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By Len on Aug 24, 2016 at 10:48 AM
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    The Big Show (Reviewed by JC)

    Week 2 Finals – Review
    Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 1362 to Birdsville Battlers 1202

    As expected, last year’s champs booked themselves a second straight appearance in the Granny as they eased past the Battlers in a replay of last year’s edition - just a shame it was a week earlier this year! In a solid display all round, the Lefties were just too strong for the Battlers who were probably lucky to make the finals at all. Priddis, Lloyd, Wells, Smith and Montagna all hit triple digits with solid contributions from a few others as well. It was very much the same old story for the Battlers as the boys down back did their bit and Treloar stood tall in the middle, but there wasn’t much after that.

    So congrats to Goonies and we wish them all the best in the big one!

    Venus Bay Vultures 1303 def Mount Beauty Uglies 1238

    Could the Vultures be about to pull a Lefties on the Lefties? For the second straight year the 8th ranked team makes it through to the Grand Final after the Vultures sent the highly fancied Uglies packing. Trade-a-holic Fitzy’s youthful core of Parker, Gaff, Docherty and Crisp all raised the bat, as Howe and Martin, while Kreuzer did a good job in the ruck against The Beard.

    Considered by many as a genuine chance for the flag, the boys from Mount Beauty failed to bring their best form to the finals. The Uglies scraped through the first week before posting another modest score (by their lofty standards at least) this week to see them head off for Mad Monday a week earlier than planned. Boyd, Sidebottom, Viney and The Beard gave them every chance, but with Martin, Reiwoldt and Cyril all down on their usual numbers, bama’s boys just couldn’t find an answer for the Vultures.

    Congrats to Venus Bay and best of luck of luck against the defending champs this week.

    The Sideshow (reviewed by Len)

    Zac Dawson Cup Semis

    Cradle Mountain Devils 1187 def by Marble Bar Misfits 1192

    The Devils outscored the Misfits by 1145 over the season proper, but couldn’t find another 6 to win this weekend, I blame Zorko, picked a bad time for the Devils to notch up his worst game of the year.

    The Misfit’s young midfield led the way with Daniel’s 130 while Whitfield and Weller both notched up 114, backed up by strong performances by Hartley and Tomlinson. Ward went missing and Kelly went looking for him, the rest were average.

    For the Devils Pendlebury went nuts with a 165 and Spurr and Zaharakis tried hard to keep up with 102 and 106 respectively. Grigg Stevie J and Roughead all struggled whilst the remainder batted at or about their average.

    Charlies Opening Spelunkers 1341 def by Whitsunday Warriors 1395

    Big scoring game this with Whitsunday score being high enough to with either real final and the cavemen almost managing the same, still you can’t win a fight you’re aren’t in, both teams will be aiming to rectify early season issues next year.

    With tons everywhere for both sides the Spelunker’s were led by Zerrett’s 132 backed up ably by Savage 104, The Bont 102, Lecras 100, Swallow 109 while Blake (I wannabea Misfit) also chimed in with 109. Gunston was clearly on the piss the night before but the rest did as expected.

    For the Warriors, Johannison 130, Wines 127, Motlop 114 and Patton 102 all belted their averages out of the park, whilst JJK’s 103 was less unexpected. Young defender Andrews and Sam (The not dirty) Gray also contributed substantially to the Warriors win, even performances from the rest was enough to get them over the line.

    The Curtain Drop for 2016

    ORFFA Grand Final

    Larrikin Lagoon Lefties vs Venus Bay Vultures

    Fun fact; The Lefties have three more L’s whilst the sides have an equal amount of W’s.
    Only 59 points separated the two sides last week, consistent with the yearlong variance of 50 points a game, still statistics and damn lies and all that guff..
    Wells (132) and Smith (128) are highly unlikely to backup those scores this week for the Lefties, though Mitchell and Gibson are also unlikely to stink it up two weeks in a row.
    The Vultures will be looking for a lift from the likes of Pittard, Tahlia (the good one), Greene and Watts whilst hoping Docherty, Gaff, Crisp and co maintain the rage.

    Tip; Lefties by 42

    Good luck to @That KI Guy & @Fitzy !

    Zac Dawson Cup

    Whitsunday Warriors vs Marble Bar Misfits

    Fun fact; there are 74 islands in the Whitsundays, none in Marble Bar
    This looks like a bloodbath on paper with the Warriors stronger in almost all areas of the field, Misfits will be hoping for a miracle to bridge the gap which statistically sits at over 100ppg. Rumours abound regarding a “fix”.
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Len, Aug 24, 2016.

    1. graeme
      Good stuff Len. I venture that it is hard to be dispassionate when you own team is involved, but I think you set up TiB quite nicely.
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    2. Len
      I'm a realist at heart, and realistically we will be lucky to get within 100 points of winning, but given this is the first final of any type that the Misfits have been in who knows how the guys will react :)
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    3. JC
      @Len - I'm guessing you were drunk when you wrote the GF review? Either that or in season trading was introduced without my knowledge!

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    4. Len
      shit, I wish, just doing in at work with 300 distractions, this is why I try to avoid them..

      Will do a quick edit
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    5. Len
      OK, pretty sure I used their actual players this time :p
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    6. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Many thanks @Len and @JC
      Superb stuff.
      As if last years Granny wasn't close enough I reckon this one will be another nail biter.
      Just watch Goldy get rested like last year and turn the tables in Fitzy's favour.

      Good luck to the Vultures in trying to wrestle the silverware from the shores of KI.

      Oh and have fun scragging each other for the :poop: cup, C1 and C2.
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    7. Fitzy
      Cheers Len! Well said, unlucky Bama, had many under performers, I caught you on an unlucky week...this week will be a tough one for the Vultures, hopefully Shaun Higgins is picked, would be handy to have a quality inclusion! Looking forward to following the clash across the weekend! Good luck to KI as well!
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    8. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Fixture loaded.
      Rock and Roll!
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    9. Bandit
      Will be watching from the sidelines with one of @melbandy's Nuffer Fluffers under each arm
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    10. Len
      This will do as a spot;
      We be Misfits.
      In Phillips, out Fantasia

      Iron Wall
      Zachary "Wheels" Williams, Daniel "Thor" Rich, Rory "Lord" Laird, Adam "The Tank" Tomlinson - Not Needed
      Engine Room
      Callan "Cement" Ward (C), Josh "Silks" Kelly, Lachie "Stickman" Whitfield, Lachlan "The Better" Weller - Not Needed Here either
      Shaun "Luckiest Man Alive" Hampson - As If
      Show Offs
      Devon "Weston" Smith, Caleb "I Hart Ponies" Daniel, Joe "Moe" Daniher, Josh "The Lesser" Bruce - " "
      Michael "Who" Hartley, Andrew "Aint Captain" Phillips - Bam Bam
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    11. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Some tough selection decisions at the Goon.

      Lefties kick ar$e mob lining up to go BACK TO BACK!

      In - BJ, Fisher
      Out - Hill, Schofield

      Def - Gibbo, Haynes, Bugg, Duryea (Fisher)
      Mid - Priddis, Mitchell, Lewis, BJ (Scooter)
      Ruck - Goldy
      Fwd - Joey, Wells, Lynch, Schulz (McCarthy)
      I/C - Lloyd, Smith (Phillips)

      The somewhat short, yet serviceable tenures of Schulz and Fisher will come to an end over the weekend as they trot out for their farewell match in the ORFFA grand final.
      Hopefully we can give them a fitting send off.
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    12. Len
      Speaking as an old fart, a BJ is always a good in, esp if you are over the Hill
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    13. Fitzy
      Venus Bay Vultures Grand Final Side

      IN - S.Higgins, S.Mayes
      OUT - J.Blair, B.Fiorini

      DEF: S.Docherty, J.Pittard, D.Talia, S.Mayes (T.Cloke)
      MID: L.Parker, A.Gaff, J.Crisp, E.Yeo (B.Fiorini)
      RUCK: S.Martin
      FWD: J.Howe, T.Greene, J.Watts, J.Hogan (J.Blair)
      INT: S.Higgins, M.Kreuzer (C.Ah Chee)
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    14. graeme
      Best of luck Fitzy and Jelly Guy; we would like a good clean fight. No punching in the clinches. Occasional score updates so we can share in the tension would be appreciated. :D

      Same instructions and request for TiB and Len. Perhaps you could use a lower case font to reflect the status of your game?
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    15. TerryinBangkok
      Jeez, I'd hate to be relying on Sarge - think we will be seeing his last game in Port colours.
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    16. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Yeah last game for port.
      I like his chances of a decent score vs GCS and with something to prove if he wants a shot at another club.
      Anyway, roll the dice vs Phillips/Taberner/McCarthy. All on par.
      Scooter out. Just waiting on the rest of the carnage before I make final changes.
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    17. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Scooter out, Phillips to mid emerg
      Hill in to IC emerg
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    18. snoz
      Good luck lads - I'll be watching from the bleachers as per usual !!
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    19. Len
      Game one and the Warriors jump out of the box;
      MBM 82/1/82 vs WSW 195/2/97.5

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