ORFFL 2017 Pre-Season Draft

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By thokash on Feb 25, 2017 at 3:08 PM
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    Next pick: SAR

    Welcome to the ORFFL 2017 Pre-Season Draft Blog!

    CONCLUDED 2016 Pre-Pre-SeasonDraft Trade Period - Now - Feb 23rd 9pm AEDT
    ONGOING 2016 Pre-Season Delistment Deadline (lists at no more than 20 player) - Feb 26th 9pm AEDT
    2016 Pre-Season Draft - Feb 27th 0:00AM (or earlier the night of the 26th if you want)
    2016 Post-Pre-Season Draft Trade Period - End of draft - 22nd March 9pm AEDT


    BDB - Jack Grimes, James Gwilt, Jimmy Toumpas, Nicholas Graham, Blaine Boekhurst, Sharrod Wellingham
    BUN - Jack Leslie, Tom Lamb, Daniel Howe, Tyrone Vickery, Shane Edwards, Jayden Laverde
    COU (7) - Corey Ellis, Brendan Ah Chee, George Hewett, Jesse Lonergan, Jay Schulz, Corey Enright, Brad McKenzie
    GLE - James Bartel, Ben Jacobs, David Mackay, Sam Gibson, Alex Sexton, Tom Downie
    HDH - Sam Wright, Jeremy Laidler, Jarrad Waite, Ben Griffiths, Sam Gray, Dean Gore
    JIM - Dane Swan, Daniel McKenzie, Drew Petrie, Tomas Bugg, Paul Seedsman, Michael, Rischitelli
    MAL - Jarrod Harbrow, Jack Hombsch, Tom Ruggles, Jack Redden, Nick Dal Santo, Courtenay Dempsey
    MBD (5) - Danyle Pearce, Adam Tomlinson, Cameron Sutcliffe, Mitch W Brown, Reece Conca
    MIL (7) - Matthew Pavlich, Ryan Harwood, Jimmy Webster, Kane Lambert, James Stewart, Jonathan O'Rourke, Koby Stevens
    PBR - Jed Adcock, Adam Cooney, Mitchell Grigg, Heritier Lumumba, Hayden Ballantyne, Nick Suban
    POO - Rhys Palmer, Connor Menadue, Trent McKenzie, Adam Oxley, Levi Greenwood, Sam Fisher
    POP (5) - Ricky Henderson, Lynden Dunn, Will Langford, Troy Menzel, Zachary Clarke
    QUE - Andrew Walker, Chris Yarran, Tendai Mzungu, Ivan Maric, Jack Sinclair, Jonathan Giles
    SBS - Sean Dempster, Aaron Mullett, Cory Gregson, Sam Gilbert, Harry Cunningham, Josh Wagner
    SAR - Brent Harvey, Jonathan Simpkin, Kyle Cheney, Ciaran Byrne, Jed Lamb, Garrick Ibbotson
    TLP - Daniel McStay, Matt Buntine, Shane Kersten, Jared Polec, Josh Bruce, Jack Trengove
    WAR - Andrejs Everitt, Nick Malceski, Will Minson, Nathan Van Berlo, Jake Kolodjashnij, Aaron BLACK
    WOY - Mark Jamar, Jonathon Marsh, Ben McGlynn, David Myers, Eric Hipwood, Callum Ah Chee

    Draft list below.

    2017 Completed Trades:

    QUE P35 to POP for Sam Collins + P90

    QUE Scott Thompson + P53 to MIL for P26 + P62

    MBD Honeychurch + P99 to POP for Tomlinson + P72

    MBD Tom Phillips to COU for MSD R1

    COU David Zaharakis to MIL for Tom Nicholls

    Previous Trades Affecting Draft Order (2016 MSD period):

    1. Smiths Beach trade Jack Newnes and their 2017 PSD R1 Pick
    Mallacoota for Harley Bennell and their 2017 PSD R2 Pick

    2. Warburton trade their 2016 R1 MSD pick (P2)
    Mallacoota for their 2017 R1 PSD pick

    3. Mallacoota trade Blake Acres, SBS 2017 PSD R1 pick, and MAL 2016 MSD R1 pick (P15)
    Woy Woy for Eddie Betts & Leigh Montagna.
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Discussion in 'ORFFL' started by thokash, Feb 25, 2017.

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    1. Iain
      I went through the trades and I think these are the changes to original draft order:

      P26 - QUE
      P35 - POP
      P53 - MIL
      P62 - QUE
      P72 - MBD
      P90 - QUE
      P99 - POP
    2. thokash
      Len was awesome enough to set this up for me, once he gives me edit rights I'll make the change.
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    3. Jason
      Pick 1 - Andrew McGrath.
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    4. port_leschenault
      Thanks Kash.

      Hornsy, think there's an error or two in that draft order. From what I can see, SBS & MAL are selecting in each others spots in the 3,4,5,6th round.

      Checking more comprehensively now.
    5. port_leschenault
      Nah, it's me that's got SBS/MAL mixed up. My mistake. Think the order is right, pending the other delistments, with MAL selecting twice at the end of draft.

      We should hear from Fez by today sometime but unknown what to do with EddieV. If he doesn't come on, auto-delist Aaron Black & Jake Kolodjashnij, then get a sitter for his squad as well?
    6. HörnsySechsZeit
      Have contacted EV via email. Doing what I can where I can.

      Anyone know of anyone who wants to be in the ORFFL if Tino doesn't show up eventually?
    7. Len
      If it makes it easier I am an addict so happy to hang onto it if he doesn't reappear, or more likely look after it until he does, if you guys are ok with it.
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    8. LiQuiD_SiXx
      That moment you remember you traded away your first round draft pick! :confused:
    9. thokash
      Can confirm my picks are correct, finished 3rd for what feels like the 5th time in 5 years!

      I'll give Len then thumbs up for covering permanently, no doubting his commitment.
    10. port_leschenault
      So I reckon we give Eddie til sometime tomorrow to come on or we do the follow delistments. Then either find a stand-in to take his pick or take the top averaging free agent and we move on to @Gumby and kickstart this draft. Sound like a plan?

      If we're looking for a new owner for the Rangers my preference would be a newbie (if there's someone looking to join an ORRF league). No probs with Len though.
    11. Gumby
      If I can figure out how to download the attached Google Sheet, I can make my selection...
    12. Iain
      Gumby there is a spreadsheet on the 2nd page of the forum post for ORFFL 2017. It does contain some errors but if anyone wants to update it as best they can I'm sure it would be appreciated by all.
    13. stripey
      I can have a crack at this tonight once the kids are in bed :)
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    14. Gumby
      Pick 3 - Tim Taranto
    15. Iain
      I think we need a formal decision on Warburton, but no ideas what that will be or who will make it.

      Currently I think Menegola is the highest avg FA.
    16. walesy
      I am not ready for this draft at all! Where has the bloody year gone so far?!"

      Lets hope when the time comes, we don't panic-pick Tutt.
    17. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Do you guys need another short term fill-in coach?
      I can fill the void if needed.
    18. Iain
      Quite possibly mate, just waiting on word from above. Thanks for the offer we'll let you know.
    19. Jason
      Did I miss Pick 2?

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