ORFFA Round 4 Review

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By Len on Apr 15, 2019 at 7:21 AM
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    Courtesy of the "pen" of the gentleman from Bangkok @TerryinBangkok

    A horrible round for tipping and not a lot of joy in SC, but some sure things got up in the ORFFA with the Hoppers and the Misfits flying in the early rounds. Let’s get right into it.

    Cows 1131 vs Warriors 1285

    Probably the upset of the round (well it surprised me and we were so looking forward to a slab of silverside and a pinot after the game). Fyfe was off enjoying the pig shooting and a lonely ton from Ryan Burton not enough for Boak, Lobb (at last), Suckling and Andrews. Just a hiccup for the Waikiks and normal programming is expected to continue next week.

    Uglies 1094 vs Battlers 1081

    Well done Mt. Beauty and Birdsville must be regretting letting this close one slip. The Uglies were strong with tons to Brandon Ellis, Sides, Gawn and Walsh and, despite a horrible 23 from Butters and a worse 8 from Schache, were too good for the offerings from Witts and Acres.

    The Opening 1076 vs Nuffers 926

    Good performances from the Bont and Zac were matched by Cunningham and Ebert, but with 3 donuts, the Nuffers were not in the hunt. Hopefully they can get a few back next week. They need them.

    Packers 1103 vs Wanderers 1167

    Nice scores from both teams and a sign of things to come we hope. Charlie well served by Vintage Scully, Lynch and Mummy while Newman, Walters and Coniglio fought bravely for the Bay. The Wanderers now have two wins under the belt.

    Vultures 1258 vs Misfits 1341

    Tons all over the park with Simpson, Gaff, Yeo, Martin and Pittard all performing well for the Pippies, but even more from the Misfits with Mundy, Taranto, Kelly, Murphy, Lloyd and Whitfield. Some very astute bench choices from Fitzy wasn’t enough, but with a score like that he will be there abouts. No hangovers for Marble Bar.

    Lefties 1010 vs Wombats 1201

    A clear win to Wagga Wagga with Sicily, B. Smith, Shiel and Swallow all cracking the ton. A brave showing from Phillips and Lonie for the Lagoon, but they should get some small joy from topping the 1,000 mark. Only way is up.

    Cockies 1290 vs Cods 1311

    Big scores from both teams in a tight one and only some heroics from AMcD-T got the Cods over the line. The Sulphur Cresteds were bolstered by tons to Hurn, Laird, Hooker, Rockliff and Miller, but not enough for McRae, GAJ and Henderson all inspired by the efforts up forward of the Essendon crowd favourite. Cruel game this.

    Hoppers 1469 vs Lilacs 1231

    Big scores from Weitering, Neale, Cripps, Grundy and Billings for Gundagai, but the Lilacs should be pleased with their score and are showing they the most improved side this year. Liam Jones, Heeney, Ross and Stewart all tonned up for the Lovelies. Awesome is the only word to describe the team from Snoz. He will be hunted.

    Chooks 1174 vs Devils 1321

    The Chief seems to have fallen foul of his own predictions in setting Cradle Mountain as contenders. It was a weekend where the unexpected happened. GWS beat Geelong at Kardinia Park and this was reflected in the scores of teams with a strong GWS presence. Conversely, the much vaunted Cats forward line of Danger, Kelly and Dahlhaus didn’t fire a shot. Hawkins was a lone hand and helped out by Sheppard, Libba and Goldy, but not good enough for Steele, Marshall, Hopper and Zaharakis. A much wiser person than me once said; don’t put all your eggs in the one basket (especially if you have a road trip to Iron Knob).

    Misfits hosting the Cockies this week should go close to match of the round. May all your outs be little ones.
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Len, Apr 15, 2019.

    1. graeme
      Thanks for being so generous about the cows @TerryinBangkok . But we all know too strong when we see it. Top review produced in a very timely manner; another short week before we are back in play.
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    2. anthak
      Great work TiB.

      Lots of close matches this week.

      Well done in ours @jimbowan
    3. anthak
      Currently 13th on the ladder, playing the reigning premiers, but looking forward to having a crack for sure. I suspect we’ll end up 1-4.
    4. TerryinBangkok
      A score of 1290 from a team sitting in 13th is reflective of just how strong ORFFA is. While there are some obvious tearaways, scores across the board look very healthy. Drafting and trading will become critical.
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    5. TheTassieHawk
      thanks for the writeup @TerryinBangkok

      Beaten by the better side @Bandit - we actually ate one donut (rather than 3) due to the late, late withdrawal of Geary after naming Broadbent onfield with Asbury covering in the hope of a late withdrawal. CCJ was also named and covered (barely) by Kent. We actually had enough players to cover but got caught out trying a low percentage option. Fortunately it was not the difference as are keen to win, but executing poorly.

      With regard to other results the Cockatoos 3 early losses are somewhat surprising but also fortunate for us given we hold their 2020 1st Round PSD and were expecting that to be #15-18 at the time of the trade.
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    6. anthak
      Hopefully we can get our act together by the time PSD is relevant, however someone also owns our 1st round MSD which would be more valuable at present than i imagine was initially expected.
    7. JC
      Nice work as always, Terry. My lot are Battlers by name and nature so far this year.
    8. HeavyMen
      Nice write up a TiB although......personally thought the Uglies coulda been granted a few more sentences :)

      NEXT !! (Whoever it is, they should be trembling in their footy boots)

      The can bar patrons (me) are going off their fu#king heads up here :)
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    9. snoz
      Hunt away young TiB......great write up, thanks !!!
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    10. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Cheers @TerryinBangkok
      Great work. Yeah definitely happy to crack 4 figures again.
      Small wins.
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    11. Bandit
      Well that didn't go to plan :confused:

      Cheers @TheTassieHawk , it was a battle to see who's donut would hurt more... thank god for my midfield that's all I can say.
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    12. TheTassieHawk
      I had assumed that you beat me with a full crew, making it an ever better effort from the Cavemen than I had thought.
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    13. graeme
      and Salah.:rolleyes:
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    14. Bandit
      Just an average goal :p

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