ORFFL Season V: Where dey at, man? Pt1

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    Less a preview than a reflection on the season so far, this article delves into how each team has got to where they are on the ladder, and in true 3n4nsy style goes on to predict what may, nay will, happen next. And then you all get to vehemently disagree with me in the comments.

    But first....some house-keeping.

    ORFFL 2016 MSD
    It appears to me that this annual festival of deal-making and breaking is fast approaching, and I for one am excited - excited to be let down by my ORFFL brethren as they try to cut down this tall-poppy by only offering the most lob-sided deals for my players in their favour. We all know the drill by now, first the trading, then the delistments (if you feel the need), then the drafting.

    Here are some provisional dates. Coaches, let me know if they are amenable.

    Commencement of Mid-Season Trade Period
    At the conclusion of the Melbourne vs Collingwood match, June 13th
    Conclusion of the Mid-Season Trade Period
    At the commencement of the Adelaide vs North Melbourne match, June 23rd
    Delistment Deadline
    At the commencement of the Fremantle vs Collingwood match, June 24th
    Commencement of the Mid-Season Draft
    At the commencement of the Carlton vs GWS match, June 25th

    Trades Completed
    1. Mt. Buggery trade J. Roughead
    Woy Woy for their 2016 MSD R2 pick (P21)

    2. Sarah Island trade Connor Blakely, Eric Hipwood and Ryan Lester
    Woy Woy for their 2016 MSD R1 Pick (P3) and R3 Pick (P39)

    3. Smiths Beach trade Jack Newnes and their 2017 PSD R1 Pick
    Mallacoota for Harley Bennell and their 2017 PSD R2 Pick

    4. Warburton trade their 2016 R1 MSD pick (P2)
    Mallacoota for their 2017 R1 PSD pick

    5. Mallacoota trade Blake Acres, SBS 2017 PSD R1 pick, and MAL 2016 MSD R1 pick (P15)
    Woy Woy for Eddie Betts & Leigh Montagna.

    6. Popanyinning trade Thomas Bugg
    Jimcumbilly for Christian Salem

    BDB - Broad
    BUN - S.Selwood, Maric
    COU - Schoenmakers, Broomhead, Snelling
    GLE - C.Beams, E.Mackenzie
    HDH - Hill, McKernan, Jetta
    JIM - Ellis-Yolmen, Michael
    MAL - H.Goddard, Knight, Menegola, Lonie
    MBD - W.Langford
    MIL - Pearce, Murdoch
    PBR -
    POO - Garland, Collins, Holmes
    POP - Towers, B.Hill
    QUE - Wood, Bonner, Rice
    SAR - Newman
    SBS - Townsend, Nelson, Buckley
    TLP - Pickett
    WAR -
    WOY - Spencer, Turner, Casboult, X.Ellis, Merrett. Chaplin, Stokes, Dickson

    Draft Order

    1 Poowong Potoroos
    2 Mallacoota Magicians (from Warburton Wanderers)
    3 Sarah Island Savages (from Woy Woy Wizards)
    4 Bundalong Bullfrogs
    5 Bonnie Doon Bandits
    6 Purnululu Bungle Rangers PASS
    7 Mount Buggery Disappointments
    8 Jimcumbilly Jackrabbits
    9 Humpty Doo Hammerheads
    10 Coulta Couldabeens
    11 Queenstown Quolls
    12 Milikapati Snakes
    13 Smiths Beach Seagulls
    14 Tarwin Lower Pigs
    15 Woy Woy Wizards (from Mallacoota Magicians)
    16 Popanyinning Pyrite
    17 Glenrowan Gunslingers
    18 Sarah Island Savages

    19 Poowong Potoroos
    20 Warburton Wanderers PASS
    21 Mount Buggery Disappointments (from Woy Woy Wizards)
    22 Bundalong Bullfrogs
    23 Bonnie Doon Bandits PASS
    24 Purnululu Bungle Rangers PASS
    25 Mount Buggery Disappointments PASS
    26 Jimcumbilly Jackrabbits
    27 Humpty Doo Hammerheads
    28 Coulta Couldabeens
    29 Queenstown Quolls
    30 Milikapati Snakes
    31 Smiths Beach Seagulls
    32 Tarwin Lower Pigs PASS
    33 Mallacoota Magicians
    34 Popanyinning Pyrite
    35 Glenrowan Gunslingers
    36 Sarah Island Savages

    37 Poowong Potoroos
    38 Warburton Wanderers PASS
    39 Sarah Island Savages (from Woy Woy Wizards)
    40 Bundalong Bullfrogs PASS
    41 Bonnie Doon Bandits PASS
    42 Purnululu Bungle Rangers PASS
    43 Mount Buggery Disappointments PASS
    44 Jimcumbilly Jackrabbits PASS
    45 Humpty Doo Hammerheads
    46 Coulta Couldabeens
    47 Queenstown Quolls
    48 Milikapati Snakes PASS
    49 Smiths Beach Seagulls
    50 Tarwin Lower Pigs PASS
    51 Mallacoota Magicians
    52 Popanyinning Pyrite PASS
    53 Glenrowan Gunslingers PASS
    54 Sarah Island Savages PASS

    57 Woy Woy Wizards
    75 Woy Woy Wizards
    93 Woy Woy Wizards
    111 Woy Woy Wizards

    Sarah Island Savages
    Sarah Island Shield.jpg
    It’s hard to talk about the undefeated team you coach without sounding arrogant. Think about how hard that is when you’re naturally an arrogant person. This team, my team has arguably the best RUC division in the land with Naitanui and Lycett, as good as Goldstein may be for some off-brand team, I know I’d rather have a FWD and a RUC combining for 200 points every week than just one guy not combining for 120-odd.

    I’d probably still bet on my team taking out the premiership if I could find someone who would allow to wager on my on fortune.

    Needs: DEFs because while Simpson and Boyd are first-class, Ibbotson and Cheney are behind coach.

    Glenrowan Gunslingers
    Glenrowan is a team that nearly every years promises so much and then crumples under the weight of injuries to key players. What’s different this year? They’re still getting injuries to key players in Beams and O’Meara, but the team is not only keeping it together, they’re a clear second in the ORFFL. So, how? They’ve slowly over the last 4 and a bit years built their team into a powerhouse, watching the likes Smith, Lynch, Ziebell, Dahlhaus and Others go from promising to fulfilling.

    Needs: MID coverage. Clayton is no Dayne.

    Popanyinning Pyrite

    When their coach began talking down their form last year I gather that the ORFFL community rather concurred; everyone was surprised that a side that was nakedly rebuilding was finding itself in the top half of the ladder. This year it’s a little different; the Pyrite are cementing their claims and heralding the coming of a new breed of contenders. Gawn is one out of the box in a team that is remarkable for its unremarkable evenness. And therein lies the secret to Popanyinning’s list management; they just keep adding quality talent to their list and then holding on to it long enough to see it mature. Viney, JJ, KK, Biggs, Duryea, Petracca and Daniel are all showing enough signs to be good players for a long time.

    Needs: To have traded Lobbe before the season started.

    Tarwin Lower Pigs
    I’m not entirely sure how the TLP are sitting in 4th place (I mean obviously it’s a consequence of winning more matches than the teams below them). That’s not a dig at their coach for his omission of my team in his reports, because I genuinely rate this outfit…it’s just that the talent they have in spades is not exactly scoring well for the most part. Docherty has gone to an AORFFL level, and in a short space of time Hunter has become the Pigs 2nd best MID. On the other hand guys like Stringer, Yeo, Polec, Dunstan, Bruce, Lever and Lobb are all averaging sub 80. So while I think all of those players will go on to average north of that mark, I don’t know if it will be this year for either players or team.

    Needs: Mumford, but I don’t like their chances.

    Mallacoota Magicians
    I would never say that the Magicians are a one-man team, but with Fyfe no longer around, the scoring power of the Mallacoota just isn’t what it’s been. Zorko is experiencing career-best form while his AFL side crumbles around him, Ross finds himself having a break-out year and Wright is proving to be quite a valuable acquisition - for the first time in about 4 years. Overall though, injuries to Houli, Hombsch, Bennell and the afore-mentioned Brownlow medalist and a downturn in scoring from some of coach Johnny’s veterans has left this team scrambling to stay in contention.

    Needs: To trade me some picks for Connon Blakely. Or some other MID, I guess.

    Queenstown Quolls
    QUE Shield.png
    If Queenstown could get their entire complement of best players on the park, playing to their upper limit and doing both of these things consistently, they’d be an awesome team with a shitty RUC division. This has been the story for most of their existence and it is still true today. Gibbs is back in form this year, Curnow has turned his game from useful 80+ run-with player to an indispensable 100+ M2 and Howe is proving to be one of the few Collingwood DEFs who can actually score points. Sadly though, absences from Saad and Yarran has left their DEF line short of talent, while up FWD players like Motlop, Dixon and Bell turn up most weeks, but actually play well in just a fraction of those appearances.

    Needs: DEF coverage and a fantasy sports psychologist to treat extreme flakiness.
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Discussion in 'ORFFL' started by HörnsySechsZeit, Jun 10, 2016.

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    1. HörnsySechsZeit
      Oh yeah and if anyone wants a MID playing in his second season (surely under 21 years of age) averaging over 100 in the last 3 weeks (3 90+ scores), who'll get plenty of AFL game time over the coming years, may I present to you:

      Connon Blakely (FRE).

      Looking for draft picks (outright or upgrades, MSD or PSD), or a DEF of some repute. Entertain me. x
    2. port_leschenault
      So basically Hornsy says...don't trade like Hornsy trades.

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    3. Iain
      Great work H.

      Queenstown open to trading for picks or players, really need a good ruck.
    4. Fez
      I guess everyone is on the table for me probably everyone except Coniglio . Hit me up on Twitter I guess would be the best way to contact me
    5. Kel
      Thanks for the write up H. Disappointing 5 point loss to the Tunaheads going in to the bye, but it is fair to say that we have exceeded our own expectations this year. Not sure if we will go out chasing a ruckman again with the development of Lobb, and Ryder sitting in the wings for 2017, but you never say never. Will probably sit on my hands this trade period, but if someone comes knocking and makes a crazy offer, who knows what might happen.
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    6. walesy
      Ok peoples, gunna throw this out there. And there's no way I can write this without feeling like a scumbag, but-

      I'm going to be sending Roughead into the MSD.

      If anyone want to take the gamble on him and get him for an MSD pick prior to the draft, hit us up. Best pick wins. :D
    7. Gumby
      UP FOR TRADE: Montagna, Betts, Hodge, Sandilands (signed on for next year), McGlynn, Bird, Atkins, Dickson, C.Ah Chee, Jong, Chaplin, Stokes, Merrett, Jamar, X.Ellis, Casboult, K.Turner, J.Spencer
      KEEPING: Greene, Whitfield, McDonald, Puopolo, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Baguley, Weitering, Hartley

      Looking for young talent and future first round draft picks
    8. Gumby
      Where can we get the DRAFT order from?
    9. walesy
    10. HörnsySechsZeit
      First you offload Clark because of his depression, now Roughead because of cancer.

      And I thought I was bad drafting short players who like to go low in a tackle.
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    11. walesy
      We are monsters at the Pointers. Planning our trades from our chair, patting our cat and getting one over Gadget. Next time...
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    12. Bearfly
      What's this "Tunaheads" bizzo @Kel??? Coulta is a farming community mate, not a fishing port :p
    13. Kel
      More a reference for the coach. :D
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    14. Bearfly
      THat coming from a slab of bacon :p
    15. port_leschenault
      I may have a ruck or two up for trade.

      Roughie roughed up by the rough seas. Fantasy football just aint what it used to be,
    16. Kel
      Mmmmmm bacon.
    17. walesy
      Ok, after a thorough review of our list, its been decided that Mitch Hibberd needs to move on.

      High draft pick, M/D, been killing it in the VFL the last few weeks.

      If you're interested, hit us up. There's a lot of talent there.

      Looking to exchange for picks.
    18. walesy

      WOY gets J. Roughead
      MBD gets WOY 2nd Round MSD pick
    19. Kel
      TLP delist Jarrod Pickett

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