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    Wagga Wagga 1167 def Charlie’s Opening 980
    The Wombats did just enough to keep things comfortable against the winless cave dwellers. Sicily (123) was great until he remembered he’s an epic wanker and acted accordingly. Lycett decided to surprise Coach Lenny with a 116 and Oliver (104) was the pick of the mids. On the downside, only a lack of available players may save Barrass (23) this week.

    An interesting tactic from the Spelunkers coaching staff as they choose to spend the weekend watching u18 prospects rather than attend their own game, no doubt confident that the seeds of the tank tree will bear fruit this year. Had they been there, they would’ve enjoyed the efforts of Merrett (114) and Atkins (104), but not much more. Only Dale (40) genuinely stunk it up, while everyone else was just a bit ‘meh’.

    Lovely Banks 1133 def Some witches hats (aka the Lefties) 801
    An easy and stress-free week on the track for the Lilacs as they enjoyed light training against some witches hats. Track watchers said Heeney (123), the Hoff (106) and Jonas (105) looked the pick of the bunch during the drills, while Tom Stewart (62) took the opportunity to take a week off from channelling Corey Enright. Now sitting at 3-2, there’s plenty of optimism amongst Lilacs supporters this year.

    For the ‘Hats/Lefties, rumours abound that Ross (160) and Berry (96) may find themselves dropped this week for attempting to positively impact the result. Most of the others were either missing or not very good.

    (That review will properly bite me on the arse should the Lefties beat Birdsville this week!)

    Iron Knob 1410 defeated Gariwerd 1046
    A strong showing from Jimbo’s men saw the Knob post their best score of the season and the highest score of the round. Gray (137) was the standout but ten scores over 90, including six tons, highlighted the Codpieces dominance. Mirra (54) and Darling (42) face a rough week on the track as they’re sure to be reminded of how crap they looked in comparison to the rest of the team.

    A tough week for Coach Ant who showed no faith in the Big Texan and had his 99 on the pine. The Cockies backline were mostly rubbish, the forward line was average and Steven (121) didn’t get much help through the middle. This weekend’s game against a Devils team desperate for a win looms as a tough contest.

    Waikikamoocow 1236 def Marble Bar 910
    Not the dominant scores we’re used to seeing from the Cows, but a win nonetheless. Perhaps it was a case of taking the foot off the gas given the sorry state their opponents were in. Some of the senior team may have taken it a bit too easily with Brandon White (90) showing some handy form in the 2’s. In the game main game, Fyfe (151) dominated and Menegola (121) continued his resurgence after a sluggish start to the year. Mitchell picked a good week to have a rare quiet game and questions abound about whether Hanners (55) is genuinely injured or whether graeme is just saving him from the ignominy of being dropped.

    Well the Misfits continued to cop it right up the u-know-what from the injury gods. Starting the round with 12 players, Len likely hit the Jack Daniels even harder after seeing Smurph withdraw minutes before kick off and Haynes hobbled early and struggling all day. Those that were out there fought on pretty well, with Laird (110) and Daniel (109) the best. All is not lost at 3-2 and I’m sure Len will be delighted that they get a few back this week.

    Venus Bay 1178 def Mount Beauty 854
    A comfortable win against a struggling Mount Beauty outfit but not the most convincing display we’ve seen from Fitzy’s mob. A win is a win though, especially when you’re not at your best. Gaff (128) and Yeo (114) were the highlights for the Vultures, while Toby (55) and Buddy (48) were well down on their usual output. Lids (153) tore it up in the reserves to demand a game next week but Fitzy will have to wait another week for Kreuzer.

    Another loss sees the Uglies go 0-5 to the start year and in a spot of bother. Dare I say they’re Gawn? (Sorry). Big Maxy (151) was almost a one man show, though, as four Uglies failed to even take the field. Not sure where to from here for bama’s boys. On the plus side, at least it’s supposed to be a bumper draft crop?

    Whitsunday 1323 def Wineglass Bay 997
    A strong win for the Warriors which puts them on the right side of the ledger. While JJK (29) was awful and he still has the wrong Gray, the backline laid the foundation for the win, led by Andrews (130) and Tarrant (112). Lambert (119) was the best up forward and Wines (116) the pick of the mids. Terry is left scratching his head this week as he watches big Dawson go out after a 93.

    Hard enough starting with 13.5, but it’s even harder when the likes of ANB (38) and McGrath (31) dish up tripe like that. Wilson (107) and Mundy (104) played their part but the Packers just didn’t get enough from the rest. Tracey looks to have a future star in Stephenson though.

    Gundagai 1339 def Cradle Mountain 1261
    Instead of talking about the great effort from Gundagai this week, I will instead mention the irate phone call I fielded from snoz’s benevolent dictator, Chins McGuire. He’s not happy with you snoz, not one little bit. “What self-respecting Pies man would field that many @#$%^&* Blues in his team?!?!” There was more, but it was not family friendly enough to include here. In short, snoz, he said that if you don’t divest some of your Carlton stock by mid-season, you’ll have to stop following the Pies. For those interested, Cripps (151), Curnow (126) & Fisher (117) were the Hoppers best, which is probably what set Ed off.

    Another tough loss for the Devils sees them fall to 1-4 on the season. There was plenty to like about the Devils with seven players posting a ton, but Gresham (53), Membrey (23) and Zorko (37) snuffed out any hope of a much needed win. Another tough game this week against the Cockies. It’d be a long way back from 1-5.

    Darraweit Gum 1192 def Nunawading 1086
    This one ended up a closer contest than some may have thought as the Guim overcame some personnel issues and maintain their perfect start to the year. A knocked out Newnes (12) didn’t help the Blimps and, while a full KJack was bad enough, half of him (24) in the ruck was worse. On the bright side, Cogs (116) continued his great start to the year and Goddard (126) turned back the clock – though possibly to his time as a whiny, petulant child.

    There was a bit to like for the Nuffers, given they started a man down and then lost Kent (28) early. Old man Simpson (142) continues to defy Father Time, and who knew Daisy (100) still had a ton in him? A bit more from JPK (59) and Dixon (61) would’ve helped, but young Paddy Dow looks like a goer.

    And last, but not least, the match of the round - the Mark Seaby Memorial Cup:

    Birdsville 1357 def Foul Bay 1230
    The Battlers got some unexpected (and unlikely to be repeated) days out to secure win number 4 for the year. The defensive group continues to carry this team and just as well, because outside of Acres the forward line is…. a bit shit to be honest. But they were less shit than normal and didn’t bomb the opportunity for a win.

    For the Chooks, Danger (135) did his thing and had some help from Selwood, Vince and Ziebell, but it wasn’t quite enough. A score of 1230 says the chooks were solid but their coach is used to them being quite a bit better than solid, which might be why he said his team is crap and that he wants to trade most of them. Did someone say mid-season fire sale?

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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by JC, Apr 27, 2018.

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    1. Len
      Excellent work mate!!
      Congrats to the winners and bottoms up to the rest of us ;)
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    2. graeme
      great effort JC on a very short turn around - ay better tthan "battling."
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    3. Bandit
      happy to take Curnow or Cripps off your hands @snoz

      I'll be watching the 18s this week too...
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    4. chris88
      Fine fine write-up JC

      The words "mid-season fire sale" are music to my ears.
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    5. Lenny120
    6. Bandit
      I'm focussed on bottoming out
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    7. Len
      Couple of you aimed at doing the same it seems :)
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    8. ChiefRussell
      The coach might be the first to go in the mid season fire sale. A number of the players will follow soon after.
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    9. TerryinBangkok
      Yum. Fried chicken.

      Not sure why the Cows have an "RS eligible" player? Something to do with Anzac Day perhaps? Anyway, the entire Lefties squad are RS eligible. Congrats to the winners and zugzwang to the rest.

      @JC. You do it well.
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    10. snoz
      Hahaha.......great write up JC! Yeh not sure how this has all changed over to the Carlscum. Explains why my Dad has been haunting me in my dreams.
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    11. anthak
      Thanks JC.
      My team are doing much more poorly than I hoped or expected.

      My trade of Charlie Curnow for Rockliff is looking extremely terrible, especially considering I had to give up so much more to get the deal done.

      Also my trade of Robbie Gray a few years ago came back to haunt me this week.
      Well done Jimbo :)

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