 1372 d Charlie's Opening 1081

    Eventually someone might beat Venus Bay in season 2018 ... but I'm not sure who and when as Fitzy's mob rolled to another big score in their win over the cave dwellers.

    Barely a weak link across the field. Lids, O'Meara and Carlisle warming the emergencies list. Bench rookies scoring 100s. Plenty of talent there to allow Venus Bay to indulge the ups and downs of the Yeo yo-yo. Of course, this week's 150 meant Elliot managed to pull off all the tricks without clunking himself or any nearby spectators in the scone.

    The Spelunkers were improved this week but remain a work in progress. Short played tall, Hooker the forward looked better back and Duggan appropriately dug in to ton up. Bont, Zerrett and a welcome Atkins century pushed the total towards 1100.

    Waikikamoocow 1392 d Whitsunday 1121

    Hmm, maybe I spoke too soon when wondering who might measure up to Venus Bay, with the cow-kickers continuing on their merry and undefeated ways over the Warriors.

    You know you have depth when your best first 15 scorer starts on the pine (looking at you, Mr Menegola), and your best scorer for the weekend doesn't even get a guernsey (that's you, Mr Parfitt).

    Even with Mitchell, Jacobs and Fyfe looking mortal, others stepped up - McLean, Dunkley, McGovern and the returning Prestia. Bailey Williams looks bloody good as well.

    The Warriors enjoyed a welcome ton from the returning Kennedy, a full ruck score from big Dawson, and 123 from Suckling. But with a number of players 10-30 points off their best, coach Terry's team wasn't able to run the premiers closer (though they remain in decent shape just outside the eight).

    Gariwerd 1165 d Mount Beauty 1140

    Gariwerd made it two on the trot with a close win over a 14-man Uglies team.

    Mount Beauty's top-end talent shone, with Dusty, Sidebum and Cotchin all smashing out big scores in the midfield.

    In fact, that trio made up three or the top four scorers in the game, split only by Gariwerd veteran Sandilands' 139.

    Polec recorded the Cockies' only other three-figure score, but a spread of decent efforts across the lines from Gariwerd - as well as an untimely injury to Uglies' star Cyril Rioli - helped Ant's team squeak home.

    Marble Bar 1163 d Larrikin Lagoon 730

    Some orange-flavoured magic from Giants young and old propelled Marble Bar to win number three as Len's Misfits accounted for the Lefties.

    Youngster Tim Taranto helped himself to 116, while more senior teammates Callan Ward (102) and Nick Haynes (107) shone brightly. Again though it was the Misfits' Rory Laird who led the scoring - his 129 more than making up for a lower return from Marble Bar's OOP ruckman Matt Kennedy.

    Jelly Guy's Lefties enjoyed solid contributions from Tom Phillips, Lachie Weller and Trent Dumont. There were some serious forward line struggles though, not helped by three doughnuts scattered around the ground and a down game from midfield leader Seb Ross.

    Iron Knob 1343 d Gundagai 1026

    A week is a long time in football, even ORFFA football, with the Codpieces bouncing back from a sub-1150 score in Round 3 to unceremoniously squash the visiting insects by more than 300 points.

    Even without The Little Master, Jim's squad well and truly hardened up. Solid scoring all over the park was led by 140+ from both Robbie Gray and Broooooooooosssssttttt. Captain Darling's great form continued, while Jack Macrae notched up another three figure score.

    Meanwhile our thoughts are all with the Knob's Dylan Roberton, with wishes for a speedy recovery and good health.

    For the Hoppers, a bit of a down week across the board. Brodie Grundy continued his banner year in the ruck, ditto Curnow in the midfield. But the thus-far humming Hoppers forward line had a bit of a shocker. That said, Jake Stringer will clearly come into consideration for next week's match-up after a stellar outing in the twos.

    Foul Bay 1200 d Lovely Banks 1099

    Speaking of "stellar form in the twos", Foul Bay are enjoying an embarrassment of riches right now, moving to 3-1 with a hard-fought 101 point win over the Lilacs.

    The Chooks are in ominous form, led by midfielders Ziebell, Cunnington, Dangerfield, Selwood and newcomer Tim Kelly. Nearly half a dozen reserves players scored well too - Shiels, Johnson, CEY, Atley ... Foul Bay would clearly be in line for a flag in a 20-player-a-side league.

    Coach Jen would welcome such problems, with injuries biting hard into her Lilacs line-up. Her ploy to sneak a non-playing Matt Rosa onto the park failed when he was detected loitering around the forward pocket and evicted from the ground.

    Even so, still plenty of upside out Lovely Banks way, with Sinclair and Jonas enjoying career-best years, and useful contributions from Heeney, Rampe, the Hoff, Duncan and Hartung.

    Darraweit Guim 1205 d Cradle Mountain 1180

    Darraweit remain as one of three undefeated teams after an unconvincing win over Cradle Mountain.

    The Devils' midfield had plenty of bite, with Pendles, Heppell and Zaharakis all scoring well. Hopper made a valuable contribution off the bench, while dual rucks Nankervis and English took it to the Blimps' fill-in follower Aliir Aliir. (Zac Smith remains lost somewhere on Heard Island).

    Darraweit's thanks for the win can go, in large part, to Ben Brown's hair. Brown's Sideshow Bob-esque do tangled the Devils' defenders up in knots, with only Michael Hurley escaping the follicular obstacles. By the time he emerged though, the Blimps Coniglio, Goddard, Astbury and Savage had done enough to get Darraweit home.

    Nunawading 1110 d Birdsville 1043

    The pom poms are twirling with joy in Nufferland with Andy's team recording its first win for season 2018 over the previously-undefeated Battlers.

    Defenders Jarryn Geary and a rejuvenated Reece Conca led the way for Nunawading, while Nic Nat continued to show positive signs in his return from injury. Dean Kent - yes, Dean Kent - was the best forward in the game and helped put the away team over the top.

    The Battlers battled a bit. Birdsville's Brisbane-based contingent struggled, aside from young Alex Witherden who again led from the front from the back ... or something like that. Pity the fool who traded him before he had made his debut :(

    Treloar (120), Witts and Acres also did their bit for Birdsville, but to no avail. Coach JC will be keen for his prime movers to recapture their great form of previous weeks, with a match-up against Foul Bay awaiting in Round 5.
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by chris88, Apr 16, 2018.

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    1. Len
      Great stuff mate, some upsets and some presets this week.
      The Misfits desperately need their ruck back, hopefully in time to reach and impact the finals :)
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    2. anthak
      Good writeup
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    3. Jen
      Good Stuff

      If my team had as many outs and injured players last year as it did this week, I would of been lucky to crack 1000.

      To only go down by 101 is a very big improvement for my team
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    4. graeme
      Fine write up Chris - well done. TiB's Warriors will win many more than they lose, a bit unlucky to play us this week I reckon. I'd suggest you all pummel ChiefBet with bets on the VBV, they are the real and deserving favourites. :thumbsu::thumbsu:
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    5. Bandit
      Honourable loss to the premiership favourites, normal service will be resumed next week, along with the three figure total score.
    6. ChiefRussell
      ChiefBet says that this is deflection at its finest. Mitchell had a game 30 points less than average and you have a couple missing too and you still outscored the Vultures by 20. We are happy with the current market, but it is clear that there is a gap between the top 2 and the rest in what is looking like an even season between 3 - 12 at this stage.

      Oh, and the Chooks are hardly in ominous form (well the senior side at least). Only one score over 1201 points thus far. That isn't striking fear in anyone...well, almost anyone ;)
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    7. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Nice work Chris.
      It’s certainly entertaining to see new and inventive ways of sugar coating the shite my team are serving up.
      Even as a clear wooden spooner, this is pretty ugly.
      Not quite Carlton-ugly.
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    8. Fitzy
      Some seriously good write ups so far. Well done to all who have reviewed!

      Appreciate the nice words Graeme but Chief isn't wrong about your mob. A seriously strong bunch.

      On the Vultures side of things, good to see JOM and Lids break out with big scores, hopefully they can both find some consistency to give me confidence to actually play them!
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    9. HeavyMen
      25 effing points!!!
      Not giving up...never....black night type stuff required - “come back & I’ll bite your legs off”
      We are sticking fat on the mountain.
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    10. JC
      I suspect (or possibly hope?) that some of our players may have fallen victim to some @melbandy shenanigans over the weekend, which may have lead to the drop off in performance. Either that, or the early season fairy tale has come to a crashing halt and we're on the fast track back to shitsville.
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    11. Bandit
      Not sure you are that far ahead in the race, Round 11 should be a blockbuster :p
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    12. Lenny120
      Thanks for the write-up Chris, enjoyed the read.

      My midfield has been great so far but definitely relying too much on that line! Need to lift in other positions.

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