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Discussion in 'ORFFL' started by HörnsySechsZeit, Mar 24, 2016.

By HörnsySechsZeit on Mar 24, 2016 at 12:34 PM
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    Rightio-o. The ORFFL is back in town! And you know what that means? Actual FOOTBALL begins again!

    What's more is @walesy has this amazing new, ultra-turbo-powered TSLeagues! If you haven't checked out yet, you must. Not simply because it's how you enter your team week-to-week for the ORFFL, but also because it's absolutely amaze-balls! It has a rising star and a brownlow tally and everything! Although I do find it a bit convenient that Todd Goldstein won the ORFFLow Medal last year and suddenly, by walesy's this new feature appears. Colour me dubious.

    We're having some err 'technical difficulties' loading the fixture that @bgt2110 so lovingly supplied (big ups bro), so in the mean time here's the fixture for Round 1 of the 2016 ORFFL Championship Premiership PirateShip Season!

    Round 1
    Jimcumbilly Jackrabbits vs Coulta Couldabeens
    Bundalong Bullfrogs
    vs Tarwin Lower Pigs
    Smiths Beach Seagulls
    vs Milikapati Snakes
    Poowong Pootoroos
    vs Bonnie Doon Bandits
    Sarah Island Savages
    vs Mallacoota Magicians
    Humpty Doo Hammerheads
    vs Mount Buggery Disappointments
    Glenrowan Gunslingers
    vs Woy Woy Wizards
    Queenstown Quolls
    vs Purnululu Bungle Rangers
    Popanyinning Pyrite
    vs Warburton Wanderers

    Whooooo-Weeeeee! Talk about action packed. At this stage of the season - year zero, anything could happen. Coaches please do the league a solid and get us off to a good start by entering teams. Usual Thursday loophole applies: if you want to play someone from the tigs vs blues game, they need to be selected before the game starts. Everyone else before Saturdays first game. We here at ORFFL HQ reserve the right to be absolute hardarses about this.

    Get excited, and good hunting on the weekend coaches!

    Oh and call us if you need any help. I'll be around for most of the day/evening.
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Discussion in 'ORFFL' started by HörnsySechsZeit, Mar 24, 2016.

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    1. walesy
      Option 3: HELLA YES!
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    2. Jason
      Please check your squad of 26 players via the tsLeagues.

      For those coaches who didn't update these personally, these were entered manually by an admin and the potential exists for an error to have occurred. Post below if you don't see what you expect to see in your team's page.
    3. Johnson
      Ooohhh, an Essendon-affected :seagull:s first-up, I like it ;)

      A 2015 Final 4 Smackdown to start us off is a very significant start to the season.
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    4. port_leschenault
      Our lockout says Ric v Car that should be changed yeah?

      Is there a page like last time to see all teams listed?
    5. walesy
      Still on the list!!!

      Though the list is getting shorter every day. :D
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    6. Iain
      Was kinda looking forward to the traditional season opener, but I'm sure I can lose to Hornsy some other time instead.

      Thanks for all the work you guys have done, looking forward to a good season.
    7. port_leschenault
      I've changed the lockout to the Melb/GWS game. If that breaks everything, sorry.
    8. Fez
      Fez is locked and loaded good luck this week Jason
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    9. Jason
      Cheers Fez. Same for your mob.

      Fear the Potoroos, we actually have more than 15 players to choose from this week!

      I'm just hoping for some more decent scoring than the putrid stuff my squad dished up in 2015 to be honest.
    10. HörnsySechsZeit
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    11. Bearfly
      Looks like I'm up against the Easter Bunny this week :p
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    12. HörnsySechsZeit
      Shit, I feel for all those coaches who passed on weitering.
    13. Jason
      Nope, still no available ruckman for the Potoroos. :mad:
    14. Fez
      I'm wondering if Buckley is playing mind games picking Witts over Grundy , at least I do have cover if Grundy doesn't indeed play .
    15. Jason
      An odd choice. I was at the Bulldogs-Pies NAB game and Witts was pretty bad on the day I thought. I figured Grundy was ahead in terms of selection.

      My backup plan was similar to yours, pick another ruck from the same club just in case.
      However despite Jason Holmes being the rookie ruck backup for the Saints being announced as an upgrade to the senior list this week, he didn't get the call up to the 22 when Longer missed due to injury. :mad:
    16. Jason
      Pretty happy with Menadue's debut performance last night though. He isn't in my 15, but will probably have outscored the four FWDs that I did select. :rolleyes:
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    17. HörnsySechsZeit
      Advantage Savages! (I think)

      Nice to see Wright not burning a coach though. Guy is like the footballing version of the clap.
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    18. Johnson
      Nice start by the Snakes :sheep:bert!

      Mission to 'appropriately' use each available emoticon off to a good start :)
    19. Jason
      Toby McLean, welcome to the Ruck division.

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