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    Spud Week

    This round had it all, upsets, wallopings, nail biters and a butt load of spuds…

    Game 1 – Foul Bay 1305 defeated Gariwerd 1305 to 1286
    19 points, 30 players battled away for a combined 1500 odd minutes, scored a total of 2591 points and were separated by 19 points at the end, footy is a wonderfully unpredictable game and it’s appropriate that this is reflected in the ORFFA (This wasn’t even the closest contest)

    Foul Bay is no longer a team full of 90-110 point soldiers, illustrated by this weeks 100+ cadre of Sheppard, Aish (wtf?), Dangerfield, Goldstein and Hawkins paired with sub 70 scores from Shill, Cunnington, Liberatore and Murphy. A high standard deviation, but the chooks are still formidable as their 5-0 start to the season highlights.

    Gariwerd has been there and thereabouts pretty much every year since 2012, this year they are going to be impacted by Houli not planning it, but they have an enviable depth and literally anything is possible. This week Lambert starred with 158, Matt Crouch with 113 and an improving Laird’s 107 the other centurions, but the depth of the squad is such that even with only the 3 above par performances the rest contributed and combined for 1286

    Game 2 - Gundagai defeated Nareewillock 1461 to 906
    A 550 point loss is rarely something treasured and this one is no exception, but losing Rowell after a few minutes on 5, Brad Hill being a very ineffective OOP ruck did little to help their cause. Charlie Cameron was the only heavy hitter with 101, but reminiscent of the Misfits 4 years or so ago the excitement is in the kids, and they have a very good bunch coming through.

    Gundagai are sitting 3rd after this week @ 4 & 1, but their points for is 600 ahead of the next best only 5 rounds in, that is averaging a whole 120 points per week more than the next best. Clearly this year’s juggernaut team they had 9 (that’s NINE!) players raise the bat, Grundy 151. Neale 130, Martin 121, Mills, 119, Allen (I love this kid) 117, Cripps, McCluggage, Ah Chee all 116 and Adams 103. Dominance, that is the result of some good drafting but mostly gifted trading.

    Game 3 – Venus Bay defeated Cradle Mountain 1263 to 1260
    Read above re close games.
    The Vultures remain undefeated even if only just and that’s a fair effort almost a 3rd of the way through a shortened season. McInerney was at the top of his rollercoaster this week with 123, ably supported by Yeo 121, Houston 117, Greene 106 and O’Meara 100, some of their more illustrious players are running below par at the moment but if they all click this is another team that could top the ladder at the end of our 17 round season.

    Cradle Mountain whilst regretting the loss and mostly the call to play Daniels instead of Himmelberg would be delighted that their best 3 scorers are all in the early stages of their respective careers, Steele 136, Marshall 128 and English with 125 demonstrate the strength of a team that will be challenging for many years yet.

    Game 4 – Wagga Wagga defeated Iron Knob 1205 to 895

    A battle of two squads going in different directions, Wagga displaying the result of bountiful drafts and kids starting to get into their stride, whilst Iron Knob look to be attempting a rebuild that keeps them in contention rather than heading down the slash and burn route after years toward if not at the top.

    Wagga was ably led by Shiel 156, Ridley 122, Crozier 114 and Jamie Cripps 100, room for improvement notices issued to Melksham and Fantasia.

    Iron Knob left far too much to Greenwood 132, but a lack of a playing ruck along with a string of underperformers led by Harbrow’s not so elite 15 led to a sub-par outcome.

    Game 5 – Marble Bar defeated Mount Beauty 1316 to 1286
    The Uglies would be feeling unlucky to lose what would have appeared a certain win when Ward was ruled out with no option to fill the spot leaving the Misfits with 14 men, sometimes weird shit just happens, exciting contest though.

    Mount Beauty’s behemoth Gawn belted out a 163 while Butter 124, Maynard 116 and Petrecca 111 were a staunch second act. Viney aka whore’s drawers had a very average game while Walsh continues with his second year blues.

    For the Misfits Haynes 148, Lloyd 132, Mundy 121, NicNat and Daniel with 107s were the stars, the rest did enough to get the team over the line in what was definitely an upset result.

    Game 6 – Waikikamoocow defeated Lovely Banks 1358 to 1013
    The Incorrigibles were convincing winners thanks to centuries from Menengola 116, Finlayson 111, B Crouch 110, Hibberd 103 and Mitchell 101, but the most unique score goes to Harry Jones’ 54 sitting as the second emergency on the interchange line.

    The Lilacs were belted by the injury gods losing Naismith and Sinclair as well as Bolton and Stewart.

    Duncan 117, Wilkie 113 and Ross 107 led the charge, Butler and Lipinski did well but in the end too much was left to too few.

    Game 7 – Birdsville defeated Wineglass Bay 1252 to 791
    Birdsville’s backline was formidable, Ryan 109, Cerra 134 and Doedee with 116 Sheed and Treloar pumped out a pair of 119s to ensure a comfortable victory, the only lowlight being Bailey Smith’s early concussion.

    Wineglass Bay is another injury (and AFL selection) ravaged squad, with 7 best 19 not available the Packers were only able to field 11 men, Ben Keays’ 100 a highlight along with 91s from Mummy and McGrath and 90 to Stephenson.

    Game 8 – Charlies Opening defeated Larrikin Lagoon 1061 to 1054
    Hard to know if the victor or the vanquished is happier in this bout.

    For the Spelunkers Brayshaw with 3 A’s managed 144 and Jack Higgins 114, having a playing ruck was the deciding factor though with Sean Darcy being a far more present ruck than Darcy Cameron.

    For the Lefties Perryman (136) continued his breakout year, Jarrod Berry and Griffin Logue also raising the bat.

    Both teams are going to have to get used to being competitive again as the kids are starting to grow up.

    Game 9 – Whitsunday defeated Nowhere Else 1159 to 997
    Boak’s 133 and Johannisen’s 108 were the highlights for the Warriors, backed up by a consistent effort across the board, though John Noble was apparently Somewhere Else.

    For the Wanderers Lyons 124 and Coniglio 103 battled hard, Walters, Caddy and Plowman all had a go, but this is another team without a playing ruck. Things have got a lot harder in the ruck department since the AFL teams have moved to a largely single ruck setup, Fort being a case in point to support the argument that SC should take on AFLF’ approach of adding secondary positions mid season.

    The End
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Len, Jul 8, 2020.

    1. Bandit
      Great write up Len, thanks

      I'll say it again, for those of you wondering if I am happy with the win... Brayshaw can get stuffed.

      I was hoping for a top 2 MSD pick... that went sailing off into the sunset like a Jetstar flight bound for Sydney from Melbourne.
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    2. graeme
      Top work @Len ; the depth (or more the lack of depth) of some squads is sure being tested. For some of us the MSD cannot get here too soon.
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    3. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Nice one @Len
      Contrary to popular belief, we are trying to be competitive.
      Unfortunately our recruiting team and our strategic vision mob don't see eye to eye.
      Ok, so why the hell are we still holding Cousins and O'Brien I hear you ask?
      No friggin idea, thought we dumped them years ago.
      Can feel an MSD churn coming on.
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    4. TerryinBangkok
      Hey @Bandit which one is Brayshaw?


      And for those praying for an MSD, the pool is not exactly overflowing.

      Nice write up @Len - good to reflect on the past and how teams have evolved.
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    5. JC
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    6. snoz
      Great work Lenski - top effort!!! Next 4-5 rounds going to really test depth for all I feel......
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    7. TheTassieHawk
      Thanks @Len and congrats again to @snoz on a dominant win

      With an average age of a touch under 25 years the Nuffers aren't a particularly young list and of our dozen players in the 1997 to 2001 dob cohort Rowell and Duursma are the only ones to have nailed down a spot but hopefully others will emerge soon.

      IMO we don't have anywhere near the upside of the comp's youngest (and flush with high draft pick) teams at this stage.

      But by the start of 2022 if we add another half a dozen young talents, shrewdly turnover our older players, secure an actual playing ruckman and catch a minute amount of much needed luck we might commence the clubs second decade with a list with medium term upside. We then aspire to better our club best side of 2015 that managed 7 wins, surpassed the 20000 point mark for the season and topped out at 11th position on the ladder.
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    8. TerryinBangkok
      Rowell? Duursma? Relax. ;)
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    9. HeavyMen
      Nice write up Len, some interesting results.
      Fingers crossed Bama can keep the boys fresh after that taxing encounter.
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    10. anthak
      Thanks Len, nice write up
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